Nouns get Warped…and then some!

UnitedTribes & @jdagogo establish exclusive Creator/Builder Collaboration to bring WarpedWorld to Nouns & kick-off a Nounish Development Hub

TL;DR: “Nouns funds Builders!” UnitedTribes and @jdagogo (J.D. Heilprin) request 75 ETH (60+15) funding for an initial six-month term, partnering and collaborating with the Nouns community to develop projects exclusively within the Nouns ecosystem. The ultimate objective of this effort is to introduce Nouns to millions of people and empower new communities, starting with J.D.'s WarpedWorld project. WarpedWorld is the web3 reimagining of Warped Tour, the longest-running and biggest touring festival ever, founded by J.D. and collaborators over 25 years ago.

UnitedTribes is currently looking for a Sponsor to take this Proposal on-chain!

J.D. is a multi-venture entrepreneur who has served as Entrepreneur & Evangelist in Residence several times. He brings his projects and passion for building communities to the Nouns ecosystem. J.D. will work throughout his network to introduce Nouns and generate original proposals that proliferate Nouns and Nounish ethos.

Proposal Objectives ⌐◨-◨

Over the next six months, UnitedTribes and J.D. will present at least three project proposals suitable for development in the Nouns ecosystem, including WarpedWorld. The proposals will include phases, budgets, timelines, and partnerships within both the Nouns community and external networks.

The primary objective is to create distinctly Nounish projects and proposals through the unique perspective of J.D.’s network and experience that activate new communities. Success will be achieved by expanding the reach of Nouns to new communities and working with the Nouns community of builders, resources, and tools to implement these proposals.

After fulfilling the goals and objectives outlined below during the initial period, J.D. and UnitedTribes will submit a proposal for a one-year extension.

Background ⌐◨-◨

J.D. is a multi-venture entrepreneur and builder who began his career at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He co-founded Warped Tour early in his career, building the online and IRL community at

J.D. has founded multiple startups, all aimed at introducing tech innovation to consumers. His ventures include Rioport, the first commercially available mp3 player and platform and the first to license every major record label. He also founded ModernFeed, an online video guide that was acquired by CBS as Clicker, and AGOGO, an Apple “Best New” app and podcasting platform.

J.D. has served as Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for leading media and tech organizations, including MTV, hp, and (most recently) Warner Bros. Entertainment. Additionally, J.D. has served on the Board of KCRW, a renowned NPR station in Los Angeles known for its influential music programming.

J.D. has also advised Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Virgin Records, Universal Records, cultural institutions, fashion designers, retailers, and others on digital transformation.

Beginning in 2020, J.D. shifted his entire focus to building, activating, and operating web3 communities, with WarpedWorld intended to be the first of its kind and model for future community developments.

Description ⌐◨-◨

Throughout this proposal and beyond, J.D. will launch innovative initiatives extending awareness of the Nouns meme and ecosystem. J.D. and UnitedTribes will introduce Nouns to new communities and facilitate new communities joining Nouns, activating vibrant Noun sub-DAOs. J.D. will introduce Nouns and facilitate proposals across his network of media organizations, artists, and creators.

UnitedTribes aims to become a fully equipped development studio and hub that creates breakthrough Nounish applications, ecosystem extensions, and synergies, starting with several core projects. Wherever possible, UnitedTribes will use existing Noun community resources, builders, and tools.

Details: How we’ll make this work ⌐◨-◨

1) WarpedWorld + Nouns

J.D. & UnitedTribes will bring the WarpedWorld project to the Nouns ecosystem. The project is the latest version of the iconic Warped Tour and involves the original Warped founders and Creative Artist Agency (CAA). As one of the most ambitious web3 projects for an established brand, WarpedWorld promises to break new ground.

The Warped community includes millions of fans and thousands of participating artists, athletes, gamers, and cultural and philanthropic organizations.

J.D. plans to introduce several phased proposals for WarpedWorld, with a WarpedNouns sub-DAO leading to community proliferation and ecosystem growth.

2) J.D. & UnitedTribes’ other web3 Projects + Nouns

J.D. will introduce his other existing web3 projects to the Nouns ecosystem as proposals, utilizing the Noun infrastructure to proliferate the Nouns meme and community while activating new audiences.

Example projects include collaborating with an acclaimed dance cinematographer and a top dance company to support pro and amateur dancers worldwide, as well as a concept celebrating music scholarship with top-tier artists. Both projects focus on generating Nounish benefits while fostering community.

3) Digging Deep into J.D.’s Network & EIR experience

As both an entrepreneur and EIR, J.D. will draw on his experience to bring additional projects and communities to the Nouns ecosystem. For example, inspired by the recent “Wizard’s Hat” short film and Wizard Nouns, J.D. has already introduced the concept of a potential Nouns collaboration with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Warner Bros., and the Potter fan community. At Warner Bros., J.D. worked extensively with Wizarding World.

Additional opportunities will involve working with existing IP holders, creative, tech, and performative talent, and the institutions across J.D.’s network.

4) Winning :heart: & :brain: as a Nouns Industry Evangelist & Ambassador

J.D. will serve as a Nouns educator, evangelist, and facilitator in both his network and the traditional media, entertainment, and marketing industries. He will introduce talent, venture capitalists, builders, developers, creatives, and prospective strategic partners to the Nouns ecosystem and opportunities for Nounish endeavors. J.D. will collaborate with NounsOTG and other initiatives to make introductions and leverage resources. Over the last two months, J.D. has tested the waters to a tremendous response.

5) Lending a Strategic Hand Across the Nouniverse

J.D. will partner with established Nouns projects to generate synergies among UnitedTribes initiatives and assist Noun projects needing access to talent and organizations throughout his network.

As an illustration, the WarpedWorld project envisions a series of introductory IRL events in partnership with Vans, which may offer possibilities for presenting Gnars, That’s Gnarly, ComicsDAO, Nouns OTG, Nouns Esports, and other Nouns projects to the Warped community. The Nouns/WarpedWorld collaboration will unlock opportunities for Nouns’ involvement in both IRL and virtual Warped events.

Measuring Success & Deliverables ⌐◨-◨

The success of this initiative will be measured by qualitative and quantitative metrics. To this end, J.D. and UnitedTribes will prepare progress reports every 90 days, including key progress and any significant challenges.

The reports will include:

  • How the initiative has served the mission and mandate, along with any proposed timelines for project development and deliverables
  • The number of proposals facilitated and brought to the Nouns community and approved, executed, defeated, revised, or canceled. Sub-DAOs initiated.
  • The number and size of communities introduced to the Nouns through direct projects, proposals, and/or partnerships initiated or facilitated by this initiative
  • Direct quantitative success of any initiatives or proposals facilitated
  • The extent to which J.D. and UnitedTribes have spread the word and facilitated new relationships and awareness within the Nouns community
  • The extent to which J.D. has facilitated collaborations for existing Nouns projects and introduced Nouns builders to other projects.

We request 75 ETH to be sent to UnitedTribes.eth for the initial 6-month development period, representing the fee for @jdagogo’s work (60 ETH) and development expenses (see breakdown below). (Note: this may have to be restated in USDC equivalent.)

Funding Breakdown ⌐◨-◨

IMPORTANT NOTE: As this Proposal sits on Discourse, we are open to discussions regarding the total ask being in ETH or USDC.

The funding breakdown for the 6-month development period is as follows:

  • 60 ETH (10 ETH per month x 6 mos) for @jdagogo’s fee to work exclusively as Nouns developer/creator/builder collaboration generating new projects and outreach activities, and to establish UnitedTribes as a project hub.
  • 15 ETH (2.5 ETH per month x 6 mos) for expenses related to community outreach and attending events; for engaging Noun community members to provide services related to prototypes, design, proposals, and projects associated with and @jdagogo generating new Nouns proposals and proliferation; for purchasing Noggles and other Nouns swag as appropriate, etc.
    • Ten days before the end of the initial 90-day period, an accounting of the expense and development budget will be provided. This report will detail how the budget has been utilized and inform of any carryforward that may reduce the second transaction expense allocation.
    • Note: Any of the unused 2.5 ETH per month for expenses and community development services will be returned to the treasury.

Proposed Transactions ⌐◨-◨

  • Upon passage of the Proposal: 37.5 ETH to UnitedTribes.eth representing three months fee (30 ETH) + development expenses (7.5 ETH) for the first 90 days of the residency/initiative.
  • 90 days from the Proposal’s passage: 37.5 ETH to UnitedTribes.eth representing the fee (30 ETH) + development expenses (7.5 ETH) for the second 90 days of the residency/initiative. (Payment 2 development expenses may be reduced based on any carryforward from the first payment.)

Have had the pleasure of spending time with JD over the last few weeks. He’s been consistent and persistent in diving as deep into Nouns as he can and I have no doubt he will surface some really interesting opportunities for the DAO.


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Thanks Evil! I knew there was a chance someone might interpret my proposal as you have, so it’s important that I address your concerns:

I’ve been a builder my whole career. I’m proud that I’ve successfully worked precisely as I’m proposing to the Nouns community, and delivered tremendous value to other organizations in this way. I am committed to demonstrating a multiple on the investment through exposure, proliferation, and new Nounish executions. I aim to demonstrate to folks like you that I’ll work tirelessly to create value and be a great community member!

My objectives for this project are to introduce the Nouns to new communities, become an expert in working within the community and providing collaborative opportunities for community resources, and build sustainable businesses that leverage the Nouns’ tech stack…returning value to the DAO.

I am not just bringing my projects to the Nouns but also bringing the Nouns to CAA, one of the premier agencies in the talent business. This project alone will expose the Nouns community to all sorts of creators and, in turn, produce new opportunities for the Nouns. The Warped project will also provide exposure to a range of Noun builders, including opportunities to collaborate with NounsOTG, Gnars, ComicsDAO, Nouns Esports, and more.

I am also exploring a potential collaboration with my former colleagues at Warner Bros in the Wizarding World and Wizarding World fan community. Although these things may take time, I have already begun educating the people at Warner Bros about the Nouns and setting up plans to move forward. -If we can do it right with the Wizarding World…there’s much more to explore with Warners and the many creators across the studio.

…And we’ll go far beyond CAA and Warners to deep connections throughout my network.

While I do need to be compensated for my work, my motivation for doing this is not for the ETH. I believe that I can create value and demonstrate to the world that there’s something exceptional happening in the Nouniverse, and that it can be grown in new ways.

If you’d like to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to talk anytime, -J.D.


Thanks Joshua!

I can’t wait to provide value and not only work with the community but expose new people to all sorts of Nounish goodness!

I view working with Nouns DAO as the next new, (hopefully!) better way to build. I don’t think it’ll all be easy, but I do believe that if we can get the playbook right… the sky’s the limit.

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Thats amazing!
Thank you for explaining this to me. My apologies if my statement above was rude, at first the proposal sounded like that only in my eye. My bad
Good luck and have fun my dude! :smiley: :muscle: :muscle:


This sounds super interesting, I definitely see a lot of opportunities for cross pollination with pprojects like Gnars, OTG and many of the possible ops we have cooking with Would love to hear more about your work at CAA and how that may bring nouns into that world. I know Wizarding world has some super strict rules but a Wizards hat Colab would be amazing

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I remember the Warped Tours, was that your company?

We were considering it for Uglydoll in 2012 or so.

Brands could set up booths at these wild events and concerts… helped brands like So So Happy… I think thats how they got into Toys R us.

Have you transitioned to web 3 all in, or will these in person tours return?


As for CAA, I’ve been with them for years and have brought nouns there.

What group were you thinking for nouns, or did you mean a specific agent?

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Hey David! I’m so happy you commented as I’ve been meaning to reach out for some time.

I’d LOVE to talk to you directly about our WarpedWorld plans, the big picture is to reinvent across web3 in a way that allows members of WarpedWorld to move between IRL and virtual events that include Warped events both big and small (in the future), local and everywhere, events that are collabs with our partners, the artists, athletes, causes and cultural activations.

This will be a slow, deliberate, build but I think (and have been told) the most ambitious for an existing real-world community.

WarpedWorld will involve not only people having token-based membership, but a DAO that funds an entire ecostyem of creativity. A shift in the ownership paradigm will allow for ownership participation across the community…more to come!

As for brands setting up booths, of course!..we wanna build virtual and IRL events that the Nouns and all our partners have a presence.

As for Ugly Dolls, I actually found an old-school photo the other day with two kids rocking Ugly Doll-esque backpacks…but I tried hard to confirm if they mighta been yours and couldn’t confirm.

Warped was started by my friends and I at CAA and Kevin Lyman right when we were fresh out of the mailroom. Darryl Eaton, the other co-founder and a part of this project (in addition to Kevin) is co-head of music at CAA.

PLEASE David, reach out to me @jdagogo and let’s talk!

David, I started my career at CAA, homegrown, right out of the mailroom after a brief stint as a lawyer.

I worked for CAA talent icon Fred Specktor, on the new media and was lucky enough to be a part of the Coke team - leaving CAA to go work for Coke global head of marketing Peter Sealey (who recently passed away).

I know the web3 and crypto-ish agents well, but am not working with them. Instead very focused on my crew in the music department and music clients at this juncture. Maybe we’ll work with them more in the future…but for Warped, Darryl Eaton (co-head of music) and Kevin Lyman (the other Warped founder and heart and sole) are all we need.

As a part of the founding team, I founded and built the online community for Warped, which was well ahead of its time given our efforts to blur online and IRL, … and sold the early sponsorship for the tour. I also brought Sonicnet and then MTV into the Tour. I’m very proud of what we built.

My thought is that while CAA, which has very much been my home and where my people are, has great potential for other projects, right now, the focus of my projects involve music clients and music-related properties. IMHO the music and related projects have the best chance within the agency to onboard new audiences and creators.

Also, I served recently as the first and only entrepreneur in residence at Warner Bros, so I have already spoken to some of my groups there about exploration upon passage of my prop.

I’d love to collaborate with you. I very much view our work as being complimentary for the Nouns cause.

CAA has also been involved in my previous startups, and the music department and leadership have been very supportive. I don’t know if everyone in the Nouns realizes it, but having WarpedWorld potentially associated with the Nouns gets us terrific visibility at the highest levels of CAA, the other agencies, record labels, managers, artists, and the entire music ecosystem.

Thanks BSKlim!

See below my response to David re CAA, but if together, with Nouns, we rock Warped, I think we’ll be on course to work with CAA in a range of ways, should we wish to. Other agencies as well.

Warped is fortunate in that my biz partner on it, Darryl Eaton, is co-head of music. I’ve already spent plenty of time talking about other music projects at CAA…everyone is watching closely to see how Warped goes.

Also, while CAA can potentially be helpful, I think that the projects I’m bringing to the Nouns will expose all sorts of creators to the Nounish potential.

My former colleagues at Warner are also looking forward to getting into it, which, as you know, will not happen overnight…but I also think there are serious opportunities with the Wizarding fan community, which is both massive and very engaged.

Reach out if you’d like to talk more about this @jdagogo…but Wizard’s Hat appears in my video (coming out in the next day or two) as it was an inspiration and I’ve already shared it with the Warner/Wizarding World crew.

Those yours @DAVID ? (if not i’ll take em down!)

Is Warped world an actual ongoing event already or is it still in early development stages? have there been any activations, concerts , press and partners announced? What would the nouns role be? Woul it make sense with your connections to have a NOUNS.WTF tour or something all about the NOUNs and what these communities are building?
How big is united tribes? do you have much of a reach in the various entertainment Sports and music categories? What was the feedback on your pitch to WW? having worked with them I know that that team is extremely particular and picky about what they bring into their ecosystem.

Hey Klim! Great talking with you and I hope I addressed all your questions…even the ones regarding Warped that we’re not ready to get into!

A lot of exciting and really hard work ahead of us!

Yep, Wizarding World is a long, hard nut to crack. But still worth the effort and there’s no telling what other projects might surface during the process


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good to chat with you, thank you for the thoughtful answers. A lot of good ideas and possibilities for sure.
I think it will be interesting to see how the community reacts and where you can help take this project in the future

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Love this concept and think there’s a ton of value in having someone like JD out there shaking hands and making cool things happen for NounsDAO. Warped is a massive IP in itself for a potentially huge collab, along with the other things in here- seems like a great thing to bring more special attention to Nouns to attract not just builders but connecting with industry leaders as well.


Thanks for the kind words Woody!

I promise to work my ass off for the Nouns and to be a collaborative contributor to the community.

Looking forward to working with you.

Wow, the last week has been super exciting getting to know and talk with y’all! Now, adding a little color…:

…even better…with VIDEO!..the official “Nouns get Warped…and then some!” official video.


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Thats the connection Web3 needs to reach out masses ! Congrats JD