Proposal: NounsClub, a social platform dedicated for verified Nouns

Hey everyone! I’d love your feedback related to my proposal to launch the tech behind our CryptoPunk platform ( for Nouns. The goal is to integrate the community and create a central point where Nouns holders can meet each other, plus spread the word about holders and the Nouns brand. Proposal below, all feedback welcome!



To connect and integrate Nouns holders online & irl. We will create a NounsClub, a social platform dedicated for verified Nouns.


  1. To connect Nouns holders around the world by location
  2. To connect with Nouns holders during your travels
  3. To create profiles of Nouns holders online, show their bio and experience to promote the brand
  4. To promote the Nouns brand by strengthening the community and showing it’s value to the crypto world
  5. To be able to build together and share knowledge and interests according to their professions [ENTREPRENEUR, DESIGNER, INVESTOR, FOUNDER, DEVELOPER, UX DESIGNER ETC].
  6. To organize and meet at events and local meetings
  7. To be able to see what projects other Nouns are working on and collaborate on them
  8. To be able to chat with other Nouns in chat rooms of all kinds
  9. To create a large gallery of Nouns event photos and build the story of the community together.

To grow …

In order for Nouns to grow to its full potential, the community must grow first and foremost, the holders must have strong ties. This also increases demand for Nouns, as new potential holders want to belong to a vibrant community that has a lot to offer.

Our motivation
Our goal is to bring the Nouns community together, both online and offline, and help them extract maximum community value from the NFTs they hold. We offer them a social platform tailored to their specific needs that the current social media platforms don’t meet.

Our success story

As of today, we have built two rapidly growing twin platforms, PunksClub (, bringing together verified CryptoPunks holders, and ApeClub (, for BAYC/MAYC holders.

Our efforts in numbers (5 months, fully organic growth):

  • 800+ verified CryptoPunk, BAYC, MAYC holders registered on our platforms
  • Over 200 Punk & Ape holder meetings IRL thanks to our map feature
  • 70 holders’ projects listed on PunksClub and ApeClub
  • 3 events for Punks & BAYC sponsored and organized by us (London, NYC, Miami)

Our platform will need some adjustments to be rolled out for Nouns, however it’s already live on the market, so there is no execution risk involved.


The only such platform that brings together Nouns holders in one place and gives them the tools to communicate, collaborate, integrate irl. :point_down:

The interactive map of Nouns holders. You can see who is in your city, arrange meetings, chat together. Are you traveling? Check who’s at your destination location and let others know you’re willing to meet up. :point_down:

Check out upcoming Nouns events around the world or meetups you can attend, grow not only your knowledge, but also your network. :point_down:

Check out who has joined the club, where they are from, their background and what they are currently working on. :point_down:

Contact your Nouns friends via chat. Group conversations according to interests, professions, in common projects, locations, events and also DMs. :point_down:


49 ETH

To be spent on:

  • UX & UI designer
  • Development of any required tweaks (3 devs, QA, Project Manager)
  • Marketing efforts (our marketing team will actively promote the NounsClub platform)
  • Community team to help with member acquisition
  • Future maintenance


  • Needed feature tweaks, community interviews (2 weeks)
  • Design (1 week)
  • NounsClub development (~4 weeks, depending on changes needed)
  • Member onboarding with the help of our team (2 months)
  • Further maintenance of the platform indefinitely


Our 11-person ApeClub team is led by two co-founders, web3 entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in tech, security & media markets:

VoyTech.eth - 27 years of tech experience, built a 2 million+ social network in 2004 with funding from Intel Capital, so he’s an expert at building and scaling such platforms. Built a software company which built solutions for startups such as Big fan of crypto & NFTs since 2017, and focusing exclusively on the space now. Reach out:

Wizav.eth - Over 10 years of experience in business management and product development. Active entrepreneur and serial startups investor in space, fintech, IT, e-commerce. President of and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network). Reach out:


Sounds pretty sick. There’s been a lot of chatter since the discord closing about how people can communicate. Seems like a really interesting solution. Since Nouns is spread out much further than the <300 holders of the original token, is there a way to scale it and token gate different sections so more people could meet based on derivative projects they are involved in or other interest types (Gnars, FOODNOUNS, etc?).

I’d just be concerned that if you have 3-4% of Punks, BAYC, and MAYC holders on the platform, then similar numbers for Nouns would be 10-15 people. I’d hope we would get a lot more than that, but if it were open to all the derivatives, I’m sure we would get a lot more activity there.

Also, is this platform built on chain or is it more like a traditional social network? That seems to be another question that comes up a lot.

Hey @AndrewLaddusaw thank you for the feedback.

We have a feature allowing entry to one club to people with different types of NFTs. We’re using it at for allowing both BAYC and MAYC join the club. So we can definitely roll it out for all Nouns variations, with potentially different access levels in the site to different collections.

When it comes to usage numbers - right now we have 432 punks on board. There are 3500 wallets holding punks and I bet it represents only up to 2500 people who are active in the space. So by that count we have 17% of all punks on board. And keep in mind this is without any endorsement from Yuga. If we have Nouns DAO support for the platform I’m sure we can easily onboard the majority of holders.

Right now the only on chain part is the NFT verification. We started off chain to move forward fast, and plan to move on chain eventually. Keep in mind that even today, an on chain social on ETH wouldn’t be financially viable for participants. So we can go in that direction as the tech progresses.


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Thank you for the response! Even Farcaster’s documentation says they are striving to be ‘sufficiently decentralized’. There’s just too much activity to have it all on chain at the moment. :slight_smile: Kudos to you all for building these tools! I hope some Nouners will jump in and give their two cents.

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