Proposal: Fund Nouns DOA web3 focused educational series at select universities


The Nouns community has the opportunity to fund an upcoming web3 educational series at select universities. The purpose of these events is to onboard new DOA members, developers, and partners who are passionate about the web3 technology and values of the ecosystem.


According to recent statistics from Electric Capital, there is a growing need to increase the share of blockchain developers in India, Africa, and LATAM regions. Thus, in other to onboard the next generation of builders, we propose a series of web3-focused educational workshops centered around Nouns DOA and web3 technologies. A similar proposal has been submitted by me on the Optimism governance forum here ([DRAFT] Proposal for Educational Series at Universities - 🏹 Mission Proposals - Optimism Collective) and it has garnered some community support already.


A target audience of over 100 participants across institutions of higher learning is anticipated. We also estimate the completion time for this proposal if approved to be 10 weeks from July 15, 2023, after which this proposal will be resubmitted to extend the initiative. For this series, we will initially target students within the higher education sector across Nigeria. The following are universities currently being considered for the web3 edu-series:

  • University of Lagos
  • University of Ibadan
  • Federal University of Technology, Minna


Milestone 1: Workshop Planning and Preparation| By the End of July 2023

Completion of this milestone involves designing and curating the workshop content and curriculum, ensuring it covers the key aspects of Nouns DOA and web3 technology. The milestone also accounts for venue rental and logistical arrangements to ensure a suitable environment for the workshop.

Milestone 2: Achieve three weeks of workshop training| by the End of August 2023.

We are exploring options to provide recordings or live streaming of the entire workshops. Technical support and equipment for a seamless workshop experience are accounted for here. Also, other guest speakers with expertise in blockchain technology will contribute their insights and expertise to the event.

Milestone 3: Publish workshop follow-up report| by Early September 2023.

This milestone focuses on publishing a comprehensive follow-up report evaluating the workshop’s effectiveness and gathering participant feedback. This milestone ensures that the workshop’s objectives are met and provides valuable insights for future improvements.


As a professional educationist, has a proven track record of creating engaging and informative content that resonates well with readers. For example, his written content has reached over 17 million users on the Brainly U.S. platform. He also has a combined experience of over 5 years in the web3 industry as a Quality Assurance Specialist, Project Ambassador, and Web3 Writer.

  • It is also worth noting we would be very much happy to make considerations for collabrations that makes this proposal a success.


The funding request for this proposal is 15 ETH which includes costs of $15,000 for hackathon prizes. A summary breakdown of the estimated operating expense can be found below:

Operating budget (requires USDC): $ 10,548

  • Workshop Design and Execution: $5,384
  • Speaker Fees and Travel Expenses: $480
  • Venue Rental and Logistics: $4,000
  • Marketing and Promotion: $320

For a detailed cost breakdown of the operating budget, please read the doc found here.

Thanks, Nounders for considering our proposal.

Link here