Proposal: Nouns Tribe

Our team has a project proposal called “Nouns Tribe.” The complete proposal is available at: Here is a summarized version:

We see an inclusive future where 50 Nouns-derivatives are born each day. The Nouns DAO github repo has been there for others to fork, yet there has not been any meaningful Nouns “descendants”. We are proposing a system for creating DAO’s that inherit from Nouns, all working together as a community we have dubbed the “Nouns Tribe.” Here’s one possible future:

The example above illustrates how each descendant has a meaningful purpose as part of the Nouns ecosystem. Further, each Nouns-derived DAO will differ as expected.

  • Crouns: supports basic research
  • MD.Nouns: medical research
  • PhD.Nouns: non-medical research
  • Charity.Nouns: donations & events for charity

To realize this vision, we propose the development of the following:

  1. Crouns: This is the first proper descendant of Nouns. Couns’ main purpose is to support and promote the structured creation of Noun descendants.

  2. Playbook for Forking DAO: We propose to document our process and offer templates and a guide for forking NoundsDAO github to create a Nouns-derivative DAO.

  3. Tribe Registry: A set of Ethereum contracts for both the registration and administration of Nouns descendants, including Identity Access Management (IAM) for dapps.

  4. Nouns Tribe Events dapp: This is the first dapp that works with the Tribe Registry, allowing any avatar in the Nouns Tribe to host and participate in an online event.

Everything is public domain and available on github, just like the Nouns project.

Our team has been big fans of Nouns since its launch. A month ago, we started designing a community and ecosystem for any NFT collection to join as long as they are permissioned. We re-read the Nouns credo, and the following inspired us:

I think we should be bold with the Nouns DAO treasury. We should fund and cultivate a community of builders by experimenting, taking risks, and ultimately funding every high quality proposal that could lead to interesting culture and software (especially ‘middleware’)

We realized our project is a great fit for the Nouns ecosystem. Again, the full proposal is available at We first introduced this proposal shortly after Christmas in the introduction sections of this discourse, but we realized few saw it. We are hoping to get a few excited Nouners to sponsor our proposal and officially submit it for voting.

Thank you if you read this far!

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