Proposal: Abstract Noun

Proposal: Abstract Noun

Technology, Fine Art, and Nouns coming together for a unique 1/1 experience.

:wave: Hi there Nouns community, I’m excited to be here on the discourse and formally propose my own project/collection entitled Abstract Noun. Before I get into the specifics of the project and it’s goals, I’d love to introduce myself and my partner.

My name is Thomas but I go by the artist named ABSTRCT. Early 2021 I started researching AI generation and it’s capabilities around artwork. From there, I spent months being engulfed into creating my own AI and what I could use it for. A month or so ago a friend of mine named Avi (our developer/co-founder) showed me Nouns DAO and I was immediately struck by the opportunities this community offered. From there, I have spent the last month creating unique 1/1 versions of every existing Noun with my AI and creating a home for them on OpenSea.

:bulb:ABSTRCT (haha, get it?)
The inspiration behind this project has come from my own drive to create unique artwork that is both innovative and collectible. I thought to myself, Nouns are already integrated into your profiles, your personalities, but why does it have to end there? Some Nouns share specific traits, but what about having a piece, inspired by your own Noun that will never be replicated, no two pieces will be exactly alike, regardless of if they use the same traits.

Not only do these pieces act as a memento, a souvenir to show you are an avid Noun community member, but I aim to use them to push the boundaries of what a Noun can be, what each attribute stands for, and how they can be perceived online and in person.

:framed_picture: Execution/Current State
The current state of Abstract Noun is building unique pieces every single day. Attributes and releases match new Nouns and our goal is to build an atmosphere where Noun owners and art collectors can come together to share, trade, and admire their favorite pieces.

ABSTRCT: I myself handle all the artwork and uploading in a timely fashion in order to ensure congruency with the Nouns DAO and spearhead our community involvement.

Avi: Avi is involved in the future of Abstract Noun, creating new ways through webapps, automation, and technology to push the boundaries of the utility of the artwork while creating value that can benefit the Nouns community.

All current Abstract Noun Holders also receive a special code that will be used to redeem unique perks now and in the future! :shushing_face:

:world_map: Future/Roadmap

Launch: I’m proud to say Abstract Noun is launched! We are currently creating new pieces every day and all existing pieces can currently be minted here:

Utility: We want to give as much utility as we can to those who are invested now and in the future. Currently those who hold Abstract Nouns are adopted into our community to give input into how the art will be used in the future (In the spirit of the original Nouns)

In conjunction, we have a laundry list of goals and utilities we are currently developing to expand the horizons of what is possible with NFT artwork.

  • Attributes WebApp - See all the existing traits of Abstract Nouns and how they make their transformation from an original Noun to an abstract AI piece.

  • Printing/Physical Format - Options will be available for existing Abstract Noun holders to print their piece on a canvas, poster, or any other medium you wish. This will also be accompanied by an exclusive high-res/enhanced version of your piece.

  • On Demand Artwork - Seperate collection built for custom Abstract Nouns. Think of it like an AI playground, where you decide what attributes we use, and your own 1/1 piece will be made.

  • Much, Much More! - This is the only the beginning of our ideas and there is many more to come!

In the hopes of this project, we want to provide an experience that is not only unique, but visually intriguing and special to those who love Nouns. Our aim is to continue to build this project into an environment that builds upon what has come before, and attracts the Nouns community and beyond. We appreciate you all taking the time to learn about our project, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback and ideas.


Thank you! ~ ABSTRCT & Avi

Hey, just checked out the gallery. I love your art style and I love that each one is connected to an existing Noun. Keep up the good work - I’m always around on Discord if you want feedback on new ideas or to share updates.

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Thanks for the kind words! I also appreciate you being open for ideas and feedback, i’ll definitely make sure to run it by you if I think of anything!