Discussion: Nouns Ceramics Lab - Pls critique!

Hi I’ve recently submitted to nouns combinator, but I thought I’d get valuable feedback from the nouns community on here. Any comments, feedback, suggestion on the following prop.house/proposal/626:


Web3 Ceramics Studio that will explore what it means to be Nounish through quarterly Ceramic Collection Drops


What is it?

Nouns Ceramics Lab is an art and design studio dedicated to crafting Nounish clay objects- functional wares, toys, sculptures, and installations. Daily operations would include studies and experiments on clay in an attempt to come up with works that will answer the question, “but is it Nounish?” Successful studies will then be refined and batch-produced to become part of cohesive Ceramic Collections that will be released quarterly.

As an artisan’s studio within NounsDao, it will be one of the first traditional craft studios to operate within web3. As such, the studio will explore all the possible dynamics of on-chain art and physicals. All will be documented via the project’s website and select social media channels.

As the brand of Nouns Ceramics Lab is established, we will build and nurture a community that will share the love for anything Nounish and Nouns clay objects that promote it.

Why pair Ceramics with nouns?

Ceramics is the oldest form of technology we have. Clay as a material can be adapted to a wide range of forms and has the rich potential to store meaning. To juxtapose both this flexibility and long-standing tradition alongside NounsDAO, is to further strengthen Nouns resolve to be pervasive and become a permanent fixture in our culture.

Summary: What will we see? Where will the nouns funding go?

1. Set up a Ceramic Studio dedicated to crafting nounish works

This includes monthly sourcing of raw materials setup, studio lease for operations, one time setup of equipment and tools that will include resident artist’s existing pottery equipment (pottery wheel, ceramic tools), a kiln, documentation and packaging setup, as well as logistics coordination for shipping of physicals.

2. Facilitate 6 months of pottery studio and operations

Resident Artist will lay down daily operating systems— sourcing and prep of Clay, various forming methods (slab & hand building, throwing, slip casting, and sculpture), formulate glazes and testing, documentation & posting on various social media channels, and growing a community, among others.

3. Release 2 Nounish Ceramics Collection within 6 months for this funding round

Resident artist is currently refining studies and preparing them for mass production within Nouns Ceramics Lab. 1 of 2 collections will be functional ware, and the second sculptural.

4. Design of the Nouns Ceramic Lab’s Brand, Website, and User Experience

A corresponding brand and experience design will be crafted as well, and will set the tone and ethos of the whole project.

5. Grow a community bonded by love of Nouns Dao, the nounish culture, and Nouns Ceramics

The Nouns Ceramics Lab will serve the following: A. Nouns Folk -support the community and provide well-crafted objects B. Web3 and NFT crowd -get people already familiar with blockchain tech and possibly collab. C. Ceramic and Design fans -to get their first taste of NounsDAO and relevant tech

6. Hire an Apprentice/s, somebody willing to learn but can’t afford academic art studies

I will select a willing student and set up methods of teaching through paid work. As we go along, I will document and will adjust teaching so it can easily be scaled to teach others.

Future Prospects:

• Open an Exclusive Commission Line for Nouners

• Offer limited releases to nounish folks

• Add other maker’s practices to support the Ceramics lab’s operations, like risograph printing or woodworking

• Provide a playbook for Artisans Studio Practice within web3

• Create a network to pair Artists Collaborations and Ceramic Collections to Local Charities and fund corresponding advocacies

Possible Ceramic Collections

From traditional physical goods: ceramic flasks with various accessories • cups based on electronic heads • wall noggles in various ceramic glazes • ceramic busts of curated nouns • open-ended and modular ceramic toys based on various noun traits

To ceramic and web3 experiments: subdao of ceramic nouns with holders and nouners that could vote on succeeding collections • proprietary glazes perfected in the lab, sold as NFTs and with exclusive use to holders • exclusive ceramic sculptures limited to nouners • ceramic objects with animated NFT counterparts • grounding ceramic totems in collaboration with lilnouns

Possible Nounish objects are endless. An inspiration to be nounish, everyday, forever!

What are the top benefits to Nouns DAO?

  1. It will further signal the Nouns DAO’s value of craft

  2. It will cater to Nounish folk and provide nounish objects designed to provide joy

  3. The Nouns Ceramics Lab as an art production house is a valuable asset that can complement and support various Nouns projects

Resident Artist / Chief of Product

Hello! I’m heyMaya, and I learned Ceramics, Fine Arts, and Art History from my country’s top university. I then went on to become a Lead Product Designer for various US/EU/AU startups for the last 15+ years, and 5 years ago, picked up Ceramics again to get my hands dirty and through the process, found healing. My works on clay are influenced by Japanese / Asian pottery, Western modern iconography, and random quirky bits. I am recently inspired by the philosophy, work, and projects within Nouns DAO and I wish to share the beauty I found in Ceramics to promote the nounish culture.

-heyMaya, discord:heyMaya#7212

Thank you for getting to the end of this prop!

Follow Nouns Ceramic Labs on instagram @nounsceramics and twitter @nounsceramics for updates.

DMs are also open for prop feedback and questions.


Pretty interesting to combine Nouns branding with ceramic. Lovely.

Just some question, how will the ceramic studio sustain when the funds (25ETH) from Nouns combinator run out? Or will the ceramic studio set up as a 6 months only project? There will be 2 collection within 6 months, how big will these 2 collection be?

Love to see how this idea grow. Ceramic Noggles would be lovely!

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Ceramics is definitely nounish lol

As @Wideeyekarl said, if there is a path to sustainability that’s very interesting imo


Thank you so much, @Wideeyekarl and @krel ! Im so glad you pointed this out, great insight to focus on sustainability.

I’ve done a rough financial projections sheet— 25% of funding goes to capital costs and with a conservative market assumption on sales (25%) on 2 collections, this could possibly give us a cash runway for another 6 months.

So there’s a positive outlook at sustainability. And you’re right, I have to reconsider and tweak a lot of the variables which include size of the collection, frequency of release, scaling manpower, et. al.

I think I was also conservative on the 2 collections since a lot of product dev and testing assumptions will go into the first few months. Choosing to release 2 collections was a no-fail goal.

Sidebar— there are also other streams of income outside the quarterly dispatch for the studio to consider: creation of always on-hand essential goods, collabs with other nouns props or nouns-aligned NFT collections, collabs with brands, commissions within the hospitality industry, pop-up shops, and art commissions. Lots of experiments to be done. haha.

Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate you both. and for sure, it’s top of mind.

Ceramic noggles, am i right?! possible paperweight for all the web2 corporate docs that need to be signed. lol.


as a first stride, submitted a prop to create Nounish Ceramic Cups inspired by Noun O’clock Prop House

Thanks to all who’ve shown their support and votes to the prop 1091!