Nouns Dino Game

Hi all!

As part of my daily Web3 research I run on my profile Twitter I think would be cool to build an open source web3 component for a Dino game based on Nouns brand narrative.

Here I designed a potential use case where this component could be integrated in wallets to entertain people while waiting for an operation to be confirmed.

This concept in particular, involves Account Abstraction technology to make web3 apps able to reward best users by sponsoring gas.

If anyone is interested in discussing more the idea, please comment and if you like to support I created an open edition NFT.

The product preview looks killer.

The concept cleverly takes inspiration from familiar Web2 memes and brings it into the Web3 space. Users get a sense of nostalgia while also introducing them to the innovative possibilities of Web3.

very much in favor

Would also love to see this exist as it’s own standalone site.

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Thanks for your feedback, happy to notice that the concept works as intended.

I agree this should also exist as standalone site.

if u like to support mint the NFT :slight_smile: