NOUNS WATER - idea & branding

Not going to be spending a lot of time on this idea, as it will require round about 20 Eth at the current usd value to execute this properly over 3 months but we thought this is a fun idea to share with everyone.

Some tag lines:

  • Tired of being Bone-Dry?
  • Dying for some Water?
  • Nouns Water is a thirst killer!
  • Till death do us part!
  • Plastic Killer! (use cans)

You could then use a wide selection of the other Nouns to create a narrative around them as well. Different fonts and layouts etc. There are endless possibilities around water branding.

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Ape Water is doing a proposal in our discourse that includes charity, which I think is what will put it over the top (it’s a $1.5M proposal, though, not a $50K proposal) :upside_down_face:

That’s awesome! We’re based in South Africa, so I would never attempt to start a bottled water business in America. The 50k would be perfect to start something here, also with water donations to various communities.

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Skelenouns is our derivative project, so it makes sense to start with that as the idea.


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You can really do something like this for $50K?

yes ser, there would of course be a lot more to be discussed around the execution etc.

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