Seeking feedback and submissions for the launch of the "Nouns Blockchain Review"

I am starting the Nouns Blockchain Review and am writing this here to seek feedback and start a conversation about what I currently have and where the community would like to see this go.

With the help of ChatGPT, I’ve boiled the publication process down to what has been written here

The mission of The Nouns Blockchain Review aims to platform novel and creative nounish ideas written by a full host of nounish thinkers. From well-known and tenured thought leaders in the crypto space to first-time publishers still in undergrad, Nouns Blockchain Review wants to publish your work, proliferate the nouns brand, and continue The Nouns Virtuous Cycle.

Welcome to any and all feedback.
To follow the process or to submit work to be published please check us out on Twitter @NounsReview

p.s. made our logo w/the nouns playground, worked like a charm