Design & Win ETH! Nouns Wet Wipes Design Contest

We learned from our Prop 265 that the 2 main reasons nouners were against the prop was:

  1. Lack of distribution / marketing strategy and budget
  2. Low quality product design

Therefore the team has decided to run a Design Contest to address issue no. 2

Design Contest
We need a compelling design for our Noun Wet Wipes packaging. That’s where you come in :smiley:
Designers may submit their design of what Noun Wet Wipes should look like and stand a chance to win the grand prize of 1.5 Eth should the prop succeed and that your design was chosen by the DAO.

Even if your design wasn’t the most popular, 2nd place to 5th place contestants still share a pool of 0.5 Eth as consolation. :heart_eyes:

Contest Period
The contest will run from 19/4/2023 to 3/5/2023 11pm ET

What’s the criteria for Winning?
There’s no set criteria for winning, your designs will be judged through a popularity vote. Nouners can choose the design they think is the best when voting on the prop itself. That being said, we believe the winning design should…

  1. Pop!
  2. Resonates with a fun audience!
  3. Interactive!
  4. Welcoming!
  5. Nounish!!!

Ultimately, these Noun Wet Wipes purpose is to proliferate the Nouns brand.

Contest Mechanics
Contestants are supposed to submit 4 designs

  1. The wrapper design
  2. The flap design
  3. The display box for holding 12 packs design
  4. The 3D mockup of the product (optional)

Templates for the design as follows but please ignore the design on them.

Wrapper template - whiteout part is to print the information required by regulating authorities
Due to manufacturing constraints, please limit the number of colors used to a maximum of 5

Flap template - this is the opening to the wipes. The flap opens from the top.

Display box template

There’s no template for 3D mockup as it will not be required for manufacturing but it will undoubtedly increase your chances of winning.

How to submit your designs?
Just reply this discourse thread and attach the your jpegs together with your eth address (where you will receive the price). Should you win please email your design files to

By submitting your designs here, you agree to make your artwork Public Domain and hold no exclusive intellectual property rights to them.

Information regarding Nouns can be found in the links below


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Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

This is what a finished product looks like.

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Hey Nouners,
What do you think of this design ?
Will ameliorate it and adapt it.
LMK :slight_smile:

Looks good as a base template for the manufacturer!

How about the 5 colour cap? If you changed it to a 5 colour limit, would the effect remain the same?

I love the fact that you took in the feedback re:design and turned it into a fun community contest!

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Would love to partner and be part of the initial team, I can help with marketing efforts. I run a crypto tiktok with over 200k followers

Sure we are open to partnerships. What do u have in mind? Dm me on Twitter @noun426

Almost 10 days in now. SHOW US WHATCHU GOT!!!

GM! with the printing limit being 5 colours, does this include black and white? would also appreciate the indication of front- and back-facing sides of the display box. thanks!

Hiya, the 5 colours does include black but not white. Essentially the white is the base colour of the wrapper.

The display box doubles as the box holding the wipes. It can be opened and ‘torn’ into a display box. I have labelled the display box dimensions below. Thanks for the question !!!

thanks for the quick reply!
is the display box limited to 5-color printing as well?

before I continue working on the display box, here’s a really rough mockup by drawing over one of your example photos

THAT LOOKS SO RAD!!! keep up the good work
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Sorry missed your question on the display box. The display box does not have a colour limit.

thanks again, wanted to check again regarding the actual ad area from the print template vs the mockup shown does it fold over and down towards the base of the display box as illustrated below?

also please find attached another rough mockup image
this time including the display box

Your illustration of the display box is spot on! However you can increase the ad space above a bit more if there’s a cut out, which is possible as long as its attached to the box below. See pic.

ps. this is totally optional :smiley:

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thanks again for the opportunity, here are my entries:

items 1 and 2. wrapper and flap design with Londrina font,
featuring Nouns 426 and 587, with an expandable roster
wrapper and flap design with Nounstown font,
featuring Nouns 426 and 587, with an expandable roster

item 3. display box design preview
with Londrina and Nounstown font options

item 4. wrapper and box mockups
with Londrina and Nounstown font options

GM everyone!

Due to the somewhat short timeframe I’m not able to provide everything asked for in the original post. The display box design and the print-ready files will of course be provided in case the design is chosen.
The idea is based around the fact that the flap is in the shape of a pill so naturally it should feature a pill head. The 5 color limit is kept by using a diffusion dither effect for the gradients (see 3rd image).

Hi! This is my entry!

  1. The Wrapper Design

  1. The Flap Design

  1. The Display Box

Hello! These are my entries for the contest. I personally prefer a cleaner style design so these are my submission. :slight_smile:

This will be the design for the wet wipes

Mockup picture

Sticker Tab (can be a sticker or a plastic tab)

Design for the box holder

Thank you for the opportunity and happy contest! Seeing a lot of great work here, keep vibing!!!