Proposal: Nouns Studio1

Introducing Nouns Studio1

A note from 4156:

Several weeks ago I reached out to David Horvath asking him if he would be interested in starting an organization under the umbrella of Nouns, dedicated to proliferating Nouns in the traditional IP business, with the goal of furthering the brand, the project, and the idea of ‘open source’ content in Hollywood and beyond. I was thrilled when he not only agreed to work on the project, but proclaimed that his love for Nouns had him wanting to go ‘all in’.

I think this is an incredible opportunity to work with a seasoned industry executive who not only groks the traditional IP business, but fundamentally understands the opportunity of Nouns and the mission of blockchain-based, CC0 IP. There is likely no better person in the world to be leading this effort on behalf of Nouns DAO, and I both strongly endorse this proposal and intend to work with David closely to bring this project to fruition. With that said, David and I would like to introduce you to Nouns Studio1!

The Studio1 Mission:

To accelerate the path to Noun ubiquity through story and brand in a manner which results in the audience not just consuming Nouns, but caring for them, relating to them, and becoming interested in how they came to be, why they are here, and where they are going.

About David Horvath:

I am co-creator and producer of the Uglydoll brand, based on the best selling specialty plush toy line. Through Uglydoll and my other brands, I have worked with and signed dozens of global licenses resulting in projects with companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, Sony, Random House, Sanrio, Funko, Kidrobot and Hasbro.

Through the twenty years I have spent nurturing my own successful character properties, I have established relationships with many of the top producers and studio executives in the Hollywood system. The Uglydoll film was a project with Illumination Entertainment, lead by Chris Meledandri, before following Universal pictures chief Adam Fogelson to STX, culminating in the film’s theatrical release, with story by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Book of Boba Fett) in 2019.

Produced with Sony Creative, my first animated television show “Littlebony” aired weekday mornings on NHK in Japan, and my second television animation program, based on my Disney picture book series and best selling toy line, Bossy Bear, is currently in production with Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and will air on a major animation network in 2022.

The Engagement:

We propose contracting David on a quarterly basis, at the discretion of the DAO, to pursue one or more projects on behalf of Nouns. We have a clear plan for Q1 2022 and will make adjustments to the plan based on the changing needs of the organization and feedback from the marketplace.

Q1 2022:

With the purpose of using “toys” as brand statements and storytelling vehicles, I have produced dozens of sofubi projects in Japan from 2001 - 2020. Sofubi are made with very high grade plastics and produced in very small factories outside Tokyo.

Ugly Doll sofubi figures produced by David Horvath in 2018. Tokyo, Japan

I intend to lead the production of Nouns sofubi with the purpose of placing them in very specific high-end retailers such as LOFT Ginza, Marui, and Parco in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

After years of growing my own brands through similar methods throughout the specialty space, I believe sofubi will give Nouns the greatest potential to impact the highly influential mavens and consumers of character culture. If successful, Nouns sofubi will create a ripple effect across neighboring territories and critical points of pop culture around the globe, and open doors to other projects and vehicles for story and character.


Amount 24 ETH for Q1 via Sablier streaming payments


The value I expect to bring will have real world results which can be measured. The work I intend to do would result in growth of the Nouns brand in a way that melds Nouns into Japanese and Korean culture, and in doing so would have an impact on pop culture in the US/EU and other territories, and become an attractant to media and licensing leaders. With consumers in Japan being so accustomed to being marketed to, especially through character IP, this is critical and requires the utmost care. I used similar techniques with Uglydoll and our other brands, with great success.

I am a paid producer on my own TV show Bossy Bear, with Imagine, and while my time spent on that project will be minimal, continuing to have exposure to animation executives and the timing of this show will be of benefit to, and supplement tasks I will execute for Nouns in the near future.

Additional Costs:

Q1: We will be producing sofubi in Japan at an estimated cost of $11,000 USD per figure (includes sculpting, mold, paint mask, and the first 200 pcs) 30% of that cost will go towards a project manager on the ground in Tokyo responsible for necessary logistics and factory coordination. (estimated: actual cost can only be determined once factory sees initial art turnarounds and varies with USD/JPY exchange rate)

The DAO will be presented with a separate proposal to facilitate Sofubi production in Q1 2022.


David and 4156 will make themselves available for Q&A in the Nouns Discord, and on this week’s Nouners call.


Just here to share, what I’m sure is a unanimous sentiment, how excited I am for this project and for this team. Cannot wait for the immutable work to come out of Studio 1.



Very excited about this, and to learn more on the call tonight.


This is so great! Exciting times!


:ear: looking forward to hearing more


Amazing! This is the way. Have fun guys!

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There is no better leader for this opportunity than David, Having traveled with him to Japan and Korea to make toys and seeing his vision and skills first hand I can not wait to see where this project goes.

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This is great!
I live in Japan, so when it’s done I’ll go see it and take some pics.

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super excited to see this come to life and here to help! lfg

Nouns are perfect to be represented physically, this will have a big impact, considering also the prestige that David will give to the ecosystem. Curious to see how that will evolve

Just wanted to agree with everyone upon the idea - it’s gorgeous! @4156 I have never seen anyone more persistent than you lol, you’re always engaged in the process!
It’d be fire, can’t wait🔥

i remember seeing this announced on twitter and was super excited for everyone involved

Happy Holidays and thanks for the comments everyone. This will be going on chain later today!


What happens with the profits from the sales of the toys? What percentage will be going back to the DAO?

thanks for the question. that’s not well defined yet and based on preliminary investigations will depend on both the scale of the operation and the legal, tax etc. consequences of returning profits to the dao. part of the exploration here is figuring out which business models are suitable and aligned with the goals of the org, so it makes sense to build first and sort out how the $ flows later. the initial profits are unlikely to be meaningful when compared to the daily auctions and current size of the treasury.


epic! thank you David and 4156 for this!