Nouns Calendar subscription

I sometimes struggle to keep track of the Nouniverse events (prophouse, dao, NoC, subdaos, discord). Not to mention the different timezones

Wouldn’t be nice to have a Nouns Calendar subscription for Apple & Google calendars?

What do you think?


Hey fabioseva, this calendar used to have the major events, but I’m not really sure how accurate it is now. Its made by Noun 142.


Great point - I’m sure it’s not hard to set up a Google or Apple calendar! We also have this calendar for all the TNS Twitter Spaces (updated daily):

We have a Nouniverse Calendar on internatioNouns. We are picking up feeds from TNS and Prop House. As able, we put in other events including nounish contests, mints, IRL events, NounsDAO proposals, etc.

You can subscribe to our beta gCal feed here:

We are very happy to include any calendar feeds that you guys have! @fabioseva - for instance, if you create a gcal of your nounish events, we would love to include them! You also have a WP login that you can use to add events.

The Nouniverse Calendar on the Web:

Please join me in The Nounish Nexus Discord to discuss information exchanges.

Love ya!