This proposal…

  • Goes hand in hand with the submission to the Prop House New Client Interface here

  • Extends and expands Nounish production, coordination, and proliferation through:

  • Design of print & apparel CC0 NFT instructables

  • Build out of on-chain (mini-game, virtual pet-like) renewable memberships — aka: renounables

  • Use of renounables as access to virtual + IRL production space where more Nounish collections are incentivized (through mini-game sustenance)

  • Exhibition & proliferation of Nounish collections through IRL event activations

  • Project to be built on Polygon & Ethereum. Using learnings from previous Nouns Daily Auctions forks and customization deployed to Polygon.


Not enough ETH liquidity to bid on a full noun, trying almost daily for a lil one, still no luck.

In the meantime forked nouns daily auctions, twice –– for the f3m cypher key collection and cc0dao); forked nouns center to make a soon-to-be-deployed, lens-integrating, web3-wide, cc0 variant; and seizing the memes of nounishness… first by taking the entire DIGITALAX web3 fashion ecosystem full cc0 (back in March) and here now proposing instructables, renounables, and microfactories for more productive proliferation

Work by day, night, and everything in between leading the team at DIGITALAX, designing my own web3 fashion line at F3M, and continuously climbing the web3 engineering skills stack, live in prod

DIGITS: @emmajane1313 on Twitter & Lens


Nounish collections already proliferate nounish culture. We are all drawn here to experiment with new solutions for open content monetization, social mobility and community recognition. And, have a lot of fun while at it.

But as the universe of nounish communities grows, thanks in big part to the magic permissionlessness of the public domain, how do we sustain the welcoming culture of openness, decentralized hyper engagement, and sense of potentiality that makes it all special?

What kind of on-chain proof of proliferation mechanism —— along with micro-incentives for nounish production —— can help sustain Nounish creativity?



A more instructable collection takes Nounish newbies, creators, and collectors alike through a ready-to-share — “seize the memes” inspired — step-by-step delivery mechanism.

Print & apparel NFT collections will keep being proposed as highly collectable ways to proliferate Nounish culture for good reason. Rare fashion lines sell, ⌐◨-◨ look great on large print posters IRL + in virtual galleries, and CC0 content threatens old megabrands with quickly being replaced by upstart web3 natives (like us).

These instructables are more than print & apparel NFTs, and do more than make a statement about proliferation of Nounish culture. They are also one way to make sure your Renounables are well taken care of. While ⌐◨-◨ feed can be bought & earned, it can also be grown by holding instructables.


Renounables are to be built as Nounish virtual pets with time, vitality, and stats counters. As anyone who once took care of a plant, pet, wild fantasy creature, small child, or Tamagotchi knows, the tension between doing the joyful little things that help them grow vs just making sure they stay alive is strangely engaging.

That sustained engagement feeds the proof of proliferation + production incentives which drive ever greater feats of Nounish creativity here.

Are you feeding yours a frequent ration of ⌐◨-◨?

Vitality and stat numbers go up.

Do you hold a Noun, Lil (or other Nounish collection)?

Decay rates stabilize.

Take good care of your Renounables and they will learn to unlock magical places for you. Enter IRL + virtual microfactory co-ops where your Renounables are also your vitality based rechargeable membership. Gain special boosts by collaborating on local collections & making more Nounish proliferation materials “on-site”.

Main parts already done

  • The first wave of designs for the companion print & apparel collection are all set to go, with step-by-step instructional material –– all CC0 –– ready for Nounish creators to use as templates for derivatives or inspiration to create entirely original proliferation content of your own.

  • Since the beginning of this year we’ve been working with a number of locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn to transform them into microfactories for IRL + virtual print, apparel, and “renewable” production.

We are now prepping for the pre-launch phase of the first spaces, with a timeline that matches each of the phases of this proposal.

  • The launch site with first instructables NFT collection is live at:

Main parts to be built

  • All game-like elements enabling a rich on-chain companion NFT mini-ecosystem, including:

    • Renounables Client Interface
    • How to Initialize, check traits, check dialog options, check status, feed your companionsm, talk with them, go for a walk with them (making use of the indexer & randomizer from the Nounish Quest – New Client Interface proposal here)
  • Development of feed NFTs + methods to buy, earn, and grow them, including:

    • Feed ERC-1155/ERC-721 NFT, Collection, Index, Marketplace, and Auction Contracts, with:

      • Support for instant buy for common feed + auctions for speciality feed
      • Support for payment splits & novel approaches to royalties in a public domain content context
      • Multi-token payments for all listed items
  • Renounable Dynamic NFT Contracts


8 to 10 weeks, in parallel with new auctions + social discovery / proliferation client interface dev (See companion proposal on Prop House here for order of parallel build), starting Aug 1st (or sooner if approved earlier). With padding for general unforeseeables built in.

Release order:

  1. Launch Site (live now)
  2. Instructables (first mini-collection live now)
  3. Feed NFTs + Marketplace
  4. Renounables NFT + Smart Contract Stack
  5. Renounables Client Interface


Aug 1st - 15th:

  • Renounables smart contract stack (Dynamic Renounables NFT)

Aug 16th - 31st:

  • Renounables client interface
  • Renounables smart contract stack (Feed NFT Stack & Marketplace)
  • Feed integration

Sept 1st - 15th:

  • Renounables client interface
  • Renounables smart contract stack (Unit Testing + Deployment)
  • Feed integration

Sept 16th - 30th:

  • Pre-release touch ups + full integration all components
  • Pre-release testing

Oct 1st - 15th (if needed):

  • Issue resolution + modifications
  • Final release


30 ETH

The heart of this proposal is access earned because of how well you take care of on-chain companions through transparent engagement, production, and proliferation.

This is an ambitious roadmap which will take extensive work from many participants over time to bring to full fruition. That’s why it must be on chain, transparent, verifiable, and composable from inception. It is also part of a much larger shift which itself is unavoidable and already underway.

The funding amount does not cover for the entire build out. Collections like the instructables mint are released to build in monetisation streams outside of the Nouns / Prop House seed grants.

The Future

To mirror directly from the Nounish Quest - New Client Interface proposal we’ve submitted hand in hand with this Renounables proposal, we recognize “the nounish expansion continues with new communities & collections spreading open culture, yet making it harder for almost everyone to keep up.”

While that proposal “builds on existing auctions deployments, adds a game-like shuffle across the nouniverse, subtracts barriers to active participation, and rewards proliferation between OG & new nounish communities with new forms of social recognition.”, this one tackles how to sustain genuine and joyful engagement in nounish communities through game-like activity that also builds reputation, grows useful production skills, gives you the thrill of the hunt for increasing your access to IRL & virtual speciality spaces, and incentivizes + records on-chain proliferation in both nostalgic and exciting new forms.

And, to celebrate the Nounish community + completion of the first two phases of this proposal, we will host a hands on creative session & exhibit event IRL at one of the first magical places to be unlocked –– location details to be announced as instructables build map pixels are placed. Until then, we can reveal it’s in the heart of downtown NYC.