Funding Request: SummitShare: Blockchain Empowerment for the Gwembe Valley

1. What is the Project?

  • Title: SummitShare: Blockchain Empowerment for the Gwembe Valley
  • Description: SummitShare aims to address historical injustices and restore cultural identity through the repatriation of African artifacts. By leveraging blockchain technology, this pilot project will establish a transparent and equitable funding mechanism to support community-led sustainable development initiatives in the Gwembe Valley.

Public Contribution Repo Here

Working Repo Here

  • Team: Our small team of 5 individuals consists of experts in blockchain technology, cultural heritage professionals, and specialists in sustainable development, each with a proven track record in their respective fields.

  • Timeline: The project is planned to roll out in three phases over the next 3 months, starting with community engagement and needs assessment, followed by technology deployment and pilot testing(IRL demo event), and concluding with evaluation and scaling strategies.

2. How It Will Proliferate Nouns

  • Alignment with Nouns Values: The project promotes community governance and public goods, aligning with Nouns DAO’s commitment to decentralization and community empowerment.

  • Benefits to Nouns DAO: By participating in this pilot, Nouns DAO can extend its reach into new communities and demographics, showcasing the utility of NFTs and DAOs in real-world applications for social good and cultural preservation. And proliferates NounsDao by involving them in the quest for decolonization of museums and economic restitution that results in a global net positive for undeveloped regions that would benefit from infrastructure funding.

  • Community Engagement: The project will engage the local community through participatory decision-making processes enabled by the blockchain, fostering a sense of ownership and direct involvement in local development projects.

3. Funding Request

  • Initial Funding Requirement: We are requesting 1.85 - 2 Ether in upfront funding to cover the costs of technology development, as our other funding partner the EF covers community workshops, and initial implementation of the pilot project. This funding will be crucial for setting up the infrastructure and ensuring robust community participation.

  • Potential for Retroactive Funding: Successful implementation of the pilot could lead to broader applications across Africa, with potential retroactive funding tied to specific milestones such as the number of artifacts repatriated, increased community engagement metrics, and successful fund allocations to SDGs.

  • Long-Term Sustainability: Post-pilot, the platform aims to be self-sustaining through modest transaction fees on the blockchain platform and potential partnerships with cultural institutions and governmental bodies.