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Proposal: Investment for LoomLogic Prototype Development


To secure an investment of 62.5 ETH (~$200,000) to build LoomLogic’s first prototype, aiming to revolutionize textile recycling.

Deck: Loomlogic Deck v1 - Google Slides


Founded six months ago, LoomLogic has assembled a world-class team and partnered with Trans Americas Trading Company, a leading textile recycler in North America.

Proposal Details

The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • $35,000: Automate data harvesting using a camera and Nvidia Jetson system.
  • $2,000/month: AWS expenses for model training.
  • $150,000: Hardware and robotics R&D.

None of the funds will be used for founder salaries.


Investing in LoomLogic will generate significant press for the Nouns community and contribute to solving a critical environmental issue. By automating textile recycling, LoomLogic will make the process economically viable in the US, increasing recycling rates and reducing waste.


8 Weeks: Complete data harvesting and pipeline setup.
6-8 Months: Conduct hardware testing and prepare for a public demo.


Marcus Shoberg: Machine Learning Engineer
Developed military-grade computer vision systems, Harvard CS, decorated veteran (Purple Heart, Bronze Star).

Dan Cantando: Strategy & Operations
8 years in sustainable fashion (DJC Vintage) and experience in blockchain and consumer electronics startups.

Alex Naishuler: Software Engineer
Northeastern University CS graduate, co-founded Northeastern AI Club.

Help us change the world by supporting LoomLogic, and we will ensure the world knows the Nouns community made it possible.

Investor Deck: Loomlogic Deck v1 - Google Slides