David Horvath / Nouns Studio 1 extension

  • Hi everyone, after a very productive Q1 (and a short break) we’d like to ask the DAO to fund David’s work on Studio1 for another 6 months at a rate of 60E
  • Here’s what we accomplished in Q1:
    • Assisted with Bud Light / Vayner Super Bowl project
    • Consulted on Stoopid Buddy / Nouns Documentary
    • Engaged and consulted with W+K (proposals forthcoming)
    • Educating key decision makers at:
      • Imagine Entertainment
      • Illumination Entertainment
      • Adult Animation at Netflix
      • Lego
      • Mattel
      • Medicom Toy
      • Super 7
    • Extensive discussions with a very experienced Hollywood producer
    • Extensive discussions with experienced Hollywood talent agency
  • Here’s what we’re planning on over the next 6 months:
    • Dreamworks
    • Very well known filmmaker
    • Paramount
    • Warner Brothers
    • Disney
    • Continuing to support Stoopid Buddy and W+K

Additionally here’s an update on Sofubi:

Nouns Studio 1 is in pre-production phase of the first Nouns sofubi figure, crafted for distribution at high end retail in Japan and beyond.


initial design phase

Creation, review and modification of 3D models of the designs for production of the wax model needed for casting via Big Shot Toy Works on 3D modeling and development work.

next steps:

final factory and paint cost estimates, colorway choices, header card design,

full production at the factory in Tokyo, and paint.

Creation and production of accompanying limited run accessory product to fill in Nouns sofubi section at retail. ( accessory production via retail contact FewMany in Shinjuku )

Distribution to LOFT stores across Japan, FewMany stores in Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Saitama, all Seibu department stores in Tokyo. Marui stores in Shinjuku.

Early planning for arrangement of artist collaboration “nouns gallery show” in Tokyo featuring Nouns sofubi and physical Nouns artworks created by leading creators across Japan.

Additional: Nouns Studio 1 will define the vision and broad strokes regarding Designer Con Nouns booth design, nounish feel, message and direction.


I should note intended start date is mid May. Will take off May 2 - 6th. :point_up_2:

Added Additional:
Nouns Studio 1 will define the vision and broad strokes regarding Designer Con Nouns booth design, nounish feel, message and direction.

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This is all incredible stuff! No brainer enthusiastic support from me.


Yes please. Great work so far!


Absolutely in favor of your continued work. I feel like you’re doing something very important for Nouns, so exciting to see all of these names. I want to know more about these meetings!!! But also, I understand the importance of discretion in these matters.

One specific request: can you help get our partners to pull together retrospective reports after successful projects? For instance, I’d love data on the success of the Bud ad, same thing with network stats and audience metrics from Rose Parade. I’d really like to ensure we continue to learn and grow from these experiences, and that we have all the data needed to use them as success stories when trying to draw more people into Nouns.

Happy to have you working with us David!!


thanks so much for the kind words. Very interesting questions re: metrics for the parade or bud. Will look into how we might find such info. I can say with our own brands, it was very much cumulative over a very long time, and we focused on consistent events and above all else context vs numbers, ( which I would be very happy to review in founders / nounders voice on discord any time ) as we knew 100 of the people from X group were often far more influential than the 10000 people from Y group, and that was harder to measure after… it was something we had to do with purpose. I did my best to outline such in the case for nouns sofubi here… a bit of a read .Discord.
In the meantime, great question and will figure out how to at least seek out such info.


Love this effort and it’s a no brainer for me to keep it going.
Education is critical at this state of maturity of the space.


Additional: Nouns Studio 1 will define the vision and broad strokes regarding Designer Con Nouns booth design, nounish feel, message and direction.

Regarding this phrase would it be more Nounish to define this as “a vision” rather then “the vision” or maybe the “Studio1 Vision”. Think it could be very Nounish to have 2 or 3 booths at events such as Designer Con with multiple looks and feels.


well said and agree, a vision ⌐◨-◨

appreciate everything that has been done up to this point and really looking forward to the sofubis! strong support for this initiative.


many thanks! very excited for the road ahead, glasses on ⌐◨-◨

this is on chain for voting, thank you all.

Hello nounders, here are the fees I paid to our on the ground assist in Japan for both the production of sofubi ( they help with communicating with the factory, moving the work from the factory to painter, to retail for first wave to make sure shop looks right ) , communicating with the paint master maker ( the perfect paint model factory uses as a guide ) and dealing with the paint mask maker. We paid them for the above, then for one paint master, and for help with the nouns exhibition set up as well ( communicate our wishes to each artist and get one of each unpainted nouns to them, collect finished work from them, communicate with venue, set up / take down and handle any print and design. ( we are producing bags for the show and to accompany the Sofubi at LOFT in early 23…, the bags are no cost to make but design fee is included in the above ( or under here )

USD total: $7450.00 please send ETH equivalent to 0xA8C9FFF404EF60876922E91E2f93e727F9c16264

please note the $3000 fee covers services for three nouns sofubi, not one,
but they must collect 3 at a time.
(I’ve always done the same since 2002, it is to secure a “spot in line” with the factory)

sounds good - we’ll fund this from NSFW. thanks David!

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much thanks and I hope all is well with all.


charge for factory production of the nouns sofubi in 4 colors, 15 each, and 20 in white, for the show.
Exchange rate in our favor.

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just sent this and other note in Discord DM, I hope all is well.