Nouns Denver Hosted by PEEPLE DAO (Updated Version of Hacker House)


Our proposal is to have the Nouns ecosystem participate as a collaboration partner in the PEEPLE DAO Hacker House, to create an inclusive space for hackers and founders on March 1, 2023.

Our goal is to represent and proliferate the Nouns ecosystem at EthDenver by hosting a variety of Nounish Sessions; workshops, lightning talks and interactive onboarding activities to 250+ attendees from other ecosystems and communities at the PEEPLE DAO Hacker House.

We want to showcase the richness of Nounish primitives, help new audiences meme into the Nounish culture and spur more conversations on the future needs of Nouns with mentors from other ecosystems, whether it is more novel governance building blocks, privacy solutions, or accessible public goods.

Total Ask: 15,000 USDC


PEEPLE DAO was started in early 2022 by crypto-native recruiters with the primary goal to connect, build, and propagate communities of builders, thus enabling intentional innovation for the web3 ecosystem.

Summoned by @Chipagosfinest, who shares a passion for solving coordination problems and empowering untapped talent to contribute value, PEEPLE DAO has been inspired by the momentum and ethos of the Nouns ecosystem. Since December 2022, we have been actively proliferating Nounish culture throughout our Peeple Network of over 190 teams.

@marvelgirl.eth from our PEEPLE Metagovernance Pod has been actively participating in Lil Nouns and Nouns governance, introducing builders to Nouns DAO, and stewarding them to help submit proposals that resonate with the needs of the Nouns community.

Since the last Explorer Grants Prop Round, we have successfully stewarded 2 builders @marcusdotam and @K41r0N to submit proposals, which have been highlighted and featured by @antequiel out of a whopping 91 submissions.

As we continued our efforts to contribute and provide value, we noticed the following challenges come up within the Nouns ecosystem:

Lack of developers and builders in Nouns ecosystem: Out of 221 on-chain props, only 12 props ( < 6%) were core infrastructure focused, but have yielded some the most widely used building blocks in Nouns ecosystem: Prop Lot, Prop House, Agora, Nouns Builder and HeyAnoun. Part of the problem is the lack of accessible Nounish primitives to build with (ie. Nouns SDK). There is also a lack of core developers and builders with sustainable bandwidth in the Nouns ecosystem. We are here to change that.

Lack of awareness + IRL onboarding: Lots of developers, builders and creatives want to contribute to the Nouns ecosystem and get funded for their amazing ideas, but they don’t know where to start or how to propose something relevant for the DAO. We have been stewarding 3-5 builders for the past month into the Nouns ecosystem and its subDAOs. We want to do it at scale with hands-on learning, guided workshops and in-depth discussions on nounish infra and the Nouns ecosystem’s needs.

Lack of infrastructure stickiness: These core nounish primitives are not widely used in other ecosystems’ governance processes. By proliferating the value of Nounish infra, we can proliferate the use and stickiness of Nouns Builder smart contracts and primitives across different ETH ecosystems and platforms, integrating novel technologies together.

Our Solution

We want to be able to solve these problems at scale and we believe that the best place to do this is at the PEEPLE DAO Hacker House. PEEPLE DAO is hosting a Hacker House at the heart of Downtown Denver on March 1st, 2023, to help bring builders and founders from different ecosystems together. We are creating a cross-proliferation space for the EthDenver community with intentional programing and hands-on learning.

Our mission is to create a sizzling hot spot for cross-pollination to happen naturally and with purpose. With top-notch resources, badass mentors and killer programming, we’re building a space that attracts and nurtures builders and founders from all over to cook up some long-term, sustainable solutions to the ETH ecosystem.

Bring together developers, builders, and companies to collaborate, network, and learn in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Providing a place to participate in live interactive workshops, mentorship sessions, form last relationships, and overall gain hands-on experience building on various platforms and protocols.

Audiences and Participants:
Builders: hackers and builders contributing to #BUIDLweek
Expecting 250+ builders to attend over the course of the 3-day event

Communities present @ Hacker House:

  • Zcash
  • Celestia
  • Optimism
  • Celo
  • MakerDAO
  • Brink Trade
  • Astria
  • Fuel Labs
  • Hyperlane
  • Blockchain at Berkeley

Industry leaders from different domains offer multifaceted perspectives and support.
Can offer insights with workshops/seminars/lightning talks.
Help with idea validation, offer support through things like code review and assistance with overall strategy.

Mentors include leaders from:

  • Zcash
  • Celestia
  • Optimism
  • Celo
  • MakerDAO
  • Brink Trade
  • Hyperlane
  • Developer DAO

Benefits to Nouns DAO

Nouns ecosystem exposure: Introduce Nounish infrastructure, culture and campaigns via workshops, community events and sessions to a diverse, captive audience of builders, creatives and web3 enthusiasts @EthDenver.

Developer and contributor acquisition: Attract high quality builders to identify solutions highly requested on Nouns DAO, Nouns subDAOs and ETH ecosystem partners.

Hands on learning for attendees: Attendees can participate in live interactive workshops and mentorship sessions, gaining practical experience in building on various platforms/protocols. We can actively onboard new members into the Nouns community and subDAOs, introduce Nounish infra such as Prop Lot and lead sessions for hacking on specific Nouns ecosystem suggestions.

Cross-proliferation opportunities: Create a space where Nounish culture, mission and assets can be proliferated amongst new ecosystems sparking new ideas for composable and interoperable prototypes that can benefit both ecosystems.

Strong brand presence during EthDenver: Have a strong presence during #BUIDLWeek and ETHDenver with open-invite community events + workshops throughout the week + Nounish merch.

Optimal Vibes: The hacker house will have a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, with snacks, music, and quiet corners for coding. Attendees can immerse themselves in the experience and focus on developing their skills.

Noun Wealth: Through deliberate curation of people, knowledge, and vibes we create Nouns’ squad wealth.

Nounifying the Peeple DAO Hacker House ⌐◨-◨

In addition to our proposed workshop and talks, we’ll create ample visual awareness, call to action signage, and branding sponsorship throughout the venue. We will have social media presence on all channels, interactive installations featuring cc0 Nounish artwork, and educational materials about Nouns DAO.

⌐◧-◧ Hundreds of Lofi-Noggles, Stickers and Beanies:
Special branded Nouns merch will be handed out to all guests when they enter to really get their attention, encourage social media sharing with specific hashtags and guide them to Nounish Sessions. We are more than happy to purchase them from purveyors within the Nouns Ecosystem if we are able to get them within our budget. We believe that proposal funds should flow back into Nouns to help all ecosystem partners.

⌐◧-◧ Nounish Signage in the front of the venue to greet all guests:
48" x 72" Horizontal printed Banner and 24" x 70" tripod banners with Nouns branding will be present at the front of the venue, workshop rooms and high traffic areas with specific hashtags and CTAs for attendees to post with on social media.

⌐◧-◧ POAP Pop up banner for Nounish sessions:
32" x 80" POAP Pop-up banner will be located at high traffic areas. Attendees can claim a PEEPLE DAO x Nouns POAP. This pop-up banner will also be taken to other events around EthDenver such as Shelling Point, EthDenver Conference, PoolyCon and DAODenver to ensure maximum exposure for Nouns DAO.

⌐◧-◧ IRL Nouns Board:
PEEPLE DAO works to improve industry fragmentation and overall information asymmetry, as we’ve seen the market for work is abundant on both sides for candidates and organizations, yet there is a major imbalance between talent on the market and accessibility of meaningful jobs for them to do.

We want to connect the best builders to Nounish primitives, proposals, working pods and subDAOS. By featuring the Nouns ecosystem on a dedicated 55” vertical touch screen with QR codes leading to, the Nouns Prop House and specific Prop House rounds and subDAOs seeking Builders and contributors.

⌐◧-◧ Build-a-Noun Interactive Installation:

We will be forking a version of Nouns Playground on a 55" touch screen on a kiosk. Attendees can choose different traits and generate a custom Noun PFP.

They will then be prompted to enter an email address to claim and mint PFP and to tweet out with specific hashtags that they just minted their own Noun. These Nouns do not denote any ownership into the DAO, they are simply a fun onboarding mechanism. This installation will be active on the PEEPLE DAO venue all 3 days.

The attendee list will be shared with key initiatives within the Nouns ecosystems such as The Noun Square and the Nouns Newsletter post-event.

Measuring Success

On The Ground Team

PEEPLE DAO Stewards ( organizers of the house + Nouns ecosystem supporters )

  • Marvelgirl.eth: NFTs Lead @CeloOrg. Helping cross-pollinate culture and infrastructure between @peepleDAO and lilnounsdao| Lil Noun #6909
  • Solidity Slayer: @PEEPLEDAO Blockchain Tech Recruitooor | SoliditySlayer.eth | @Developer_DAO| Lil Noun #6936
  • Alec Gutman: Summoning @PEEPLEDAO | Owner of 60+ Lil Nouns @ lilnounsdao | Prev. @ConsenSysMesh @OP_Recruiting @nectarchain
  • Manny Narang: Developer DAO rep, Peeple DAO contributor

Nouns Rep and Local Support:
Bloomz: Local Lil Nouner ,IRL Proliferator, Nounish Builder, Curator and Artist | Lover of Art, Events, Art Installations, and Gallery shows | Founder of LightItUpDAO

Funding Breakdown

Costs Divided amongst 4 Key Collaboration Partners ( including Nouns) :

  • Venue
  • Food + Beverages
  • Peeple DAO Merch
  • Video Wall
  • Audio + Mics
  • PEEPLE DAO Team Operations
  • Misc
    Total: 8650 USDC

Costs Specific to Nouns Activation:

  • Nouns Merch
  • IRL Dedicated Nouns Board
  • Build a Noun workshop
  • Bloomz
    Total: 6350 USDC

Total Ask to NounsDAO: 15,000 USDC


PEEPLE DAO is a talent-focused service DAO made up of crypto-native recruiters who connect, build, and propagate communities of builders, enabling intentional innovation for the web3 ecosystem.

Challenges we are trying to solve

Overall we aspire to promote coordination, align incentives, and create an accessible collaborative ecosystem that will foster and grow a sustainable future for the open internet.

PEEPLE DAO works to improve industry fragmentation and overall information asymmetry, as we’ve seen the market for work is abundant on both sides for candidates and organizations, yet there is a major imbalance between talent on the market and accessibility of meaningful jobs for them to do.

One overarching problem is that business development teams are massively underrepresented, leading to low discoverability and a lack of activated users. Without activated users, you get less product feedback and overall stickiness, resulting in lower amount of new users/retention. We use our well-connected ecosystem to extend the ‘business development’ arm to minimize friction in converting communities into contributors.
Our super power is harnessing positive network effects, as we believe we all have the collective six degrees of separation to reach Satoshi.

Why is PEEPLE DAO the right partner to run a Hacker House?

PEEPLE DAO’s primary function is to introduce builders to builders so they can start providing value asap. We are a good partner to run Hacker Spaces because we represent, activate, and empower a large latent network of untapped talent who are hungry for opportunities to collaborate and build.

We have spent countless hours immersed in communities to understand their core needs. We understand the tech, team ethos and are experienced in web3 team building. So far, our team has served over 190 teams across chains. With our PEEPLE Network, you can expect to be connected with a diverse community of potential hires, creatives, contributors, recruiters, VCs, and community leads from some of the top teams in our industry such as Optimism, EigenLayer, Zapper, Lit Protocol, and so on.

Here is a quick Ecosystem Overview:

Teams we contribute to: Ethereal Ventures, PoolTogether, Aztec Protocol, Aragon, Intuition, 1kx, Optimism, Zapper, Eigen Layer, Utopia Labs, Lit Protocol, Snapshot, Starkware

Communities we are frens with: D_D, DevFolio, SheFi, Boys Club, She256, CodeArena, Immunefi, Consensys Diligence, Tachyon, 0xMacro Devolio, Narra8ive

Why IRL Over Virtual?

  • In person events allow for a unique cross-pollination and visibility that wouldn’t achieve the same virtually.
  • We have seen there has already been emphasis on Nouns IRL. The Nouns community has an appetite to do things IRL because they want to proliferate culture (i.e. Rose Parade, Nouns OTG, Nouns Vision)
  • Evidence of community wanting to be feet-on-the-ground with each other
  • New audiences can interact with the on-chain CC0 art work and understand the power of proliferation; spur new ideas and communities wanting to build and co-create with Nounish public goods

How does a collaboration between Nouns <> PEEPLE scale in the future?

Nounish primitives create new building blocks to experiment further. The success of Prop Lot, Prop House, Agora and Nouns Builder has been paramount to Nounish governance.

The PEEPLE DAO Hacker House will bring in builders, experts and community members from other highly acclaimed ecosystems such as Celestia, Optimism, Zcash and more. Many of these ecosystems are unfamiliar with Nouns and how Nouns can help them scale their needs. We believe that we can foster insightful conversations and mutual collaboration that help these ecosystems fork over Nounish primitives to their users and build creative solutions that benefit everyone. (eg. bridging Nouns to Optimism or mentoring privacy research teams build better zk voting solutions)

Collaborations like this provide the opportunity for different voices to be heard, while connecting to builders who can make the dream become reality (i.e. Explorer Grants)

Thanks for your time and consideration