Proposal: Nounish Proposal Contests ⌐◨-◨



We propose building an alternative proposal system. Though experimental, it could bring about the boost in creativity the DAO thirsts for.
The Nounish Proposal Contest is a competition for the most nounish idea. It’s coupled with an airdrop acting as a filtration system and a trustless mechanism for bootstrapping new instances of the contest.
We’re aiming to improve the ability of non-owners to be part of our narrative and further our perception of what DAOs could be.


The premise is extremely straight-forward. A multi-sig is created and funds representing the reward are forwarded to it. Each Noun owner
automatically recives a number of tokens(conveniently called NPC tokens). Each one of the tokens representing an opportunity to participate in the
competition. All ideas will be collected on Snapshot and will be voted on by Nouns, bringing forth the winner and rewarding the most nounish idea of
them all.

Project Details:
An off-chain(gasless) decentralized governance platform with easy to verify results. It creates a blockchain snapshot at a given point in time, uploads it to a decentralized storage system and assigns rights to users based on it. It uses IPFS for storage and message signing for voting and voting power assignment.

Snapshot’s dashboard is familiar to a pretty big number of people who are already participating in decentralized governance and many established organizations are currently using it. Our Snapshot-Space, once integrated will provide a free, user-friendly, upgradeable and easy-to-maintain client for community members to propose and vote on the most nounish ideas.

The token is the main element around which the contest will function.
Tokens act as an organic filtration system. And depending on the way the dao chooses to distribute them, they could have quite impactful
power. They limit the number and scope of entries, improve relationships and cooperation within the community and they are an additional incentive
for its recipients to participate.

The Factory enables bootstrapping of new nounish proposal contests by trustlessly deploying new NPC contracts, minting NPC Tokens and automatically distributing them. All through one single transaction by the DAO.
The end goal is to make the process of Nounish Proposal Contest creation automatic, enabling the DAO to start new contests trustlessly whenever a consensus is reached.


Project Deliverables:
Contract Development
The NPC Token Contract
The Factory Contract - used to create new NPC contracts , mint and distribute tokens.

Infrastructure Development
Sapshot strategy, validation
*optional fron-end customizations.

Project funding:

We are asking for a grant through Small Grants Fund to support further research on this subject.


  • This proposal, although it has similarities does not come as a competitor to the PropHouse proposal. They are different projects with different goals in mind. That said, I believe the two could have great synergy and components could be shared in future versions.
  • The infrastructure is UI-agnostic, the use of Snapshot is not imperative.
  • In order to further the trustless nature of the infrastructure, an oracle module can be implemented in the multi-sig wallet that would enable it to distribute the rewards autonomously. But we do not yet feel safe enough with current oracle options.

Project Ethos:
We’ll open-source and document everything we create.

We aspire to bring more people into the story of our movement. By making the contest proposals and votes collection off-chain, rendering them gasless and affordable to anyone with an internet connection, we’re aiming to build Nounish Proposal Contests into an accessible way of engagement, turning Nouns DAO into a fun entry point to crypto for all every-day people.

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