Proposal: Nouns Events Committee

Create new workstream: Nouns Events Committee

The DAO has socially signaled a desire to organize IRL events. These events can serve a variety of purposes, such as:

  • bringing together nouners in various cities around the world
  • sponsoring events organized by derivate communities & other nounish SubDAOs
  • sponsoring larger events to help proliferate the Nouns in distinct communities, globally

We propose the creation of the Nouns Events Committee - a group of dedicated Nouners who facilitate the organization, coordination, and funding of various events organized by members within the community and at large. We will follow a proposal based approach to ensure that events funded are well planned and well executed. We will be publicly sharing these proposals to ensure transparency of use of funds, purpose of event, and more.

Committee Mandates

  • Planning strategic direction for events to be organized over the coming months
  • Fielding event proposals from the community to engage the community and inspire creativity
  • Helping iterate and provide feedback on event proposals to ensure strong implementation plans, accountable timelines, and transparent budgets
  • Allocating funds to event proposals that are aligned with Nouns mission and greater community
  • Sharing periodic updates on successes and areas of improvement
  • Routinely engaging with community to level up key event champions (i.e. rewarding contributors that are highly engaged with the Nouns Events Committee)

Committee Members

  • rumi - 0x75E1afF56396F35724045ddfa21F21cBE16b08Bf
  • brennen - 0xf8a065f287d91d77cd626af38ffa220d9b552a2b
  • noun22 - 0x75Ee6eb3d8DAcf41eE2e5307090B197D3E1Cca6E
  • oni - 0x91dCCAA260CC4616E1a6e6b693DB7207C5E42937

3/4 approvals


With the recent interest in meetups / participating in NFT events, this seems like a great idea to serve as an umbrella!

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big fan of this. happy to help as unofficial member for now.

appreciate any and all help :pray: we’re excited to see how we can bring people together

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I wanted to propose an event on the DAO, but since there is already a committee figured I’d stick to protocol. I produce all the celebrity award show afterparties and MAXIM magazine events around the country and I think a NOUNS x MAXIM Halloween event in LA would be great PR… website:, instagram: @madenightlife email:

Earlier this year I was planning a “NounsCon Stockholm” but didn’t have the bandwidth to pull it off. Would be happy to assist here if i can be of use.