I propose the sales of Nouns × Me+🌏 Japan (hereinafter called MetaEarthJapan) collaboration metaverse fashion

I propose the sales of Nouns × Me+🌏 Japan (hereinafter called MetaEarthJapan) collaboration metaverse fashion

■About MetaEarthJapan
MetaEarthJapan is a metaverse fashion brand for the digital world developed by the Otaku Coin Association and FORCES, Inc. from Japan.
The Otaku Coin Association works to connect people around the world who love anime, manga, games, and other otaku cultures.
FORCES Inc. is a group of development professionals specializing in the production of games and videos, with a focus on 3DCG.
With the reach of the Otaku Coin Association and the technology of FORCES, we develop content and products that will fascinate the world.

By combining the Nouns design and designing skills of MetaEarthJapan, we will sell metaverse fashion items on the markets of Decentraland Etc.
Also, by creating quality promotional videos to go with the fashion items, we will reach out to anime fans all over the world through our social media, mail magazines, blogs (each has a reach to tens of thousands of users)

*The following is an example of the promotional videos(360° video)

We would like to ask the Nouns DAO for partial funding (4.85ETH) for this project.
The details of the proposed budget are:

Clothing Items (clothes, pants, shoes, etc.) 6 items: 0.6ETH×6
Promotional video: 1.25ETH (3D, rendering, effects, composition)

The production period is expected to take 1.0-1.5 months to develop several types of fashion items.
Each completed item will be shared with Nouns DAO and discussed with all members of the community as we work toward its release.


thanks for submitting your proposal! a couple of quick questions for you:

  • would you be able to share more details around a specific clothing item you’d like to create?
  • how will the clothing items be distributed and to whom?
  • what are the key milestones for your development process?
  • how will the funds be used?

▼would you be able to share more details around a specific clothing item you’d like to create?

We are planning to create shoes, clothes, and glasses for the first collection.

Collection 1
・Shoes (series): 2 designs
・Shoes (variety): 2-3 designs
・Clothing: 2-3 designs
・Glasses: 1 design
*We plan to keep releasing collections (Collection 2, 3, and on) every 1-1.5 months.

◆Shoes (numbered series)
We will develop a numbered series “Nouns Pro (tentative)” like the “Air Jordan series”.
First, we will release “Nouns Pro 1” and “Nouns Pro 2” to suggest that the series will continue.
They will be followed by Nouns Pro 3, Nouns Pro 4… along with color variations and custom designs.

◆Shoes (variety)
We are considering a design differentiated from the numbered series.
They will feature Nouns characters in various designs from pop to elegant.

Below are a few of the previous creations of MetaEarthJapan.

We will develop T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, denimwear with the Nouns design.

Below are a few of the previous creations of MetaEarthJapan.

We will adopt Nouns’ symbolic glasses.
The glasses will spread the awareness of Nouns in the metaverse as an advertisement item.

▼how will the clothing items be distributed and to whom?
The clothing items will be developed as avatar assets in metaverse platforms such as DecentraLand.
The NFT items will not only be collectibles but also will be actually wearable in the metaverse.

▼what are the key milestones for your development process?
As we explained above, we will release several items for each collection at a pace of every 1-1.5 months.
By releasing Nouns items at a constant pace, the advertisement will not be a one-off project, continuously expanding fans and recognition.

We will also propose separately to link our brand’s and Nouns DAO’s Discord channel to achieve continuous communication.

▼how will the funds be used?
All funds received will be used for initial development and promotional costs.
We would also like to use the proceeds from the initial sale for the production and promotion of the second release and on.
If we can gradually increase the project, we may propose Grants for the following projects depending on the size of the projects.
Once we reach a certain level of sales, we will consider free giveaways to Nouns holders.

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Hi fellow Nouns DAO members, this is an update on the collaboration items.

We are currently considering the following designs.
They are being created as avatar items for users to enjoy in the Decentraland metaverse.

As for promotions introducing items, we aim to create a unique style that conveys the world of games.
We at MetaEarthJapan are excited about the potential of Nouns and are working hard to be creative.
We can’t wait to embark on an adventure to expand the world of Nouns with you!

By utilizing our knowledge and experience in metaverse, games, fashion, and distribution, we will keep on promoting Nouns to help it grow into a content loved by Japan and the world like “Pokemon,” “Hello Kitty,” and “Animal Crossing”

We look forward to your comments!


I love left Nouns shoe! ⌐◨-◨

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Thank you, komorebi!
Production is ongoing!
image (64)

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The designs certainly look interesting. Did you try any of them in Decentraland already? Your designs look very detailed, is that something you will be able to translate into the finished metaverse assets (I assume there have to be some restrictions on the polygon counts/ resolution)?

What will the distribution model be? Are these going to be sold or free to claim? If free, can anyone claim them or will it be limited to Nouners?


maty, thank you for your comment.

The above image is created with 1500 polygons within the limits of Decentraland.
Even low polygon models are produced by making full use of technology that shows high quality.

The following samples are items that have already been released on Decentraland.

The distribution model will be sold at Decentraland.
The proceeds from the sale will be used for production and promotion costs for the second and subsequent Nouns collections.

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The above Nouns items have been released!

I also made a promotional video so please take a look ♪

Next time, I would like to work with Nouns DAO to liven up Nouns!
I will be waiting to hear from you!


Thanks to you, it was sold out! [About 2.31eth]
Next time, I definitely want to work with Nouns DAO!
I’m confident in 3D production, so it’s interesting to collaborate with a designer introduced by Nouns DAO ♪

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