Explaining how Nouns work through visuals (complex -> dumbed down)

  • What is the project
    Creating incentive maps for Nouns to make it easier for others (with varying levels of blockchain interest/experience) to understand in a series of standalone visuals.
    I believe the biggest blocker of adoption is intimidation due to a lack of understanding. I am also a very visual learner. What if we helped get people closer to understanding by isolating different stakeholder groups and clearly outlining “what’s in it for them”? My solution is to break it down into 3 levels to meet different audiences where they are at:
  1. Comprehensive incentive map intended for an audience that understands web3 concepts
  2. Using well-established web2 concepts/institutions to show overlap + similarities, with no web3 nomenclature
  3. Oversimplification to the dumbest version of an incentive map that still captures the essence of the project (i.e. my mother should be able to understand this)

  • How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)
    Hypothesis: lowering the threshold of understanding for Nouns will significantly increase the available audience to engage with the community beyond “i like those glasses”
    I’ve already minted an open edition of the first one - anyone can share any of these visuals freely, always:
    [link](https://zora.co/collections/0x4ba82b9b18ff98da07f431fed747e9ec7600f0f5) to my existing open edition via zora, which splits 50% of revenue with nouns treasury via split contract

I’ve shared in discourse and multiple discords
[link](https://discourse.nouns.wtf/t/nouns-visual-incentive-map/4109) to my first post on the topic, with the intention of gathering feedback

As Nouns is my favorite project in web3, I will continue to share my passion and knowledge. I will incorporate any feedback regarding future iterations of the visuals

I intend to continue to proliferate nouns through another project i’ve founded (MGoDAO) via nounsbuilder

  • How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given

0.25 ETH - this definitely undersells time+materials, but doing it out of :heart_on_fire: for Nouns anyways. hoping it will help increase attention on open edition supplement comp