PROPOSAL:Forever Together: NOUNS and Pets

Unique Content Production and Promotion with My 8 Expertly Trained Dogs and the Nouns Community Forever


I, Arman, along with my 8 well-trained dogs, have embarked on a mission to create exceptional and original content for social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Additionally, we aim to participate in competitions, festivals, and television programs as proud representatives of the Nouns community. Our ultimate goal is to foster a strong bond between the Nouns community and large community of animal lovers. We aspire to be an everlasting part of the unique and wonderful Nouns community.

Implementation Strategy

To kickstart this project, we have meticulously developed an extensive and captivating plan. Turkey, being one of the world’s top tourist destinations, offers an incredible opportunity to connect with millions of visitors. With this in mind, we have crafted a 38-day itinerary that covers over 3000 km, encompassing all major tourist cities in Turkey. Throughout our journey team, will captivate audiences in historic, recreational, and touristic locations. Dressed in attention-grabbing attire, we will showcase dog shows, games, dances, and other entertaining activities while promoting the Nouns community through professional advertising. Furthermore, we will establish profound connections with people and joy, using gifts that epitomize the beautiful and special world of Nouns. Our heartwarming moments will be documented by experienced videographers and shared across various social networks, reaching Nouns enthusiasts and animal lovers worldwide. The entire this project duration spans 69 days, including 31 days of preparation and 38 days of performance.
This is only our first project to start with, we have many ideas for the future


Travel Route

Please refer to the attached map to visualize our journey across different cities during the 38-day trip.

lone-star-group-photo (1)

The Power of Animal Love and Media Interest
The worldwide love for animals is undeniable, and we have experienced it firsthand during our interactions with people from various corners of the globe. You can witness the affection and intriguing reactions to my 8 dogs on our newly established YouTube channel
(9 DOGS - YouTube)

While producing videos for the channel, I noticed the interest sparked by news networks and journalists. In the video linked below, at minute 7:50, you can witness a reporter’s excitement upon encountering my furry friends, leading to a proposition for collaboration on a news story. Engaging the news media is crucial, and I believe our 38-day trip holds tremendous potential for media involvement, capturing their attention with cameras rolling.
(9 köpek karşısında insanların verdiği komik tepkiler - YouTube)

VE Project 8 (3)
Financial Requirements:

The successful implementation of this project necessitates a significant financial budget. Therefore, we estimate a budget of up to 128 Ethereum to cover the project expenses, which include:

• Vehicle-related costs such as car, driver, fuel, car insurance, and depreciation.
• Team building expenses, including videographers, sound engineers, lighting, editors, social media managers, and advertising professionals.
• Promotional gifts, such as glasses, t-shirts, and Nouns brochures.
• Food costs for the team and dogs.
• Accommodation expenses for the team and dogs.
• Insurance coverage.
• Tax obligations.
• Health, medical, and veterinary expenses.
• Costs associated with obtaining necessary permits.

Success Criteria:

To gauge the success of our project, we will measure it against the following criteria:
• Uniqueness: Our project stands out due to its scale, featuring a large number of dogs and an extensive route that hasn’t been explored before.
• Social Media Engagement: Rapidly attracting followers, subscribers, and visitors to our social media channels and pages.
• Media Attention: Establishing strong connections with Turkish and international news networks.
• Multilingual Approach: Running the project in multiple languages to engage a diverse audience.
• Collaborations: Creating partnerships with brands and individuals relevant to our mission.

Upcoming Projects:

Once our social media channels have grown and generated income, we have outlined several future projects that align with our values, including providing assistance to children in need, street animals, and environmental causes, all while incorporating the vibrant essence of Nouns. With the income generated from social media, I plan to invest in Nouns and continue supporting its growth. Furthermore, by collaborating with municipal authorities across various cities, we aim to build a better world together under the Nouns banner, documenting and sharing every step of our projects on social media.

About Me:

My name is Arman, and I reside in a cozy 80-square-meter apartment in Manisa, Turkey, alongside my eight beloved furry friends. For the past five years, I have dedicated all my time to training these dogs for participation in a Turkish talent show akin to “America’s Got Talent.” Unfortunately, the program was put on hold due to the pandemic, yet with this proposal, I aspire to unleash our full potential, showcasing our dogs and creating beautiful, joyful moments alongside the delightful Nouns truck.
I would be delighted to share our simple and loving life with these eight furry companions on Instagram. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, as I am eager to answer them all with patience and love.
(suskamp2 (@woof9_) • Instagram photos and videos)

I am eagerly awaiting your feedback and suggestions.

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I think that this is a wonderful fun and unique way to proliferate.
Based on past props and experiences I would suggest a much smaller ask to produce 2-5 short proof of concept content with some local activations and then ask for a bigger proposal which I think would be wonderful. Most of us have and love animals and this would be an excellent addition to our community

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I thank you for your positive energy and your great suggestion. Yes, you are absolutely right and I accept it, but as I mentioned above, my target is tourists who come to Turkey in the summer season, That’s why I wanted to create something amazing in Turkey this summer . In addition, I would be very happy if you visit my newly established YouTube channel. I have produced many videos with interesting reactions from people.

Hey @AMP2 , to be honest after reading the proposal I still have no idea what exactly you want to do and how it benefits Nouns. Your YouTube channel has 200 subscribers and the most viewed video is sitting at 1.9k views. What is the justification for the 128 ETH you’re asking?

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I apologize for any confusion. Let me clarify the proposal and address your concerns.

The main objective is to connect the brand “Nance” with high-potential animals to capture the attention of people who are interested in both animals and Nance products. The plan is to create engaging and professional content related to Nance and animals on a YouTube channel. This content will include various methods such as being present among people, promoting Nance, and creating entertaining clips, which are popular on YouTube.

Regarding the justification for the requested 128 ETH, it is important to consider the potential impact of the proposed content strategy. While the current YouTube channel has 200 subscribers and the most viewed video has 1.9k views, this is just the starting point. With the proper financial support, the channel can significantly grow its subscriber base and attract millions of followers in a short period. This can result in greater brand exposure for Nance and a larger audience reach, potentially leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

Additionally, the investment in a professional content production team can ensure high-quality and engaging content, which will help in establishing a strong and lasting connection with animal lovers and the Nance community. The requested funds will be used for content creation, equipment, marketing, and team salaries.

It’s important to note that success on YouTube and social media platforms often requires a well-planned strategy, consistent content production, and financial support for marketing efforts. By investing in this proposal, the aim is to align Nance with a highly engaged and passionate audience, generating long-term benefits for the brand.

I hope this explanation provides a clearer understanding of the proposal and justifies the requested funding for the Nance YouTube channel’s growth and success.

By the way, the budget for the project has been 128 Etherium, which is considerable for a large-scale project. However, to start and demonstrate the high potential and strong appeal of me and my dogs to attract audiences for Nancy’s project, I can execute several projects with a much lower budget.
I hope my meaning was clear, and your question has been addressed. If there’s any further inquiry, I am more than willing to respond.