Requesting Feedback: Is a Deep Dive on Nounish SubDAOs + Extensions needed?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on making Nounish subdaos more recognized in Nouns DAO.

As per my previous proposal in #nounsdao:small-grants, I have mentioned this idea before. I would like to develop this idea further, and mainly gather feedback on whether this should be implemented in Nouns DAO, or not.

Deep Dive on Nounish SubDAOs + Extensions

TL;DR: A comprehensive description of Nounish SubDAOs and Extensions, mainly from the founder’s POV.


Most people are only exposed to the front facing website of Nounish SubDAOs & Extensions. Few know information beyond that. This comprehensive list aims to:

  • Allow readers to further understand founders’ POV
  • Find out more about subdaos/extensions, not usually shared publicly
  • Even spread awareness of such communities that some may not know exist (lesser known subdaos, extensions)

Proposed Flow

My initial thoughts is to write out a mega article on Notion. I have done a mock-up for Lil Nouns DAO, and my write-ups will look somewhat similar for the rest of the subdaos.

FYI: I do text interviews with Subdao founders and active community members before writing on behalf of subdaos.

The plan is for each Nounish subdao/extension to be adequately represented, with enough info to allow readers to have an understanding of a subdao.

Around 500 - 800 words per subdao/extension, and seeing as we have almost 30 of these combined, the final word count would be in the tens of thousands.

On top of this, I also plan to include other features such as:

  1. Group Interviews with founders & community members
  2. One-minute subdao/extension pitches
  3. POAP at the end.


I imagine this as something like a Twitter spaces, where active contributors just come together and chat about subdao culture.

It is pretty similar to what others like cdt have been hosting, so I’d be happy to hear others’ thoughts on whether we should even have this.

One-minute pitches

This is something I’ve been thinking for a while; and I hope others share my enthusiasm.

Basically I would have one-on-one calls with founders/community members, and allow them to give a one-minute pitch of why someone should join their subdao.

Many people are busy with IRL activities, so this would serve as an elevator pitch of sorts. It is also easily embeddable into the Notion article.


As a reward for all who have participated, but more to celebrate subdao culture in general. Badge of honor :slight_smile:

Help Needed!

So as can be seen, this idea is very rough, and I hope to get your comments.

  1. How can this idea be improved, made more exciting?
  2. Should we cover subdaos only? Or Nounish extensions as well?
  3. Is this idea even worth pursuing? Would Nouns DAO want to fund this?

Also keen to work with interviewers, and artists. Hoping @nouncil can help out, so many expert prop-ers in there.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to feedback.

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I love this idea! It’s one of the main sections that we want to include in Nouns University if we can get that up and running. The subDAO cultures create the easiest access point for people to be onboarded into the Nouniverse IMO. As the main discord continues to grow and get messier, I think the smaller communities on the periphery will be able to help people find their place and get familiar with all of the inner workings of the governance. Plus, there are so many smart founders with unique perspectives that having all of their ideas in one place would be amazing! Maybe we can partner in some way moving forward? I’d love to help with this kind of thing.

Hey Andrew, thanks for taking the time to comment!

Yes I’d love to contribute to Nouns University, and can work on this subdao portion of the project. Do let me know how we should proceed from here, maybe I should get to know more about Nouns University as well?

Visualizing this article as a rather big project on its own already, but unsure on how to push forward haha. In all, would be happy to work together.