Nouns & The Music Industry: A MASSIVE™ Opportunity


MASSIVE™ is building the world’s largest community of music artists and fans. We think this is a perfect opportunity to work/partner with the Nouns DAO and Nouns community to:

  1. Proliferate the adoption of Nouns with music artists and fans;
  2. Create a sub-DAO (“Notes”) to fund music artists’ projects.

We would like to find out if this is a project we should submit to the Nouns Dao. And we would like to invite the Nouns community to contribute to this project.


Did you know…

  • The music industry is growing rapidly and is expected to be worth $142B by 2030 (2x 2019)
  • There are now 11M verified artists on Spotify
  • Over 100K songs are released every single day on Spotify
  • Yet, artists are paid just $4000 per 1,000,000 streams;
  • Even worse, Spotify et al do not share first party data with artists so artists have zero idea who are (and no way to connect with) the fans streaming their music.

We don’t think that is fair.

MASSIVE™ is the creation of Ocean Floor Music, a Web3 project focused on the music industry. We are a stellar team of entrepreneurs, artists and music industry execs who want to change the music industry so that music artists receive more share of wallet than they currently do.

At Ocean Floor Music we have released a music industry only NFT marketplace. Here.

And we are now building the world’s largest community of artists and fans so that:

  1. Artists can connect directly to their fans
  2. Fans can connect to each other
  3. Artists can get offers and opportunities in front of their fans to buy and invest in the artist.

Here is the MASSIVE™ explainer video and pitch deck.


Why create a sub-DAO?

  • Focus: Industry specific DAOs attract industry participants simply because they are focused
  • Domain experience: Capital deployment by music industry experts enables projects to be adjudicated efficiently and effectively.

The “Notes” DAO will be a sub-DAO tasked with…

  1. Managing the Nouns DAO funded decentralised treasury
  2. Funding music artists on projects that assist artists to build their careers
  3. Furthering Nouns promotion and adoption within the music industry.


We are respectfully asking the Nouns community to provide feedback on whether this project fits the type of project that could be funded by the Nouns DAO. And whether we would get community support. If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ we are seeking a Sponsor to take this proposal on-chain.

We welcome all feedback from the Nouns Community :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers! And thank for taking the time read this.

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Nice!! Would love to see this happening!
My brother is a great professional musician and I’m a musician by hobby would love to bring him to web3 to make some music!

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Thanks for your support Ricky! I’d be happy to have our music team take your brother thru the MASSIVE MVP. We are actively recruiting artists who want to build their fanbase. LMK.

I’m very interested in learning more about this.
How does the creators (composers, artists, non-featured musicians etc) get compensated for the streams? In the background section you talk about artist payment, but I don’t see it on the explainer video or the deck.

MASSIVE is not competing with Spotify and the other streamers. We think that distribution of music has been solved and that Spotify has won that space.

Our strategy is to provide artists with alternate ways to earn an income. By creating a space where artists have a direct relationship with their fans and providing artists a monetization engine - merch, ticketing, NFTs, meet and greets, AMAs, metaverse concerts etc etc - we can put more money in the pockets of artists that is in addition to streaming.

Furthermore we have a long term plan to create a DAO that is ultimately owned by artists. Imagine an industry where the artists control their collective destiny - not the big 3 record labels or the steaming monopolists. That is the future of the music industry!

Happy to jump on a Google meet if you’d like to learn more.

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