Proliferating the Noun Meme Throughout Space & Time

Dear fellow Nouners,

How do we make going to space more fun? Nouns.

Uplift Aerospace is inviting Nouns to co-sponsor the Space+5 astronaut training.

This is a unique opportunity for the Nouns DAO to participate in the first Web3 funded astronaut training where an AI humanoid robot will be training as an astronaut. Sponsorship of the astronaut training would generate awareness for Nouns DAO in the viewership range of 20M+ impressions worldwide (the Inspiration4 civilian mission generated 135 Billion impressions and 100,000+ unique social media posts throughout the mission - LINK).

When the world sees the Space+5 and Bina48 floating weightlessly on the ZeroG flight, wearing the custom Noggles created by BigshotKlim for Mike Mongo and crew, it will begin the proliferation of the Nouns meme throughout space.

A collaboration from Nouns Dao will also support the Space+5’s philanthropic mission directive of opening up access to space for people with disabilities. As part of the astronaut training, Space+ is collaborating with the nonprofit AstroAccess and the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration to create an astronaut training program for individuals with disabilities - the first of its kind. The Space+5 astronaut training will have three individuals with disabilities join, which a Nouns x Space+ collaboration would make possible.

Collaboration Opportunity:

If we choose to sponsor Space+5, our goal would be to make the mission as Nounish as possible and maximize awareness for NounsDAO and Web3.

  • Nouns can be featured throughout all phases of the Space+5 astronaut training including interviews, television, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, audio rooms, speaking engagements, and special events.
  • Select members of the Nouns community will have access to the astronaut training and Zero-G flight featuring Web3 artists.
  • Co-branded mission patch (physical and digital).
  • We can put Nouns branding on the astronaut flight suits and have the crew wear Nouns glasses throughout all phases of the astronaut training.
  • The mission will be aired and promoted by Space+5’s media partner, 97th Floor (LINK). Space+ is also working with the same team that filmed the Inspiration4 documentary that was later picked up by Netflix (LINK). Nouns community members will be featured in this documentary of the mission.

The Mission:

  • September: The leadup to the mission has started this week as our crew is attending the International Astronautical Congress, the premier annual event for the space industry held in Paris this year.
  • October: The crew, AI humanoid robot, and AstroAccess ambassadors will undergo weightlessness training during a ZeroG flight from NASA’sKennedy Space Center. An accompanying exploration of art creation in space will take place during the ZeroG flight, with 100% of the artwork made by Web3 artists during the flight donated to the nonprofit AstroAccess to support their mission to advance disability inclusion in space.
  • November: The crew, AI humanoid robot, and AstroAccess ambassadors will undergo spacesuit and spacecraft egress training at the Biosphere2 in collaboration with the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration. This will be the first commercial astronaut training specifically designed to include individuals with disabilities with the goal of furthering disability inclusion in space.
  • The actual space mission will involve the Space+5 crew and an A.I.humanoid flying into suborbit (similar to the first NASA Mercury missions). After the Space+5 astronaut training, our team will submit a separate proposal for Nouns to join the mission to space.

How Does it Benefit Nouns

  • Increased global awareness for Nouns DAO and the strengthening of the Nouns brand, via the 20+ million global impressions that the collaboration is expected to generate.
  • Strengthened historical significance of Nouns DAO by being the first project to enable a Web3 focused astronaut training program, the first A.I. humanoid robot (Bina48) to train as a commercial astronaut,and the first Web3 brand to receive significant coverage and exposure as part of a space mission.
  • Permit Raffle for 2 members of Nouns community to receive open access to astronaut training events, including ZeroG weightlessness training by NASA astronauts, and spacesuit and spacecraft training at the Biosphere2 in conjunction with the Center for Human Space Exploration
  • Impact for Good
    • Support a J.E.D.I. multiplanetary future (Just, Equitable, Diverse, Inclusive – Credit: Astronaut and Space+5 Ambassador Dr. Sian Proctor):
    • The Space+5 astronaut training will allow 3 ambassadors from AstroAccess to join the first commercial astronaut training specifically developed to include people with disabilities to undergo astronaut training and prepare for space flight.
    • The ZeroG flight will include 10 artists who will create phygital artwork in a weightless environment, which will later be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting AstroAccess.
    • Research: Empower a multiplanetary future by furthering research on the value of A.I. technology for space exploration:
        1. Understand Bina48’s spaceflight readiness level.
        1. Developing A.I.algorithms to support human crew missions and A.I. locomotive abilities while in space environments.

About the Space+5

Space+5 Official Announcement at the International Astronautical Congress in Paris:

Space+5 is a five person astronaut class pioneering culture in space through historic activations that focus on three key pillars: Research, Art, and Philanthropy. The class includes Ruben Salinas, Sydney Hamilton, Mike Mongo, Trent Tresch, and Joan Melendez-Misner. Ruben Salinas is the first Space+5 astronaut candidate selected for our upcoming spaceflight with Blue Origin.

The five individuals that form the Space+5 astronaut class are a diverse group from the Web3 community, who each uniquely represent the essential belief that space is for everyone. The Space+5 are training as commercial astronauts to accompany an A.I. to space while exploring the limits of human creative and technological capabilities.

For the Space+5 philanthropic mission directive, the mission is to raise funds for a phenomenal non-profit called AstroAccess that is advancing disability inclusion opportunities in space. 100% of donations raised, both artwork and cryptocurrency, will be donated to AstroAccess.

Background: The idea for the mission was conceived by Josh Hanes and his team at Uplift Aerospace, a company building the Web3 infrastructure that allows private assets ownership in space (satellites, vehicles, data) to be owned and transferred as NFTs, which is part of their agreement with NASA for the International Space Station.

The Space+5 mission follows in the footsteps of the Inspiration4 all-civilian astronaut mission, and aims to generate awareness around the benefits of Web3 and A.I. for space exploration, and the necessity of increased inclusivity in space. The Space+5 mission started by launching an NFT project to fund the mission, which was originally going to send just one astronaut to space. The community selected a total of five astronaut candidates and lobbied to send all five to space. With the support of Nouns DAO and other sponsors, we can make this vision a reality.

Meet the Space+5 Astronaut Class

RUBEN SALINAS: Ruben “Lightyear” Salinas is a Latino medtech serial entrepreneur, government advisor, and activist supporting underrepresented leaders in life sciences.

JOAN MELENDEZ-MISNER: Joan is an Integration Engineer at NASA working on space & asteroid planetary defense missions.

MIKE MONGO: Astronaut teacher & NFT creator Mike is the author of The Astronaut Instruction

Manual, host of Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Adventures on YouTube, and founder of Astronaut Job Camp at SaxaVord Spaceport.

SYDNEY HAMILTON: Sydney is the 1st African-American to win the Space & Satellite Professionals International Promise Award.

TRENT TRESCH: Trent is a founder of the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration who spends his days flight-testing hardware, building spacesuits, and training others

in spacecraft rescue.

TEAM (Space+)

Emily Higgins - Director of Space+

Josh Hanes - CEO

Caroline Geraghty - Director of Astronaut Experiences

Jeffrey Johnson - Director of Operations

Eric Willeitner - Director of Engineering


Dr. Sian Proctor - Astronaut & 1st black woman spacecraft pilot, artist

Kyle Schember - Founder of Subtractive, film producer, web3 creator, Co-creator of Inspiration4 web3 St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital fundraiser

CL7 - Art Dealer, Collector, Investor

Chris Bennett - Investor, collector, founder of 97th Floor


Our Ask & Budget Breakdown

We are asking for a total of 235 ETH (Converted to USDC immediately)

  • Astronaut training for assessing readiness levels of an A.I. robots. Includes chartered ZeroG flight for Bina48, Bina48 tech team, Space+5 AstroAccess Ambassadors: 133.9ETH
  • Customized spacesuit & astronaut training program for people with disabilities. Co-sponsored by the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration: 101.1ETH

Thank You to Nouns Community!

Noun53 - For believing in the Space+ vision of proliferating the meme to space!

Noun22 - For feedback, support, and guidance on our proposal

Benbodhi - Connecting us with Nouns and creating the initial vision between Mike Mongo, Toady, and Noun53 during the 24 hours Nouns Twitter Space

Toady - For feedback and support of our proposal and the amazing Mike Mongo Noun artwork!

BigshotKlim and - For creating and sending the incredible Mike Mongo inspired Noggles (Monggles) for the Space+5 for astronaut training and to bring to space!


this is such an incredible opportunity for NOUNs to be seen as a positive force for social good in the world. Proliferation of the brand in a positive light will be to the moon!


Finally got to meet the space+ team in paris at the international astronautical congress and i have to say I’m blown away by their presence and professionalism.
Looking forward to anything they do


Is this based on the assumption that the space flight happens in the future? What sort of outputs would be expected for this specific proposal?

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Great question! Thank you for pointing it out. This is something we get to add to our proposal. Happy to share this.

For the ZeroG training alone, being staged at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, October 22 with NFT artists such as The Stoics’ Gabe Weis and astronaut Dr Sian Proctor joining us, we are figuring conservatively for 20MM impressions.

For the full Space+5 mission, including the spaceflight, we anticipate over 100MM impressions.

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Here are the numbers we use to support our figures:

  1. Inspiration4 received over 135 billion impressions throughout the mission–from announcement to training and spaceflight (LINK). Our goal for the entire Space+5 mission is to generate at least .074% or 100MM of that number–with 20% of impressions to be generated during the ZeroG weightlessness training at NASA Kennedy Space Center.*

  2. With the addition of Bina48 as the space industry’s first A.I. training as an astronaut, and the NFT artists and astronauts amplifying this throughout the ZeroG weightlessness training, the 20MM is easily attainable through social media, press releases, interviews, and a documentary short.

  3. Space+5 crew members and team members are influencers on Twitter and Instagram (particularly Mike Mongo, Joan Melendez-Misner, astronaut Dr Sian Proctor) within the networks of Web3, aerospace, and women in STEM and STEAM. Their own promotion of the astronaut training along with our own as well as the participating community members of Web3 and the space industry will further amplify the global impression reach.

  4. We will have 10 of the top NFT artists including Gabe Weis at the ZeroG event creating Noun-themed collaborative artwork to be created into NFTs for charity,. Their cross-promotion of the event will build significant awareness for the training within the Web3 community due to the philanthropic focus with AstroAccess.

  5. The astronaut training will also benefit from cross-promotion from our partners including Alchemy, Lenovo, Coinbase NFT, and the University of Arizona.

*For a number-based example: Space+ cost per impression on Twitter for comparable social media promotions was approximately $0.003. If Space+ were to do a direct social media campaign in October and November to achieve 20MM impressions, discounting points 1-5 above, it would cost approximately $60k. As mentioned briefly in the post here, we have a top digital marketing brand running the social media and comms, and we feel that the high engagement media that will be created during the astronaut training will lead to a cost per impression lower than the $0.003 mentioned above.

We are insuring these points are communicated clearly in the actual proposal. Thank you for this feedback!

If you have additional questions, that’s good, too. We are looking for as much feedback as possible before we make the proposal. This is about using the strength of our platform and outreach to spread the joy and fun of Nouns, and we cannot imagine a more fun place to do that than zero-g!

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