Nouns News - extended for 5 months



Latest episode featuring 142 :point_up_2:



  • Nouns News, a media group dedicated to bringing awareness of all things nounish through authentic and engaging content across all social channels.
  • 5 months of operations, team of 9 people.
  • Budget: 78 ETH.


After the success and funding of Nouns News Seasons 1-3, we have expanded our team and efforts to reach a wider audience.

Our strategy is focused on Top of Funnel marketing tactics, to capture as many eyes as possible.


  1. Drive awareness and favorability of NounsDAO as an innovative leader in the web3 space.
  2. Engage audiences outside of mainstream Web3 with Nouns brand.
  3. Build an authentic perspective through content that drives deeper interest in Nouns Dao.


Proliferating Nouns brand(s) with content that is entertaining, educational, and engaging.

  • TikTok - TikTok is the platform for virality. Trending content on TikTok has the ability to inspire people to take action and learn more about Nouns. We will be focusing on staying on top of the trends and tying it into Nouns Dao and Nouns projects.
    Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.45.08 AM

Nouns FAQ:

  • Innovation - A new vtube avatar will be designed and used with AI technology to create educational Nouns content. We will be updating our graphics, sounds and other branding elements.

  • Cross-Platform Approach - In order to connect with unique audiences across all platforms, we will repurpose content to each of our social channels (TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Website). This gives us greater opportunities to rank in search - within the platforms and on Google.

  • Collaborations - Partnering with other Nouns proposals to showcase their Nounish products/ideas/initiatives (from IRL projects, like Nouns OTG and Nouns Treasure Hunts, to Nounish product launches, like merch/coffee/goods).

Nouns Vision sunglasses trend:

  • Contests & Giveaways - Giveaways are one of the most powerful content types, as they are a great entry point for new members. We’d like to continue hosting weekly or bi-weekly contests, with ETH prizes and/or nounish products from our collaborations. We’d like to focus not only on rewarding new members online, but also people who participate in public video shoots.

Brandweek Miami 2022:

  • Community Involvement - Our dedicated discord channel will be an open space for us to interact with current Nouns holders and community members, delivering monthly reports on our progress and implementing trending creative ideas.


Some of the top performing posts:



Team Lead/Producer/Director

Leo Clark: @leoclark, Discord: leoclark.eth ⌐◨-◨#2267
Filmmaker @ Nouns DAO Prop #71 • Nouncillor • Producer/Speaker @ Nouns in Rio.

Content Presenter/Host

Nikki: @web3nikki, Discord: NonfungibleNikki#0001
Miami-based web3 strategist at an influencer marketing agency.

Content Strategist

Hypnos: @hypnoseffect, Discord: Hypnos#0007
Miami-based former professional gamer. Current builder and social media strategist.

Social Media Manager

JP: @eusou_jp, Discord:
Building Nouns in Rio, Nouns News and more. Created the first ever nounish treasure hunt.

Assistant Producer + Webmaster

!xargs: @mamaxargs, Discord: !𝚡𝚊𝚛𝚐𝚜 | ⌐◨-◨s4Teachers!#0333
Noun O’Clock • Kitchen Nouncil • Nouns.Blog

Art Director

Messhup: @messhup, Discord: Messhup#2469

Editor / VXF Artist

Gustavo Horn: @GuguHorn, Discord: gushorn#7260
Director at Horn Productions • Portfolio:

Website Design Consultant

metamonk: @m3tamonk, Discord: metamonk#0001 • Nouncillor • • design/dev

Music Director

Woody: @SuperTightWoody, Discord: SuperTightWoody#3744
Grammy Nominated Music Producer • Owner of Super Tight • Maker of @cryptoadz_show • Co-creator @GItoadz @DickToadz • Member of @nouncil @noun_o_clock ⌐ⓝ°ⓒ


The total ETH amount will remain in the Multisig (nounsnews.eth) for the monthly payments.
Total operation costs (for 5 months and a team of 9 people) - 68 ETH
Contests & Giveaways - 10 ETH for 5 months (or 20 weeks)

5 monthly payments:
1 - October 2022 - 24 ETH
2 - November 2022 - 13.5 ETH
3 - December 2022 - 13.5 ETH
4 - January 2023 - 13.5 ETH
5 - February 2023 - 13.5 ETH

1 - Leo Clark
2 - Meshhup
3 - !xargs
4 - JP
5 - Hypnos


Thank you for reading and watching :pray:


What up Leo! Nice work on the proposal.

At first glance I saw 78 eth and my gut said that’s too much, but I broke the numbers down so I could address my initial feeling.

78 eth = $106,255.50 (at current price)
$106,255.50 / 5 Months = $21 251.10 per month
$21,251.10 / 9 Contributors = 2,361.23 per person per month

I think that is pretty reasonable. We cant expect to pinch pennies when people are trying to be creative and help nouns spread. That being said results and progress are essential so the DAO isn’t throwing money away.

I am no expert on marketing metrics and would love to have someone chime in on and rate the current exposure Nouns News has created and brainstorm project numbers for the next 5 months.


Thank you so much for taking the time, your thoughtful comments, your kind words and your support :pray:

And yes, we believe we are being paid at a fair rate.
Just a reminder that 10 ETH out of the 78 are for contests, so the numbers are actually lower.

We have just started and the results are better than we expected.
We are very excited about the possibilities and believe we will bring significant proliferation for the ⌐◨-◨ and Nouns as a whole.

Thanks again!

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The figures have increased since we published the proposal!
Here is what occurred during the course of a couple of days on Nouns News’ channels:


We are back with a few more updates! We were funded by NSFW and asked to try and go viral and focus on getting views on Tik Tok and YT, and we did just that. But there is more. Here is the total number of views from all 5 platforms:

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We are almost reaching 100k views and that is 10% of our goal for the next 5 months! Thank you who is supporting us and giving feedback. Let’s make Nouns go viral!

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Hey everyone,
In case you didn’t know or if it’s your first time reading this, we have made it official.
Our challenge to meet our goal:

And to make it more exciting and fun we decided to return the 5th and last payment to the DAO treasury if we DO NOT reach the goal.

Let the games begin :metal:
Thank you for your support :pray: