Looking for comments on proposal: Interactive Nouns - Instructionless Puzzle Challenge

Hi there. I am Slothbunbun, a newbie in the Nouns Community. I just proposed an idea on Prop House recently, and am now looking for comments or feedback on the idea.

Link to Prop House: https://prop.house/proposal/5455

Interactive Nouns - Instructionless Puzzle Challenge
The aim of this prop is to create weekly interactive puzzle games allowing the Nouns Community to engage and promote Nouns.

Link to the webpage of examples(Stage 1):

About the idea

Being instructionless!!
The best part of the puzzles are them being instructionless. Every puzzle contains different interactive functions for players to explore. There is a hidden message (a 4-digit number) in each puzzle as the answer. Players can challenge themselves, discuss or compete against other players, and most importantly: have fun :slight_smile:

Main Features:
The puzzles would provide new ways to experience NFT and the Web3 world. For players already in the Nouns Community, their interactions with Nouns and each other are encouraged. The puzzles also provide channels to promote Nouns to people outside of the community at the moment.


  • Develop the puzzle games into weekly challenges (one puzzle released per week)
  • Featuring a Noun generated from previous week

Rewards: (TBC)

  • Each puzzle can be minted as NFTs in html format
    Idea 1:
  • The answer of each puzzle would be a password to purchase the NFTs
  • Limited number for sale
    Idea 2:
  • The answer of each puzzle would be a password to get free NFTs (limited number)
  • Only the fastest group of players solving the puzzle can get the NFTs

About the creator: Twitter @0xslothbunbun
This is my first time coming up with an idea and drafting prop for Nouns. I would love to hear any comments on the idea and learn through the process. Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Feel free to visit my twitter page to know more about me and my idea! (of course the puzzle webpage as well!!!)