Proposal: Help to create the first Decentralized Autonomous University - Inspired by Nouns

Dear NounsDAO

Objective: We want you support to launch a DAO University!


I founded in Latin America one of the best Spanish Schools, we were moving toward becoming a DAO, but first we lasted one year implementing a good governance model inspired by the TEAL organizations and Sociocracy. It was difficult, but it was amazing at the same time. Sadly, pandemic came, and we had to close. Of course, I went into a depression, because the company and the people were like my babies, and besides, Education is my passion.

Some months ago, I started to look very deep into de DAO world, I saw very exciting things. That’s why I started looking for people that wanted to build a DAO in the education field.

The most exciting thing is that because of my previous job as a consultant I had known lots of people. I contacted one of them, Daosapiens.eth, a girl very well known as a consultant that had quit her job for her passion for Web3 and NFTs, she had launched one of the most exciting launches of an NFT projects in Latin America. She was on board immediately.

She invited Bitsapiens.eth, one of the most recognized Crypto/NFT/Web3 community builders in Latin America, he jumped on board.

I contacted one of the best Developers I know, Werbit.eth, he is a fullstack developer that for many years wanted to get involved in one education project, and he have been working together in a DEV TEAM for some years now.

So we are 4 EDUNOUNDERS, all with the same rights and share in the initial part of the project, and we are looking for more people to join us in this dream!

We started speaking, and creating all the idea behind the project, started researching DAOs, protocols, etc. And we found the Nouns DAO, we immediately realized that you guys created a very powerful platform, and we were inspired by you!

We started building the project right away!

The project:

DAUniversity is the first Decentralized Autonomous University

The roadmap:

1 – Launch a fork to the nouns DAO, and create the fund.

2 – We have many proposals, but the EDUNOUNS holders will decide next steps. But in the notion page is already written what we dream with it.

Link a notion

The nouns:

The nouns went to DAUniversity, and now they have graduated!

here is an example:
WhatsApp Image 2022-04-06 at 7.48.39 PM

What we are asking:

Even we know we have the skills to launch the project, and we are few weeks ahead of launching it. You guys have way more experience, so, any technical support in terms of:

  • What is the best architecture on AWS to implement.

  • How to launch this project in a better way.

  • What roles in your experience do we have to have once the project is running.

  • Obstacles you have found that we might find.

  • How to avoid a 51% attack.

  • When to create a DAO LLC or foundation.

  • Any other relevant help

  • How to create an open source platform and community (we have never done that)

Final words:

Thanks for creating the Nouns DAO and making it open source! We want to keep the same spirit with DAUniversity.

The site will be located in

happy to be part of this project , the best teams in crypto space has developed a lot of platforms but people that need al this innovation needs to learn a lot , this is a new paradigm that need the best education methods, gamification , play and learn to earn. playing for me is how i learn more.

let’s do our best! @Bitsapiens

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The soul of this project is to generate accessible and scalable knowledge, facilitate the creation of other DAO universities and empower the community, for a decentralized generation of value :slight_smile:

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