Proposal: Noun Games at Noun O Clock

Noun Games at Noun O Clock

This is a proposal for a strategy to proliferate Nouns via at Noun O Clock. It is part of a larger proposal for Noun Games for Nouns Combinator that we’ll share shortly

Quick idea

  • Game show on Twitter Spaces (needs host!)

  • Catalog of games submitted by Noun Games and the community

  • Creates incentives for people to Tweet Nounish art!


  • Proliferate Nounish art

  • Grow the Twitter following

  • Grow the community

  • Make more games!

Game Example: Lil Rocket Nouns

Show Begins

Game Explanation

  • Mobile only for now

  • Tap the screen to boost the Noun up

  • Avoid the obstacles and get to the moon!

  • Go to to play (pinned Tweet).

Giveaway Explanation

  • Share your proof of play before the end of the show.

  • For competitive players, high score wins.

  • For casuals, we pick a random winner.

Show Continues - Begin Q&A

Last Call

  • Last call before the rug is pulled and you can no longer create your proof of play

  • Competitive players get your scores in

Music begins


Proof of Play

  • Each game has a piece of 64x64 pixel art from the community that encodes your proof of play

  • For the example pixel art below we could encode a message changing the heights and positions of the bars, the position of the lil noun, the position of the moon, and the number and position of the stars.

  • Each image encodes your Twitter username name, the score you got, and the time the clock struck. If an image with this encoding comes from an authenticated Twitter account, the pixel art you tweet becomes your proof of play.

Example Tweet

Key Ideas

  1. If you know you know. You have to learn about Nouns to understand why all these people are Tweeting pixel art.

  2. Scarce. You have to play at Noun O Clock if you want to get the proof of play.

  3. Ritual. Keeping a streak comes with special benefits.

  4. Shareable. Baked into the game is a reason to share Noun O Clock.

  5. Accessible. Games are simple and quick. Users don’t need to learn a lot to play.

Call out to all pixel artists and who want to make art for the show! Potentially a web3 art auction for that game’s art the end of the show to pay artists? Idk just thinking out loud…

Some game ideas we have right now are:

  • Rocket Nouns - Side scroller like Learn to Fly
  • Noun Cats Sledding - Think Linerider but with Noun Cats
  • Nomong Us - One of the Nouns is invisible :eyes:

Share your ideas below! :point_down: