Delegate Loyalty Program

Soliciting feedback here. Hi, as it turns out, my proposal has not garnered a lot of interest, but I’ve been having 1/1 conversations with many folks here. It appears that if not a Nouns Loyalty Program, a Delegate Loyalty program with a concept similar to how Airmiles are transferrable and get you access to a lot of perks is totally needed. I’m putting together some high-level ideas, but I thought the forum was where I could pick on your guidance. Any suggestions on what you would do if you were in my place to improve what I’m suggesting?


This is super amazing!!! I love the idea @viks_rum

@viks_rum The proposal is very detailed. Loyalty program is something which can help increase Nouns reach further and expand community collaboration.

Supporting the idea fully. :handshake:

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It could be really impactful considering how fundamental loyalty programs are to any high-ticket-size product. Really liked the clarity of the launch plan.