Mad Realities x Nouns

Mad Realities x Nouns DAO

What is it?

Mad Realities is building audience-owned TV, starting with an interactive reality TV network where the audience votes on cast, shows, and more via holding an NFT. Think TV, but owned by and voted by the community.

The finale taking place on May 1st at Webster Hall is for our first show Proof of Love, a community funded, created, participated, and decided dating show powered by NFTs. Season 0 kicked off March 13th and we’ve already had:

This proposal is for NounsDAO to put 50 ETH towards the festivities alongside Zora for a chance to be 800+ 20-somethings in NYC’s first touchpoint with web3 and the endless possibilities of crypto in culture. It’s also going to be really fucking fun.

How would it work?

Date: Sunday, May 1st

Venue: Webster Hall

IRL Audience: 800-1000 NYC based 20-somethings (50% female)

URL Audience: NFT holders of the episodes, Twitter

Run of show: In our season finale, 4 winning couples from past episodes will compete in a showdown to prove their love to the audience, where the audience is the final decider of which couple wins the jackpot prize (4.20 ETH). Anyone in the world will be able to text our hotline to vote – similar to American Idol days — and by doing so will be able to mint one of our condom NFTs as well — not so similar.

  • 6:30pm ET - Doors Open
  • 7pm ET - Begin airing recap episodes from Season Zero
  • 8pm ET - Final Episode Airs on Youtube and live at Webster Hall
  • 8:30pm ET - One hour long live streamed After Show (with 2-3 musical performances)
  • 9:30pm ET - Winner of finale episode is chosen live
  • 10:30pm ET - Invite only after party at The Jane (you are invited to join us!)


The Mad Realities team has mad respect for NounsDAO as one of the pioneers of CC0 as a viable model to spread a decentralized brand & meme.

We ourselves are making that leap, and the night will mark history as Mad Realities enters Proof of Love into Creative Commons (CC0) and allows anyone to mint full episodes of the show and most meme-worthy clips, and own a piece of reality TV.

It will be a bold experiment in putting a whole TV show in Creative Commons — along with the infinite stories that we expect our community to tell far into the future. We picture anyone in the world creating their own Proof of Love spinoff in the future — including experimenting with new formats, mediums (TikTok vs. Youtube vs. Live Stream vs. Audio vs. Snapchat, and more), themes, locations, and casts.

Funds Requested

This proposal requests from the DAO:

  • 50 ETH to go towards the production of the festivities

Funds would be used towards live after show production, venue costs, talent booking, co-branded merchandise, marketing expenses, and a portion of the bar tab at our invite only after party at the Jane Hotel (open to NounsDAO members shall the proposal be approved :eyes:).

Address for transaction: madrealities.eth

What does NounsDAO get out of it?

Help Mad Realities herald a new era in Hollywood. In exchange, Nouns gets…

  1. Marquee placement at Webster Hall (think MAD REALITIES’ PROOF OF LOVE Presented by ⌐◨-◨ x **:purple_circle:)

    How we picture our collaboration appearing on the Webster Hall marquee

  2. Nouns branding in the finale episode/after show, finale merch like stickers and pins, and across the venue in the form of photo opps (let’s fly out the massive Nouns glasses!)

  3. Shoutouts during the live after show

    Webster hall main standing area

  4. Branding on red carpet, on invites, photo booth photos, and across venue at the official after party at the historic Jane Hotel

  5. 50 invites to after party to Nouns + friends of Nouns

  6. Mad Realities is doing an open edition mint of each episode. Nouns DAO will receive 3 NFT editions of each Proof of Love Episode. The season finale will feature Nouns branding.

Who is behind this proposal?

The Mad Realities Core Team:

Relevant Links

NY Mag Feature
Mad Realities Website
Genesis Membership Pass NFT Collection
Past Episodes (Youtube)
Instagram (see photos from an example past event here)
Casting Race Game (how we cast our bachelors and bachelorettes)

Hello, everybody! Alice here ~

Happy to talk through anything or answer questions. We’re super excited about the Nouns ethos and think this could be the beginning of a long relationship!

how’s your day goin

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hi hi i am Devin! also here and am down to answer any questions :slight_smile:

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Hey @alicemama and @devin, this looks like a ton of fun and I love dating shows in general. In a prior life, I was a full-time Blind Date contestant, my astrologist assured me of that in my last session. :crystal_ball:

  1. Why 50 ETH? It seems pulled out of thin air a bit.

2a) And wrt the 172 ETH your team already raised from NFTs, is that all being spent on this production?

2b) Where do the proceeds of the open edition Proof of Love mint go? I just want to understand the flow.

  1. The community who holds the Membership Passes, what are they like?

  2. What does the “branding” that Nouns gets look like? Will there be Noggles everywhere? Will it be like as demonstrated on the Webster Hall marquee or will there be more to it?

Definitely pro-funding forward looking and ambitious CC0 experiments, but just want to understand it better before I cast my votes.


Why 50 ETH? It seems pulled out of thin air a bit.

Completely understand this is no small amount of money. Certain aspects of creating a finale IRL experience that draws a larger audience and brings in more attention have added a considerable amount to our usual premiere budget. That includes: an upgraded premiere venue (shoutout the historic Webster Hall with a capacity of more than 800 people!), the ability to book known musical talent, bringing on an additional producer, hosting our wrap party at the Jane hotel, marketing expenses like merchandise and promotional content, and bringing on additional help to manage the over 30 people who will be on camera throughout the live show, all of which will allow us to better craft an unforgettable experience.

We’re happy to share our budget if that’s of interest to you!

And wrt the 172 ETH your team already raised from NFTs, is that all being spent on this production?

We’ve spent $400k of the 172 ETH (~$500,000) raised from NFTs on production of 5 Proof of Love episodes, 4 live after shows (everything except Sunday’s IRL finale experience/after show), and the development of (our casting voting experience that we designed + developed completely in-house). This includes all of our crew members, from our producers to our cinematographer, gaffers, grips, art department, camera team (we had four camera operators on each of the first episodes and six on our finale!), sound mixer, stylist, makeup artist, editor, PAs, and colorist, to our equipment costs for all of our cameras and lighting gear, location rentals to shoot at, the IRL experience we provided at Bright Moments/Little Ways for each of the four premieres we hosted (drinks/food/photographers/comedians/and more). Split over 9 total episodes and a total of 230 minutes of content, that breaks down to ~$1,700 a minute in cost – considerably less than the streaming average of $100,000 per minute. For more context, one talent agent we met with remarked that ONE half hour episode of a most basic Food Network show costs more than $500,000 .

2b) Where do the proceeds of the open edition Proof of Love mint go? I just want to understand the flow.

We have been treating madrealities.eth as the on-chain treasury of Mad Realities. Etherscan link for convenience. All of our genesis membership pass mint proceeds and secondaries flow here. We’ve strictly been spending the funds in here on production-related costs, and plan to withdraw the amount covering production of Proof of Love post-season once we have the final cost sheet.

Proceeds from the mint will flow to this wallet.

We are interested in opening up some type of proposal / grants system like Nouns, but want to fully think through the mechanisms behind this before making a decision - ideally, informed by the collective brainpower of the Nouns community!

The community who holds the Membership Passes, what are they like?

We have a bifurcation of communities currently which we are actively working on merging:

  1. Rose Hands (what we call our NFT holders)
  • Young 20-somethings who have been in crypto for a while or joined in the last year and are looking for their first project they want to contribute towards
  • Kind, thoughtful, self aware, down to let loose (we joke that our server is a corner of the internet where people feel comfortable coming in and saying “throw ass lmaoooo”)
  • excited by the decentralization of media and a space where the internet feels less serious
  • women looking for crypto projects that aren’t purely branded women projects
  • past contestants, guest judges, and anyone involved in the production of the show
  1. “NYC Cool Kids”
  • We open up the invitation to our events to our network of 20-somethings in New York who are curious about crypto but are either intimidated or skeptical as a way to bring new people into the space
  • Work in tech, art, fashion, marketing
  • 50%+ female
  • ambitious, extroverted, social, single (lol), heard about Mad Realities from a friend who heard about it from a friend (we have great word of mouth in this demographic)
  • these are the people we are interested in onboarding into crypto by getting them their first NFT (a condom drop that we are facilitating using Zora)

What does the “branding” that Nouns gets look like? Will there be Noggles everywhere? Will it be like as demonstrated on the Webster Hall marquee or will there be more to it?

  • Nouns will be included on:
    1. All external communications on socials around the event
    2. Incorporated into our episode clips mints design
    3. In overlays in the episode and live after show at Webster Hall
    4. Webster Hall Marquee
    5. Red Carpet - Step and repeat for photo opps (we expect a large amount of distribution to come from this)
    6. Branded photo booth materials
    7. Pins and stickers
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Thanks for the comprehensive reply, very helpful. Don’t need to see the budget just wanted to get a sense of things and proportion, which is helpful for me in general.

You had me at “throw ass lmao.” And hopefully all the participants and attendees get some great exposure to Nouns’ vibes and CC0’s potential.


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I love mad realities. I think those 2 projects have a LOT in common.