Devcon VI Notes

Hey everyone! Wanted to share some Devcon VI personal highlights, hoping some will find this helpful.

Some of the big themes I noticed

  • ZK is :fire:: I think all ZK-related talks I attended were at full capacity; it seems like everyone wants to better understand this world and apply it to what they care about.
  • Resilience is top of mind: one of the top concerns is validator decentralization and censorship-resistance, among other technical and social concerns.
  • Social and identity: there seems to be a lot of energy behind making web3 social scale and become widespread.


  • Governance working group: met with Tally and OpenZeppelin, they are very interested in our recent and upcoming protocol work, and would love to collaborate to make what we’re building standard for others DAOs to reuse, and they might teach us innovative ideas we’ll want to bring into Nouns. Excited to form this working group soon.
  • VC Nouners voting: seems that VCs aren’t voting because of the legal friction voting entails, where their lawyers need to review and approve every vote for fear of conflicts of interest and other risks. It would be very valuable if VCs had blanket permission to vote No, to help defend the DAO from malicious proposals.
  • Web3 social: it might be good for Nouns to be more present in accelerating social spaces like Farcaster, Lens, etc.; having an exciting presence early can help us grow faster.
  • Ethereum validator decentralization: validator distribution feels too centralized to many people. Perhaps we can think of effective ways to contribute to Ethereum decentralization? (e.g. can we make it easier/cheaper for people to run home nodes?)


  • Had a blast spending time with @lsankar. The Personae Labs folks are very thoughtful, deep thinkers, and I think we’re going to have a blast working with them on heyanon.
  • Meeting follow Noun-pilled people was great as expected! Nouns Amigos and Nouns LatAm did some great OTG proliferation and are all cool people; also enjoyed meeting people in a different context, only to then find out they hold Nouns :).

Please hmu with any questions/feedback :pray:


Thanks for sharing Elad!

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super interesting! i’ve heard some have been spooked from voting by the Ooki ruling. Did you get a sense that the same was true about delegation?

Yes, the risk persists with delegation. As far as I understand, getting a blanket approval for No votes is the best path forward.

Would not expect VC Nouners to delegate.

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Really interesting actionable list. Thanks for sharing your insights.

had a blast jamming with you as well! looking forward to some cool collabs

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