Proposal: Noun Wisdom Bot - Injecting Fun and Creativity to Proliferate Nouns

Project: An LLM-powered Twitter bot that interacts with users, offering clever and amusing advice, generating memes, creating narratives, orchestrating playful Noun battles and roasts, and sharing entertaining faux-historical anecdotes based on daily Nouns. This bot aims to enhance community engagement, attract new users, and create a vibrant Nouns ecosystem.

Proliferation of Nouns: The project aims to expand the reach of Nouns, stimulating greater community engagement, attracting new audiences, and fostering a stronger community. It leverages the power of AI to create shareable and engaging content, promoting Nouns in a creative, entertaining, and organic manner.

Funding required: 5.5Ξ

Fund Breakdown:

  • 3Ξ: Development and maintenance of the bot
  • 1Ξ: Design and creative work
  • 1Ξ: Marketing and user engagement
  • 0.5Ξ: Contingencies and unexpected costs

Success Metrics:

  • Increase in Twitter mentions and engagements
  • Increase in Nouns community members
  • Positive community feedback and user experiences

Detailed Proposal

Born out of a passion for AI and the Nouns project, the Noun Wisdom Bot seeks to not only enhance our daily interactions with Nouns but also to create a broader reach and foster a stronger community.

Phased Development Timeline:

Phase 1: The Dawn of Wisdom (1-2 weeks)

  • Bot starts offering clever and amusing advice based on daily Nouns.

Phase 2: The Rise of the Memes (2-4 weeks)

  • Bot starts generating and sharing memes based on Nouns, offering a creative and humorous interaction.

Phase 3: Epic Noun Sagas (4-6 weeks)

  • Bot starts creating narratives involving daily Nouns, adding a whole new dimension of creativity to the community.

Phase 4: Noun Showdown & Friendly Roast (6-8 weeks)

  • The bot introduces playful face-offs and roasts, fostering camaraderie and laughter in the community.

Phase 5: Noun Lore (8-10 weeks)

  • The bot starts crafting entertaining faux-historical anecdotes related to Nouns, offering a unique blend of laughter and lore.

Funding Breakdown:

Development (3Ξ): Covering costs related to bot development, programming, AI model training, server costs, maintenance, and updates.

Design (1Ξ): Covering costs for designing bot’s interface, visuals for memes, and other creative work.

Marketing (1Ξ): Funds allocated to marketing and promoting the bot across various channels to increase reach and engagement.

Contingencies (0.5Ξ): Reserved for any unforeseen expenses or challenges that may arise during the project execution.

Success Metrics:

We aim to evaluate the project’s success based on these key performance indicators:

  • Increase in Twitter mentions and engagements: Tracking the growth in the number of users interacting with the bot, the volume of Noun-related conversations initiated, and the overall user engagement.
  • Increase in Nouns community members: Monitoring the growth in the number of community members as a direct or indirect result of interactions with the bot.
  • Positive community feedback and user experiences: Regularly collecting feedback from users and making necessary adjustments to ensure a positive user experience.

Who Am I: I’m a devoted AI enthusiast and designer, originally from Turkey, who found a new beginning in Canada after escaping threats due to my liberal views. Passionate about AI projects and the Nouns project, I’m willing to dedicate myself fully to building creative AI projects for Nouns, starting with the Noun Wisdom Bot.

With your support, the Noun Wisdom Bot can create a ripple effect across our community, enhancing our engagement, and spreading the joy of Nouns to wider audiences. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey, as we write a new chapter in our Nouns history together.