Proposal: NounsPunk: The Decentralized Web3 Authority Backed by NounsDAO

Hey all, :wave:

This is Shira, co-founder of FingerprintsDAO, and fellow cryptopunk and BAYC. I’m flirting with an idea for centuries: on how to leverage the Nouns brand beyond pontual marketing campaigns.

This is a preliminary draft of a proposal designed to address this issue. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback and suggestions for individuals who can contribute to developing this project, in collaboration with our existing community.

Hope you all have a wonderful 2024


NounsPunk: The Decentralized Web3 Authority Backed by NounsDAO

The Problem

Traditionally, DAOs rely on “buying media” through sponsorships, events, and ads to spread their message. While effective, this approach offers limited, non-cumulative results. NounsPunk aims to pivot from this model by also transforming Nouns into a media itself.


Launching “NounsPunk,” a decentralized Web3 influential Twitter persona, that builds upon the success of BrPunk in Brazil. We’ll use a Noun as the Twitter PFP, aiming to become a top-tier content creator in the Web3 space—all in a decentralized manner.


BrPunk has revolutionized the Web3 space in Brazil, and we’re taking it global with NounsPunk. The secret sauce? Decentralized content creation, particularly through compelling Twitter threads that educate, influence, and engage. Content can be submitted by anyone but is community-curated to meet NounsPunk’s high standards.
Quick Note: This persona won’t focus solely on the Nouns ecosystem but will cover the broader Web3 space.

The project aims to create an influential Twitter persona, akin to @ punk6529, @ punk9059, @ davincithreads, etc., but in a decentralized fashion, leveraging a Nouns character.


In essence, the project seeks to elevate the Nouns brand in the Web3 space by creating an influential character. The impact will be cumulative, enhancing other Nouns projects over time. This is a foundational project aimed at establishing Nouns as a media entity rather than merely buying media.

  1. Nouns as Media: Position NounsPunk as a recognized source of influence, leadership, and content.
  2. Nouns as Authority Symbols: Use top-notch content to make Nouns synonymous with Web3 authority.
  3. Ecosystem Boost: Leverage NounsPunk to spotlight Nouns and NounsDAO projects.
  4. Longevity: Create a project that serves as a lasting asset.
  5. Increased extended Nouns community: As people engage with the NounsPunk project, the “extended community” around Nouns will also increase. This can be a steping stone for those who will eventually join Nouns in the future. Also it’s a free way to get started (for those who can’t afford)

Functioning and Operation

NounsPunk will be community-driven. It will be run by BrPunk community, which is free to join, and organized into pods. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Content: Submitted by the community, curated by the team.
  2. Collection: Community-funded and curated.
  3. Events: Managed by the community, incentivized by tokens.
  4. Other Roles: Tutor, speaker, consultant—you name it.


Track Record

BrPunk has been a smash hit in Brazil—boasting a strong community, high engagement, and Web3 thought leadership. It serves as the blueprint for NounsPunk.

Current Stats

Followers: ~7000
Discord contributors community: ~400

Examples (Threads)

Pepe History (713 likes):
Cryptopunks (126 likes):
NFT Holders distribution analysis (68 likes):

Current Contributors

  • Shira: Co-founder @ FingerprintsDAO, a highly respected art collector institution in the space (one of the largest Autoglyph holders), backed by a16z, Variant, and USV. Also a fellow cryptopunk and BAYC member.
  • Rai Auad: Entrepreneur with a degree in Business Administration, MelkDAO co-founder, BrPunk member, Web3 educator, and content creator.
  • Curation team: Cioffi, Guiriba, Shira, Jowjow
  • Marketing and Operations: Cioffi, Danimim, Ana Westfal


This proposal outlines a 3-month experimental phase designed to gather and assess results. The project is ready to launch. All the process and tech are already running live on BrPunk’s discord and dework platform.


29 ETH (~21ETH effective)
The requested budget will be allocated as follows:

  • Acquire a Noun for use as the persona’s PFP (returning this investment to the DAO) ~ 8 ETH
  • Maintain a small team to bootstrap NounsPunk within the BrPunk structure for 3 months ~ 15 ETH
    – General Management: 2 ETH/mo
    – Marketing Management: 1 ETH/mo
    – Content Management: 1 ETH/mo
    – Content submission incentives: 1 ETH/mo
  • Targeted twitter ads to bootstrap and boost the initial content ~ 3 ETH
  • Small budget to buy some key NFT pieces to boost NounsPunk collector persona ~ 3 ETH


(in portuguese)
BrPunk website:
BrPunk twitter:
BrPunk docs: