Nouns Whisky ~ Branding, Marketing, Proliferation

Hello friends!

We’re back with a shorter 2nd Proposal asking for 114 ETH and we’ve added visual assets for the Nouns Whisky project in Cape Town, South Africa.

Proposal 1 with in-depth finances can be viewed here: Proposal: Nouns Whisky & Nounshine | Cape Town, South Africa

A premium Whisky project has not been put forward to the DAO and we grouped this in the consumables investment category that Nouns Coffee & Moonbeans fall under.

Project Funds, Consumables:

  • Nouns Whisky (114 ETH)
  • Nouns Coffee (105 ETH)
  • Moonbeans (135 ETH)

Discussion points:

PROPOSAL 1: 365 barrels: 250 ETH ($700 per barrel + production costs) includes Alcohol Excise Tax + Bottles/Labelling/Packaging

We created Prop 1 taking into consideration that there are just under 300 Nouns holders, so 300 barrels go to the DAO and 65 are allocated to the Distillery.

PROPOSAL 2: 200 barrels: 114 ETH ($400 per barrel + productions costs) less Alcohol Excise Tax + Bottles/Labelling/Packaging

With Prop 2 we’re reducing costs by removing expenses that only need to be addressed in 2026. The DAO will receive 135 physical barrels that can be kept or sold as Nfts. The Distillery will receive 65 barrels, to be kept or sold as Nfts.

This is a 3 year project @ 114 ETH. The DAO is essentially funding the project for 36 months @ 3.17 ETH p/m. This also includes a 3 man team monitoring the project, with a basic remuneration of 0.15 ETH each p/m). The DAO would have to sell 3 Nouns to fund this proposal.

Nouns Whisky Concepts:

There are 3 parts to this journey:

  1. Nouns Whisky Club
  2. Nouns Whisky Bar
  3. Nouns Whisky Barrels & Bottles

1. Nouns Whisky Club

When you buy a Nouns Whisky Barrel Nft, you will automatically be joining the Nouns Whisky Club. This part of the journey will create a global interest in the project with the long term goal of inviting other distilleries across the world to create their own Nouns Whisky that the community can collect and enjoy.

2. Nouns Whisky Bar

This part of the project will be seen as opportunities to do pop-up bar nights at the Pienaar & Son Distillery in 2023 to create awareness for the project and introduce to the Cape Town residents and international tourists.

3. Nouns Whisky Barrels & Bottles

The bottling of the whisky in 2026 is when all the fun starts. The barrels will start being emptied and the 40 x (500 ml, 16,9 oz) bottles per barrel will start being filled with the premium whisky that has been distilled in Africa. Each NFT owner will be able to redeem their whisky bottles and then be shipped worldwide.

Nouns Whisky Barrel Head NFT’s on OpenSea:

  • There will be 200 Nfts representing 200 Barrels of Whisky.

  • If the DAO chooses, their 135 Nfts can be sold to the public at a reserve price of 0.25 ETH ($400 cost price of a barrel) and the funds will then be returned to the DAO to recoup some of the investment.

  • We will customise the original Nouns Wine Barrel Head into a Nouns Whisky Barrel Head by changing the red wine liquid stream to a golden yellow liquid to represent the whisky.

  • The Nouns glasses and bodies will then be customised with traditional African fabric design elements and aesthetics, creating a unique look & feel resonating with the African continent & culture. These 200 Nouns will be randomly generated with the designed assets.

Nouns Whisky PR / Proliferation:

This will be the first proliferation phase of the project in the public domain. Newspapers, magazines & websites will be contacted and a Nouns Whisky Press Release will be sent to them. This information will then be released so that the public can engage with the website and the Nouns Whisky project. As you can see we’ve attached a mockup newspaper article. Based on the Distilleries previous PR campaigns we can expect about 20 000 to 50 000 readers to see the various articles, depending which publications feature the story. We will also contact global Nft news outlets to feature the project.

Nouns Marketing Assets / Proliferation:

These items will be given away to the public at the distillery with various purchases / competitions during the 36th month period while we wait for the whisky to mature.

  • T-shirts
  • Drinks Coasters
  • Match Boxes
  • Pin Badges
  • Tote Bags

Nouns Whisky Facility:

The facility will be set up in such a way that the barrels are easily accessible and welcoming to the public & potential buyers that might want to visit the warehouse to see the barrels and whisky making process. A camera is installed in the storage facility so that anyone can view the process of the barrels being set up in 2023 via the Pienaar & Son website.

Nouns Whisky Barrels:

To understand the scale, you can see a comparison here: 1 x Oak barrel = the volume of a 25L cooler box.

A 25L barrel will produce 40 x (500 ml, 16,9 oz) bottles. (taking into consideration that some of the liquid will evaporate over the 36 months)

Nouns Whisky Product:

The Whisky liquid will start being distilled in 2023 and then bottled in 2026.

To reduce the overall ask to 114 ETH, we’ve removed the below items from the proposal as these will only be needed in early 2026. The DAO will then be apprached to fund these costs when they are needed. We will then start the production process, ordering of the items & logistics.

  • Whisky Bottles & Labelling
  • Whisky Packaging & Printing
  • Whisky Postage / Couriers
  • Alcohol Excise Tax Payments

Future Plans:

  • Nouns Whisky Club DAO (worldwide)
  • Whisky & Beverage Website, similar to
  • Nouns Beverages in South Africa (Beer, Wine, Gin, Vodka, Soda, Water)
  • Nouns Pop-Up Bars (worldwide)
  • Coffee Nouns in South Africa

Thank-you for taking the time to read Proposal 2 and we’re looking forward to your questions.

Meet the Master Distiller, Andre Pienaar from Pienaar & Son Distillery.

Would you like to see Nouns Whisky born into the World of Nouns ecosystem?

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Do you enjoy drinking & collecting whisky?

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This is so damn awesome and would be unique AF
Hope this would be a reality soon <3
Whisky, Wine and Beer are nounish AF


On the surface, I like this proposal. I’d love to see more details about how the community can benefit from this for supporting it.

Let me reverse the question, what would you like to see as benefits?

Free whiskey and inclusion into a culture

100% This is where the Nouns Whisky Club can take shape to create a global Nouns Whisky centric community and then it invites other distilleries to contribute etc. In Prop 2 I’m asking for 200 barrels, 135 that will be owned by the Dao, meaning the Dao owns 5400 bottles when we bottle in 2026. Those can then be given away for free if the Dao chooses to do so. Or the barrels that the Dao owns are sold to the public or given to Nouns holders. But given the lack of engagement with my 2 x proposals, I don’t see this project coming into fruition. It’s a premium product, requires substantial funding and you can’t cut corners if you want a high-quality outcome after 3 years. We would want to win an award for the Nouns Whisky in 2026/2027.

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Over in ApeDAO, we have a lot of proposals pass that get relatively little attention. People show up to vote and that’s it.

Is it the same way over here or different?

I was about to leave the office for the day and then started reading your Bluetail initiative.

I had an extensive background in South African music from 2004 to 2019 when I decided to leave the industry, settle down and focus on smaller projects like a Nouns Whisky initiative. So I am very impressed with your proposal!

I’ve been reading Nouns DAO proposals for the last year but only recently signed up to Discourse, so it seems like I’m a newcomer but the whisky project has been in the making for the last 6 months.

You have to be able to read a room and it is clear that whisky is not on the list of projects to go on-chain but then I ask the members of the Dao, what is the point of inviting people to put props forward in the 10 to 1000 eth category as shown as a tier, if no one is going to explore the prop with them? In my opinion this defeats the purpose of 4156 for instance going on an interview with 6529 and stating that the Nouns Dao allows for everyone to partake in props. This is clearly not the case? So as a business person, you follow the Dao and all the props that are passed, work on a prop for six months, launch it and receive zero feedback from holders with voting power. This whisky project is a solid proposal, granted not a dev prop, an eventing prop, a clothing prop, or sports prop but a premium product offering that will be new to the Dao with a 3-year game plan.

So it makes me question why I would put more work into trying to engage with the Dao on this prop or other ideas. Essentially I’ve been gambling for the last 6 months with my time and the distilleries time, so to be ignored on a final ask of 114 Eth (which isn’t a lot compared to Nouns Coffee and Moonbeans) makes me question the management of the Dao and that is put forward as positive criticism.

I’ve worked in the traditional sponsorship realm for 15 years, and some props get accepted and some not, but at least you have a direct line to feedback and improvement. Here unfortunately not so much unless it fits into a personal interest for the voter, there seems to be little to no objectivity, so why invite the public to pitch?

And I will add that the Nouns Dao has nothing to lose here, this isn’t traditional finance with a risk / reward factor, this is supposed to be groundbreaking for the Web3 community, where we can help to build Nouns worldwide. This is what attracted me to the concept in the first place.

Nouns isn’t managed centrally. People will interact as they please. Part of getting a prop passed is finding partners. Outreach to nounish communities to individuals who you think will be likely to support your prop. For example you could reach out to the Nouncil and ask to present your prop and try to get a nouncillor to put your prop on chain through the Nouncil. You could ask around find a nouner that likes whiskey, get them to help you put the prop on chain. Discourse is hit or miss with reaction but it’s hardly the end all be all of DAO desires.

SharkDAO is a group with low cost to entry(1 sharkdao token). That you could lobby to put the proposal on chain for you. You can ask for a spot on the daily Nouns twitter spaces( to pitch the idea and get feedback.

Personal initiative is rewarded in Nouns. Prop generation is only 1 small piece of the pie in getting a prop passed and discourse is hit or miss in feedback. Props with generally no interaction on discourse pick up steam once on chain. Find a way to get it done and you’ll be rewarded. Personally, I think it’s a cool prop and would be worth the investment.


Thanks Mach, I really appreciate your reply, this is very useful information and I hope some other users read this as well. Have a wonderful day!

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