FANCY NOUNS: a NEW community-driven experiment

tldr: Build a community-driven experiment to expand governance & influence of Nouns culture.

:bearded_person:Who are we?
Hey it’s Darragh ⌐◨-◨. It’s my first time post a discourse here for advice and to seek like-minded frens. And there are 2 bros come with me, one is a fancy coder, another is a fancy artist.

Nouns DAO aims to expand treasury and grant for projects which could influence more people to build an ecosystem & culture. However, during the months of participation and research I found some limitations:

  1. Few ways to participate in governance and low turnout
  2. A little playability
  3. Hard to integration (subDAOs are fragmented and difficult to link up with)
  4. Many funded projects lack sustainability
    … …

I know LilNouns did some great jobs but its structure is actually not fundamentally different from Nouns DAO.

So why not Fancy Nouns?

:eyes:What is Fancy Nouns?
Literally, Fancy Noun is… fancier than Noun.

Alright, actually Fancy Nouns is a community which looking for anyone to come up with creative ideas and let us or developers and artists within community bring them to be true to MAKE NOUNS GREAT.

To achieve that, we need an NFT collection to give community membership. No worry they’re free mint.

Oh, we’ve made a demo. The blind box and one of the PFPs, yes, Fancy Nouns have traits. (BTW if you guys feel the art is not fancy, my friend is willing to continue to modify or even redraw a version, I’m serious, that’s what I said COMMUNITY-DRIVEN)

*See it? Nouns coffee and skateboard

:tada:What’s fun?

  1. Holders could join voting results pick’em of each new Nouns DAO proposal to receive tokens & NFT rewards (based on smart contracts).
  2. Proceeds will be used to bid Nouns and allow Fancy Nouns holders to exercise the voting rights of Nouns in the treasury.
  3. Holders could mint their own sub-collections and receive royalty proceeds to grow their own subDAOs and allow members to have customized PFPs (Reference Art Gobblers).
  4. Staking


The above plans are not just on paper, we’ve almost finished coding the contract, but hope more people could participate in building together and making more fun.

That’s why there is no road map, we just wanna get a quick start, and then let the community decide our next feature & play.

0 ETH. We will not ask for founds from Nouns DAO temporarily or permanently, instead we will use the proceeds to buy Nouns. the team will cover all the initial costs of the project due to love & peace (not a joke).

We will do what Nouns DAO is not equipped or intended to do at the moment, to provide more viable solutions to the Nouns ecosystem and to incubate creative Nouns builders, whether you hold Nouns or not.

Feel free to leave comments to share your views, I really appreciate it. And welcome to join my :arrow_right: telegram group, I’ll be in there during my waking hours chatting with community, and my :arrow_right: twitter will start updating the project progress and some interesting things about the community, don’t miss it.

Best wishes