Nouns Wet Wipes

Nouns Wet Wipes

by Noun426


  • Nouns Wet Wipes!! It defends (Against bacteria & viruses)!!
  • It protects (Against bacteria & viruses)!!
  • It moisturizes (Dry skin)!!
  • Now it also spreads (The Nouns Brand) !!!


  1. Bringing Noun’s to the masses, one pocket at a time!
  2. A thoughtful token to be given out during events.
  3. Inexpensive way of marketing the Noun’s brand to the public.


Our experienced FMCG team will design and print custom stickers and packaging for Noun Wipes, in a series of different designs (depending on uptake rate of the first batch). Manufacturing will be done by our vetted local manufacturer in Malaysia according to their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

40 cartons of the wet wipes will be reserved for the events Nouns DAO has committed to attending (example: PROP 206) as well as future events that require merch to be given out. We will collect USD 5000 as shipping for this purpose, any leftovers will be returned to the DAO (highly unlikely with the current rate of inflation). If there’s a shortfall, the event organizers can pay the shipping to get it.

Back of wrapper


Each pack will consist of 8 pcs of fragrance-free antibacterial wet wipe.

Wipes size: 150mm x 140mm

Wet wipes manufactured are certified GMP ISO 22716:2007 & QMS ISO 9001:2015

12 packs in a box and 12 boxes in a carton. Each carton contains 144 packs of wipes (8pcs)

MOQ for each run is 150 cartons.

Pics of current manufacturing line


  1. Design & marketing cost (will include short vid of the manufacturing process) USD 1200
  2. Print drum for nouns sticker design (one-time cost) USD 1,000
  3. Custom wet wipes wrapper print mold (one-time cost) USD 4,500
  4. 150 cartons of wet wipes (USD 49 per carton) USD 7,350
  5. Shipping to 20 events around the world (2 cartons each) USD 5,000

Total USD 19,050 ~ 12 Eth

Team Remuneration

We will leverage on our extensive retail network to sell off the remaining 110 cartons of wet wipes as our first lead magnet and also to create exposure to our future Nouns-branded FMCG products.

Our team will take the net proceeds (est USD 2,695 after deducting logistic and distribution costs) from the sales of the 110 cartons (40 cartons reserved for events) as remuneration. If we don’t sell, we don’t get paid!

On the bright side, think of it as a marketing cost to rapidly proliferate our Nouns brand !!!

Future orders of this current design Noun wipes will cost significantly less as we already have the design and mold for the packaging. Should anyone require more Nouns Wet Wipes #426, please ping us.

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Should we submit a prop for this or look for grants?
Any feedback and comments are appreciated.