Experienced Web2 Game Dev + Team building a w3 sports game

Hi Noundrals!

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself here. I’m Malcolm Founder/CEO of FutureSport. We are building an innovative new RPG game with Daily Fantasy Sports as our core loop. Our vision is to build a forever game for collectors. Why do our collectibles have to just sit there collecting dust? We are building sports games they can compete with their friends, flex their collectibles, and win loot to sell or trade.

I come from a place of deep passion for collecting and everything about it. I love the psychology of collecting especially comparing learnings from physical sports cards to the digital world. How can we make the digital collecting experience better and appeal to a wider audience?

I come from a game development background (7 Years in Web 2.0 mobile f2p game development). I worked at companies like Wooga and was Head of User Acquisition at Next Games. One of the biggest games I launched at Next was The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. I worked on a game project as a product manager and game designer. My co-founder launched an eSports startup and sold it and worked on a golf gamification and hardware startup. We have the experience to back up our ambitious goals.

I will post more info in the appropriate forum about our project. Excited to network here and hopefully get closer to the nouns DAO and Nouns community as a potential launch partner.

Can we read more about this? Was there a prop? Sounds interesting.