Nouns get Warped…and then some!

Thanks BSKlim!

See below my response to David re CAA, but if together, with Nouns, we rock Warped, I think we’ll be on course to work with CAA in a range of ways, should we wish to. Other agencies as well.

Warped is fortunate in that my biz partner on it, Darryl Eaton, is co-head of music. I’ve already spent plenty of time talking about other music projects at CAA…everyone is watching closely to see how Warped goes.

Also, while CAA can potentially be helpful, I think that the projects I’m bringing to the Nouns will expose all sorts of creators to the Nounish potential.

My former colleagues at Warner are also looking forward to getting into it, which, as you know, will not happen overnight…but I also think there are serious opportunities with the Wizarding fan community, which is both massive and very engaged.

Reach out if you’d like to talk more about this @jdagogo…but Wizard’s Hat appears in my video (coming out in the next day or two) as it was an inspiration and I’ve already shared it with the Warner/Wizarding World crew.