Proposal: a Nouns Space in CryptoVoxels


As the NounsDAO and its community steadily grows, it seems to be the right time to establish a presence in the various metaverse platforms available today.

CryptoVoxels is geared towards experimental art projects, galleries and community events, and is easy to navigate, on top of being relatively affordable, which makes it a good potential first platform to investigate.

We could build a space for the community to meet and interact, rally around Nouns O’Clock, showcase nouns related artworks and host events. It will also help us reach a new audience and acquire assets (CV land).

On top of that, this kind of project might closely emulate the phases of an IRL building, ie “purchase land”, “develop land” and “program land”.


All we need to start is one or several CV parcels. We can interlink them with “teleport” buttons if they are located in different CV neighborhoods.

We would have to -discreetly- purchase one or several parcels and define a program. Here are some ideas for the program:

  • Nouns O Clock Tower displaying the noun of the day and the auction (might be technically challenging to automate)
  • Nouns Permanent Exhibition (Project Genesis, Nouns Art, Nouns Tweet thread etc)
  • Nouns Temporary Exhibition (Derivatives and community Art) renewed regularly maybe by a community vote
  • Nouns proposals to be displayed
  • Nouns Shop (CV wearables, IRL wearables, Nouns Derivatives)
  • Arenoun for lectures and concerts

Any suggestions are welcome.


The size of the parcels will define what functions we can host.

It might be wise to create a special secret unit for the land purchase or buy it from existing community members ( Itzler aka noun 146 has a nice set of two parcels that I am playing with at the moment - very early, haven’t done much yet except getting a feeling for the size).

As an IRL architect, I would love to design the building(s) according to the program sheet and community input, and add some 3D assets (we can load a limited number of .vox files). I built an early POC here to test things out and get familiar with CV build mode.

For now, I am leaning towards primary colors and using the glasses as architectural elements, with strong “De Stilj” aesthetics, similar to the POC. If we had several spaces we could imagine different concepts and looks for the nouns buildings. The goal is to have something bold, functional and playful that stands out in the CV worlds.

Nouns colors

We would need a curator/event manager to plan exhibitions and events.

We might have to sequence this project into a few parts:

  • parcel(s) purchase
  • parcel design and construction
  • operations (events, exhibitions etc).


Land Purchase: between X and Y ETH for the land, and 0.2 ETH for Due Diligence and scoping.

Design and execution: CoralOrca 1-4 ETH depending on the parcel size and number of parcels.

Operations: Space Manager / Curator XXXETH (Maybe this person is different for every exhibition)



Hi there! I’ve been in Cryptovoxels for close to a year, and in that time have become familiar many of that world’s best build(er)s, to the extent that I will recommend three places to visit…each is very relevant to this project in that they are not only very impressive, but also demonstrate some of the different features (bells + whistles) available to CV builders. Btw I know none of these people personally. With that said, my first must-see recommendation is Ogar Productions. The in-world coords for this build are Ogar Production - 10 Cabler Route - Cryptovoxels Ogar might be the most prolific CV builder to-date with many projects under his belt.

Increasing in sophistication, my second must-see is tons of fun, has tons of bells + whistles, and is a modern take on the gingerbread house by drknss, a newer CV architect.

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Thirdly, I present the impressive parcels of Luenah, currently in New Years party mode. Many bells and whistles can be experienced here including animation and light-play. We might assume Luenah is the builder, but perhaps that’s not the case.

Lastly, I present my own work-in-progress: Voxeliving Showroom featuring the Diamond Gallery, soon to open in the Oasis section of Origin City. Who knows, maybe we’ll be neighbors…

I hope you find all of the above inspiring. Happy incoming New Year!

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Went to the Drknss parcel today. A lot of good stuff there. (parcel 4107)
Btw, the POC is GREAT! I love how it’s made of the signature Nouns frames. (LATER) Btw I noticed all my original replies were hidden - is this because I provided links? I simply am suggesting parcels to visit that might inspire ideas for this project, unless those are set in stone There is nothing being sold here. Please respond, as I took a lot of time to put together that info and would like to know how I can contribute without my posts being struck down.


Thanks for your response. Really appreciate the feedback and will have a look at everything you linked to in the above posts! no worries

Cool Idea, Would love to see Nouns on CV!
Few additions/food for thoughts:

Parcel selection - Purchase land
We could create a valuation Matrix with few metrics such as: m2, Height, distance to Origin City, empty parcels around, points of interest in the neighbourhood, price of the last transaction in an adjacent parcel, current price and total score.

Develop Land
I love the De Stilj environment and I think it matches quite well with the colors and shapes of the Nouns.
Having the different location build in the same style will create coherence between the Nouns buildings even if they are not in the same neighbourhood.

Program Land
Would be great to lean on the work of Nouns Center by cdt.eth to Display projects aggregated in the Nouns Temporary Exhibition. The voting system could be as straight forward as a poll on Twitter to decide who will have the next exhibition.

We could do a monthly calendar/flyer to keep track of the different events/exhibitions taking place in the Nouns locations.

For the Nouns Shop this could be the first “Meta and Mortar” where we could order some Merch in the metaverse and get it delivered IRL

Looking forward to visit those places in CV!

The POC is really cool. With more land, so many more possibilities are opened up. Sounds awesome!


Ok TY. Worried there for a min

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Regarding Parcel Selection, a good thing to do in CV is literally pick and island and fly around to get a feel for the neighborhoods (F then W key. Fly fast = W+Shift). Some of the older islands - Milan, Berlin, etc. - have more ‘posh’ galleries featuring many Chromies, Fidenzas, and Ringers, etc. There is even an exclusive gallery on Milan showcasing 30 or more Fidenzas that is not on the map. The newer islands have gotten ‘noisy’ in the past, meaning the nouveau sometimes don’t know how to act and will put up mega-sized, spinning 3D text above their parcel that might not run into yours, but counts as visual air-pollution IMO. I moved from San Fran (island) because of that. It might not be so much of a general prob now, I don’t know. Best way to find out is to visit since neither the market nor map reveals these important considerations. The newest islands are Scarcity - the only island with basements, and Igloo - the only island with perpetual snow. Also Honolulu and it’s two neighbors, Pilikai and Kauai. The two basic ways of choosing property are 1. choosing from what’s available or 2. finding what you really like (location, size) and making an offer if it’s not on sale. Also, waterfront parcels (including double waterfront - water on two sides) are a big deal on CV, so I’d consider in advance if you’d prefer that or not. Again, there is the consideration of who your neighbors are. If, for example, you like a waterfront (or any) property but have an immed issue with would-be neighbors, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll reach out to the team (devs / mods), explaining that the huge boat or mega-vox, etc floating in the water is a nuisance to a potential buyer, and see if those folks can be persuaded to make changes that will make everyone happy. It works - I had a *Poketree removed that way *tree that was poking into my property.


Hey it’s bitpixi here, from Cryptovoxels

We are down to mint a whole island for Nouns in a lump sum and can discuss different options :sweat_smile:

Edit: So you know this is really me, can get on a video call with me and BNolan.


OK that sounds awesome. Maybe we should open a channel in discord to discuss this!

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