Game: Guess Nouns Fork


Guess the next fork and get a reward if accurate.


Guess the Noun number that will correspond to the next fork execution (next well be #3). For example, the latest fork, fork 2, was executed on Nov 16, 2023, which corresponds to [Nouns 915].

Any guess within 10 days will recieve 0.1 ETH. For example, qualifing guess for fork 2 would be in the range 905-925.

For now, this game is informal on discourse. If there is enough demand, we can formalize this as smart contract.


Leave your Noun number guess and your address as a reply to this thread.

One vote per user. Must be posted (unedited) atleast 1 month before the proposal of the next fork.

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Noun 1130 / 0x1cef5a9eba1471a266d0fcdc7d1e776bcd7aba6a

Totally random guess though. Might actually be possible to get reasonable guesses if someone looks at book value arb and new 30% fork requirement.