Proposal: ⌐◨-◨ & GODAH – Nouns CoCreating a visionary IRL Art Platform

⌐◨-◨ & GODAH - Nouns CoCreating a visionary IRL Art Platform


  • We are building a unique fusion of a digital art gallery and a hotel
  • YES, it makes sense, far more than you might have initially anticipated. (Learn more below)
  • We have devised a collaboration model that provides great benefits to our partners, and we would be honored to have Nouns DAO join us as a partner.

Please feel free to reach out to my personal Twitter or GODAH Twitter.
We are also looking for getting a delegated Noun for putting the proposal on chain.

What is GODAH?

GODAH – Gallery of Digital Art Hotel

is a combination of a digital art gallery and a hotel,(In Real Life) using NFT technology to drive a meaningful and unique experience for both artists and guests.

We are building the world’s first place where you can spend the night literally inside the art.

(room visualization)

The concept:

The main area of the rooms will be based on a capsule hotel concept, so the design consists of small, minimalist rooms where the main area fits basically only a bed.

On the sides, ceiling, and at the far end of your capsule room, the walls will contain windows with embedded screens or projection behind, windows into virtual reality.

You look through them as through an actual window to see the virtual world all around you.

The layout of the screens will give the impression of your capsule room floating within the worlds created in the minds of the artists – floating inside the art.

The integration of NFT technology within the project also enables the sale of the featured art, establishing GODAH as a gallery in its own right.

As such, GODAH is a platform that will release highly exclusive editions of art from both world-leading and emerging artists. The exclusivity is further enhanced by the intimate experience guests will have with the art in the rooms, as well as the limited number of nights and corresponding availability of each artist’s work.

Watch the hotel video tour:
(3 minutes long)

Want all the details?
See our directory with a pitch deck and white paper:

What’s the phase of the project?

At the moment, the project is in the development phase. We have completed our presentation materials, including the pitch deck, explanatory video, and website, which showcase the project in its entirety.

Theoretically, we are ready to go public with the project and mint the GODAH collector Pass NFT, which will serve as the primary financial source for funding the construction of GODAH. (Utility of the pass is covered below)

However, due to the current state of the market, we have made the decision to continue building in private for a little longer. This extended development period allows us to further refine and optimize the project before its public launch.

As we continue to develop the project, our focus will be on building strong relationships and establishing meaningful partnerships, ensuring that when the time comes, we are well-positioned to make a significant impact in the market.

Why should Nouns DAO care?

The noun brand has established itself as one of the most influential within web3, and we are confident that it will become a globally recognized brand emerging from the web3 sphere.

This goal can be also achieved through the funding of standout projects that capture the attention of the entire world.

As you see GODAH is truly a visionary project pushing the web3 and art forward.

Its concept seamlessly fuses the realms of hospitality and digital art, pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences and offering an unprecedented synthesis of technology, and artistry.

The concept of the experience is understandable without the need for prior knowledge of Web3, making it accessible to a wide audience. It possesses the significant potential to become a Web3 project that will gain global visibility.

We would be honored to be part of the Nouns ecosystem and represent the nouns’ mission of building meaningful and unique projects.

11 ways how would Nouns DAO benefit.

GODAH has a long-term vision and aims to endure for decades to come. We are committed to preserving the memory of the Noun DAO’s support across generations. The benefits outlined below will continue to be relevant and applicable for many years.

1. One of the ten rooms in GODAH will be dedicated to Nouns.

Serving as a unique representation of the Nouns brand and community.

This dedicated Noun room will visually showcase various elements that embody the essence of Nouns, including custom wallpaper, room tag, pillows, towels, and other details.

2. Nouns incorporated into the art of the Noun room.

Every artist involved in creating the virtual world for the Nouns capsule will be required to incorporate the Noun shades or Noun characters into their artwork.

This requirement ensures that the Nouns brand is consistently represented throughout a wide range of artworks created by various artists.

(The featured artist will change once a year)

GODAH’s uniqueness and exclusivity make it a highly sought-after destination for renowned artists, who see the opportunity for collectors to immerse themselves in their art and have unparalleled intimate experiences.

This presents a remarkable chance for Nouns to be seamlessly integrated into the artwork of many esteemed artists.

The advent of NFTs marked a significant milestone in the art world, and the establishment of GODAH will serve as yet another pivotal moment in the NFT chapter of history. Nouns’ involvement in this milestone cements its reputation as a prominent figure in the NFT space and ensures its enduring legacy in the history of art.

3. We will give all Nouns holders priority access to the hotel booking.

When the hotel is up and running, the Nouns holders will get token-gated priority access to purchase NFT keys for the nights in GODAH, for the Nouns capsule.

(One more reason for people to get a Noun!)

4. The featured artists for the room can be curated by the Nouns curators.

The Noun DAO will have the privilege to nominate and select the curator or a team of curators responsible for overseeing the Nouns room. The appointed curator(s) will be entrusted with the task of curating the artists or team of artists whose works will be featured within the Nouns room.

(GODAH serves as an excellent platform for fostering collaborations among different artists. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to incorporate brands into these artistic teams, allowing for the exclusive minting of digital assets within GODAH. This opens up possibilities for various sectors such as fashion, gaming, and more to be represented in GODAH.

Furthermore, this collaboration paves the way for Nouns to release exclusive NFTs in partnership with selected artists and brands through the GODAH platform. This joint effort enables Nouns to offer unique and exclusive NFTs.)

5. IRL Nouns discovery

GODAH has been designed to cater to both web3 and non-web3 individuals, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of guests.

With its in-person experiences, GODAH serves as an excellent platform for onboarding individuals into the web3.

As guests explore GODAH, they will not only be introduced to NFT art but also have the opportunity to learn about our esteemed partners.

Moreover, GODAH will feature a lobby space that will also serve as an NFT Giftshop. Within this gallery-like space, guests will find NFT postcards created by local artists, showcasing the diversity of artistic talent. Additionally, merchandise from both GODAH and our partners will be available, providing visitors with a tangible connection to the GODAH experience.

6. We will hold an exclusive alow list for Noun holders to purchase GODAH Collector passes for the dedicated Nouns capsule room.

To understand this proposal we will explain shortly the main utility mechanics of GODAH Collector Pass.

The holders of GODAH collector Passes will receive annual NFT airdrops from artists featuring their art in GODAH.

Each Pass has its own designation code containing information about its utility.

For example L1 C01 D001.

The recipe for designation codes is as follows:

L[location number] C[capsule ID] D[day of drop].

The serial numbers correspond to a specific GODAH location, capsule room, and specific day of an artist’s world occupying a capsule.

On this day, the holder of the NFT will receive an airdrop containing the Title NFT made by the artist of the corresponding capsule and location. This will continue every year for as long as they own the NFT. Featured artists in the capsules will change every year.

(Title NFT is an artwork through which you enter the room)

In regards, the community will have a chance to hold the Collector passes for the room curated by the Nouns curators so that they will be getting the art airdrops from the curation.

7. We will give 3 GODAH Collector passes to the Nouns DAO.

By receiving these passes, the DAO will benefit from the annual art airdrops contributed by the artists and brands featured within GODAH. Additionally, the DAO will have access to all the other utilities and privileges associated with these passes.

(These passes can either originate from the Nouns capsule or be allocated from three distinct rooms within GODAH. This approach allows for an expanded pool of artists and art that the Nouns DAO will receive)

(Only this one benefit should financially cover the investment made by the DAO over time.)

8. Media coverage

GODAH is an exceptionally unique and innovative project that has the potential to make waves in the media landscape. Its multidisciplinary nature allows for widespread media coverage across diverse fields.

By combining the familiar concept of a hotel with Web3 technology and art, GODAH has the ability to capture the interest of not only the Web3 community but also appeals to a wider audience who may not be familiar with Web3. Consequently, it is poised to gain attention from both Web2 and Web3-focused media outlets.

Potential media coverage

  • Culture
  • Art
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Tech
  • Startups
  • Crypto
  • Hospitality
  • Web3
  • etc.

Nouns will be covered in the news together with GODAH.

9. Social media

GODAH holds immense potential for a significant social media impact. Once operational, it is highly likely that many visitors will naturally share their experiences on various social media platforms. The captivating and novel aspects of GODAH’s rooms will generate considerable online buzz.

Moreover, collaborations with influencers can further amplify the reach of GODAH’s presence on social media.

When visitors stay in GODAH’s rooms, The Nouns brand will gain significant exposure on the internet alongside GODAH.

10. Treasury to buy a Noun

We will make a treasury from which GODAH will buy a Noun.

10% of revenue made by Nouns room bookings will go into the treasury.

5% of revenue from NFT sales inside the Noun capsule will go into the treasury.

11. Partners for Forever

Nouns and GODAH will be everlasting partners.

Nouns will be prominently featured on our website, printed media, social media, and more as a vital contributor to the birth of this project.

We will also engage in similar partnership models with other projects and brands. However, these collaborations, which may not involve funding, will be established later on and typically last for a limited duration, usually a couple of seasons.

If Nouns will have the guts to support us in this early stage, we would be delighted to have Nouns as a lifelong partner.


GODAH is not your typical Nouns project. It is more of a collaboration proposal than a project directly building on Nouns. As such, we acknowledge that seeking funding in the early stages of GODAH may entail some level of risk.

So what are the risks?

Can we raise enough funds to build the whole hotel?

  • Each GODAH location will consist of 10 rooms, so the need for extensive building construction or large rental spaces is minimized, resulting in lower construction and rent expenses.

  • The estimated construction cost for GODAH is approximately 1.5M. We anticipate raising around 2.5M through the minting of GODAH Collector Passes.

What if we do not mint out?

Not a problem.
For example, even if only 5% of the supply is minted, it will provide us with enough resources to advance and initiate substantial developments.

As we announce featured artists and generate momentum, we are confident that the collection’s utility will drive eventual sell-out.

Additionally, we may explore venture capital funding opportunities to further support the project’s growth.

Long execution period

While it will take time until the opening of GODAH(approximately 18 months from the mint) and the welcoming of first visitors to the Nouns room, there will be various events taking place in the meantime that can also contribute to the elevation of Nouns.

  • GODAH reveal to public
  • Collector pass Mint
  • Artists reveal
  • social media campaign
  • GODAH Opening


Bartholomew Vesely - Founder

Bartholomew is a musician, theatre actor, and founder of the GODAH project.

As an artist himself, he recognizes the immense potential that NFTs bring to the world of art, encompassing visual arts, music, and even theatre.

Being an incurable dreamer, he embraces risk-taking, innovation, and the creation of visionary projects that venture into unexpected realms.

He also has a history of entrepreneurial endeavors. For instance, he embarked on plastic skateboard production concurrently with Penny Skateboards and later became one of their initial importers in Europe.

Daniel Vesely - Co-Founder

Daniel Vesely is a Los Angeles-based serial entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of experience in business strategies and operations.

He has a strong track record in people management and critical thinking, prioritizing timelines and outcomes.

Previously, he played a role in the overthrow of the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia and served as a diplomat at the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C.

He has merged his data analytics company, Voxx Analytics, with Within3 and diversified his business interests to include social media analytics, influence monetization, and music production. Daniel holds an MA from Charles University and an MBA from the Drucker School of Business.

Pauline Foessel – Artist relation advisor/Curator

Launched Art Curator Grid in 2019.
It is the first professional social network dedicated to art curators, connecting art professionals, institutions, galleries, and companies globally. She has an extensive background in the art world, having managed Alexandre Farto’s Vhils Studio and Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon since 2013. With academic qualifications including a master’s degree in Management Entrepreneurial from SKEMA Business School and an MBA Exchange Program from Concordia University, she has also worked at Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris and Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. In addition to her role as co-director of Underdogs Gallery alongside Alexandre Farto, she has served as the Director of Development at the HOCA Foundation in Hong Kong from 2015 to 2017.

Iva Nešvarová – Hospitality adivsor

Is a hospitality professional with extensive experience in the industry. She studied hospitality management and now works as a Hospitality Consultant and Partner at Ultimate Hospitality. With a successful track record, Iva has held positions such as Room Division Manager at Mövenpick Hotels and General Manager at Accor Hotels for nine years. She also played a vital role in the preparations and opening of MeetMe23, where she served as General Manager for four years.

What do we need funding for, and how much?

Up until now, GODAH has been primarily self-funded, with a portion of the operations still relying on self-funding. However, in order to sustain and advance the project, additional funding is required.

The room’s architectural and technical study
We have a great team ( ready to start together with the architects with the technological study to ensure the utmost excellence in functionality and design to bring an extraordinary artistic experience to the GODAH Guests.

  • Technical study – $20K

  • Architectural study – $20K

  • Prototype built up – $20K

We want to make sure the whole world would know about this extraordinary project.

GODAH peaks into many different fields and has the potential to be covered in a big variety of media. From Web3 to tech and travel.

  • Marketing – $35K

Total: $95K USDC

Thank you Davin ⌐◨-◨ for taking me to talk about GODAH to @thenounsquare spaces!

Listen here:

Also thanks Noun142, Oni, Akva.btc.eth.⌐◨-◨ , Davin ⌐◨-◨ for reviewing the proposal.

Please feel free to ask any questions and give feedback.
Also, reach out at my personal Twitter or GODAH Twitter.

We are also looking for getting a delegated Noun to put the proposal on chain.

Thank you!

interesting prop!

this is for a nouns room in a single location as opposed to all cities?

regarding #4 nouns curation, how do you envision the dao deciding? might be worth identifying a small team ahead of time, it can be hard to get dao participation on voting or engaging on things beyond on-chain prop votes

#5 irl nouns discovery, with nft requires for rooms, is there an onboarding / wallet set up process for non web3 native people interested in the hotel? or those that don’t use a mobile wallet

are the screens in the windows / door custom?

#7 mentions covering financially the dao investment, what is the process to get this $ roi? if these passes are sent to the dao (or airdrops, ect) nothing can be done with them unless another on-chain proposal is executed. the dao has never sold any NFTs sent to its wallet as it’s not very practical to transact or use them

a lot of the ROI to nouns is dependent on future things not directly funded by this and requiring your project to mint out, this might be a turn off for some voters as most funded props make it clear / more guarantee on what exactly outputs the dao will get from their funding.

also for revenue generating proposals, some voters have recently been in the camp of expecting portions of revenue sent back to the dao

with this being dependent on future funding and lots still being up in the air it might be difficult in current state


Love seeing this proposal, here! Great details! How can this give back Value to the DAO?

Hey Oni,

I’m happy it got you interested!


Yes, it would apply to the first location. One room in the first location, but for a lifetime.

We believe it’s a great offer.

And also, Nouns will be a partner of the whole brand, so the visitors will run into the Nouns brand in every location.


Yes, exactly. There sure will be people interested to do the curation so they can put the team together and the DAO can vote if they pass. This can be maybe done every season for the possibility of changing the team members.


Yes, there will be definitely a possibility of a custodial(email) wallet. (Crossmint most likely)

The booking will look similar to booking at other hotels. So easy to use for non-web3 people.


We don’t have the research on the technical side of the rooms done yet, so I can’t answer that question now. The in-room will likely be a projection, the doors will be screens.


Yes, it takes some managing to get $ from the art airdrops,

but we believe it’s a good ROI for the DAO. There are possibilities for how to deal with it.

For example, if some artist goes high in value, someone can propose to sell the piece to get the $. Or, one day after some years, propose to sell the whole collection or donate it to some gallery as a public good mission.

And theres one more $ ROI.

We will have a treasury from which we will be buying Nouns. There will go a % of profits from the Nouns room bookings and also from the sales of art from the Nouns room.


I understand your point, however, if we will not mint out, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


Also, we see the awareness of the DAO as the biggest ROI. The initial awareness same as the long-term.

We will not be sending ETH back to the DAO but we will have a treasury from which we will be buying Nouns.


We believe there are a lot of visionaries in the DAO, who will see how special the project is and would want to take a part in it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review and giving the questions!

I’ll be happy to answer more!

Davin, Thank you!

There are actually 11 ways how it will benefit the DAO.
But the most important one is the number 11. – Stating it will be a partnership for a lifetime.
By its nature, GODAH is a long-term project(with a couple of revenue streams) and will be here actively likely for another 100 years+ (same as Nouns).
That is 100 years+ of giving value back to the DAO!

We believe it’s a good deal!