Hi my name is “Q”, and I have been involved interactive arts, theatre and film world, as a writer, producer and director for many years, I recently met with Jude kelly CBE who is a British theatre director and producer. we created a groundbreaking interactive theatre years ago about this space before it was called NFTs or the metaverse featuring Sir lan McKellen in VR. Jude asked me, "Q what are you excited about now? I said Ai and I talked to her about producing a Nouns immersive theatre show.

Recently Cozomo de’ Medici asked “What will drive the next digital art boom?” he is answer was “Insane IRL displays.” I think it is has to go further than that and we need INSANE IMMERSIVE THEATRE. I would like to push it further and workshop some new ideas which could then be developed into the immersive full length NOUNS theatre show.


The scenarios for onboarding non crypto people should bring diversity and inclusivity into the frame, otherwise, it will be the same crypto native people talking to each other, who are always around each other, who read the same online magazines, come from the same universities, and belong to the same discord, telegram, clubs, communities and attend the same twitter spaces.

I have been fortunate due to my relationship with TIME MAGAZINE chairman Keith Grossman to be on a video call with, Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice-President of Strategic Planning at Salesforce, he said the times he made his biggest, most embarrassing errors, and when he missed the target entirely and looked really dumb was when those scenarios were not diverse and inclusive.

So, NFT.NYC LONDON is happening on NOV 3rd, 4th, how diverse and inclusive will it be? And will it reach non crypto native communities?

At present there does not seem to be much activations around this event by the founders.

Bright Moments DAO and Verticalcryptoart (proof of people) are the two places I have seen IRL minting events in London that onboard non crypto people and provide a great experience.

My passion is onboarding.

There is a lot of talk of mass adoption in this space but I don’t see many people doing and I think we can do it with NOUNS.


To hold an immersive event, which will act as a workshop for the development of a Nouns theatre show, the date we have booked for the experience is on NOV 3 at KACHETTE

The venue is a listed building with two big billboards outside that can be used to advertise the NOUNS THEATRE show, to the passing public, it has a high footfall and passing traffic.


*Fund - Deadmeat Productions trading as nftaficionado.eth - a Theatre and film production company dedicated to telling the immersive story of Nouns, and educating and onboarding normies via the use interactive storytelling by developing nouns characters.

  • A team of 10 people; via six production companies, Nftaficionado, Shoreditch London, KSSaudio, EthLondon, Kukai and SipNstroke.
  • Lead by “Q”, Candice Vetter, Marlon, Jamie Anson
  • 1 day operation
  • 25 ETH


Long-term Vision - to create a sell out immersive theatre show called - NOUNS - which will make Nouns a highly recognisable brand domestically in the UK and globally as the show tours and thus inspires and educate normies to the digital world and physical world via a theatrical experience and IRL minting of tokens, by onboarding them with their first Kukai WALLETS which will unlock more exciting experiences in the metaverse that the NOUNS inhabit.

Objectives and Key results (OKRs) for this proposal:

  • Onboard normies like who know nothing about NOUNS and nothing about crypto, get onboarded from Web2 into Web3, by their community who come to the show, or any other people being given if possible NOUNS glasses to wear as soon as they enter the venue and being encouraged of playing the game of wearing the glasses through out the event to better understand the fun and creativity of what Nouns are about, and by using a NOUNS TRIBUTE paint party as part of the theme of the show they will paint noun characters.… and get their Wallets, and mint IRL tokens.

  • Onboard new communities like SipNstroke with high female, ethnic, under represented demographics and communities, especially, LGBTQ & inspire current crypto native Nouns community to educate the normies, who will then use word and mouth to rally their friends and family around the project and encourage them to join the Nouns experience and share the project.

  • Enable and educate non crypto people to:-

  1. BEFORE THEY COME TO THE SHOW - to use the website or any ticketing app or digital content to ease interactions,
  2. To enjoy the show and the IRL, MINTING experience.
  3. To keep them engaged POST Show and reward and interact with them via the minted token in their wallet, or in more IRL events.

Please note the poster below does not have the right date, namely NOV 3, it is there show how we would create a NOUNS TRIBUTE PARTY, with SipNStroke


Make our immersive NOUNS THEATRE show an onboarding tool by workshopping and developing the contents by collaborating with SipNStroke, who have been doing their iconic IRL paint parties for 4 years.
* To brand the venue with Nouns art and make the show accessible, entertaining and use LED screens, the projection mapped, themed enviromemnt via creative set designs, audio, DJ and performers. that tell the Nouns story
* To supply paint, brushes and canvases for the community to create Nouns content, to produce digital content that can be minted IRL
* To use WEB 2, influencers, club culture promoters, radio and internet radio marketing, WhatsApp groups and PR strategies that SipNStroke use and non crypto people are used to being reached by to connect to their community, which makes them feel comfortable with the whole lead up to the immersive theatrical experience, and thus to create more demand for tickets. As well as using Web3, twitter spaces, clubhouse, influencers and communities, and onboarding and educating normies to these tools.

* Keep a pulse on the project by having a photographer, videographer and social media team present and creating content that can be used on meta, instagram, and social media and shared before the show,  during the show and post the show  and to keep the content available to all the community to share, and engage with the website.
* To encourage existing Nouns community to join the experience if they are located in the city or to engage via the live stream and for them to share all the content.

Measuring Success

A ticket sell out, over subscribed, with a waiting list for returns.
A high quantity of non crypto people who mint their first NFT

  • We want to develop a proof of concept for an immersive theatre show and how that show can be developed, written and marketed via web2 and web3 narratives and established production processes that can be use in the storytelling, the first stage is the NOUNS paint party, and we will monitor the feedback from those that attended the experience, because we will need to capture their email before they can mint.
  • We will track the most relevant metrics to understand what works and what doesn’t. Candice Vetter who is part of are team is a very experienced accountant and project manager and uses Objectives and Key Results ( OKRs) in her daily business, so we have the templates to set out the milestones and measure the what matters.
  • The OKRs must split into three stages when measuring, namely, 1. before, 2. during, 3. post show. So tech can be used to measure how active the engagement is before the show BEFORE, via, the noise created in the non crypto community, and crypto community also via website interactions, the social media pages impressions, the engagement in twitter spaces, the influencers and the actual demand for tickets and how those tickets are distributed. Is there a waiting list?
  • During the show, how many people stay for the whole experience, and how many are onboarded via IRL minting. How many sign up to find out more about Nouns or future shows.
  • Post show, how many engage with any rewards or giveaways, how many continue to use the website, the twitter page for the project and also how many new members onboard friends and family, and give us feed back in how to improve and develop the show and take our brand of it internationally we know their are paint/canvas and wine parties all over the world, so word of our NOUN event should reach them
  • We will share these metrics publicly to engage the community and learn together learn from it all and see if we are hitting our milestones.


  • A website, twitter, instagram etc for the experience
    *If possible Free Nouns glasses for those attending and for them to wear throughout the would experience.
    *Branded nouns content, to theme out the event.
    *A set design created for the NOUNS WORLD.
  • Web2/Web3 marketing materials for reaching out to various communities, twitter spaces, digital and physical flyers for the event.
    *painting materials
  • The create, workshop, develop and deliver the nouns immersive interactive theatre show
  • To create the nouns media and art content that will be delivered in using after effects template, the Nouns community can help our team or join our team by creating content.
  • build the content for the LED screens and projection mapping with after effect templates.
  • Possible music composition for areas of the show, use someone from the community
    *Nouns branded painting bibs for the painters to wear to protect their clothing, nouns branded balloons, etc
  • The nouns posters for the two billboards outside the venue
  • To create a social media team
  • List of possible speakers on blockchain etc to educate and entertain
  • Book a known DJ from a known internet radio station.
  • NOUNS merchandise giveaways


Form a Steering Committee: Nouns team oversee everything and everything is uploaded onto a portal , so all quotes and receipts can be seen and accounted for (please the attachments to this document)

  • Provide this committee with frequent updates on our strategy and get their feedback & guidance. We want this committee and Nouns community to keep us accountable.
    *Community involvement: - we need the Nouns community weekly reports + open discord call with the DAO.

Staffing & Resources

  • A team of 8 full-timers

NB: We are planning an IRL live minting experience as part of the NOUNS immersive theatrical experience at present KUKAI WALLET has got back to us as you will see in the appendices below, if anything changes and an eth wallet, like coinbase etc delivers in time to help us onboard normies we will update you.



do you have a demo reel of past work we can watch to get a better understanding of your prior work?

Hi with respect to theatre productions which are very rarely recorded for public consumption - there are no such reels for that, but in relation to the interactive work - there are reviews.

With respect to movies there are trailers I give one as an example called FEDZ

Which I wrote and directed and ironically this was talking about the release of a virus which caused a pandemic before the pandemic we experienced in 2019/20 broke out.

With respect to events our partners Shoreditch London have hosted over a thousand events since 2006 and thus we are happy to have such an experienced team working with us

NOW MORE IMPORTANTLY WITH RESPECT TO THE NOUNS IMMERSIVE THEATRE SHOW and the workshopping of ideas, which in many theatre productions is how some great work has been created.

Our partners SipNstroke have been doing these events for over 4 years, and if you look at their twitter page they only have about at the time of writing, 128 followers how ever on instagram they have over 21K followers, they are typical of a web2 company and perfect to onboard via an Nouns experience.

However, as part our research we have attended their events and they are 90 percent black and 85 per cent black women.

We attended an event with them to plan our future event with the founders and as you can see it is already very interactive art, with live painting, screens, DJ’s, games etc - what we are proposing in both developing out the idea of Nouns theatre, is stage the Nouns Tribute Theme, so everything you see in the frame is branded with Nouns, from the artists bibs, the LED screens, and the artist canvas’s will be focused on a Nouns theme, and as they are non crypto community if they are onboarded via a Nouns theme, get some education, a wallet and an NFT they will not forget this experience.

please see snippets of lasts nigh event and the production values:-