Buying the Freedom of Mongkol, the Baby Elephant - Thailand

Hey Public Nouns,

I’m sharing a draft grant proposal for feedback.

We are seeking funding to rescue a baby elephant, a 7-year-old bull elephant who has experienced early separation from his mother. This rescue mission goes beyond saving one elephant; it aims to educate the public and raise awareness of the significant challenges these beatuful aminals face throughout their lives due to human entertainment practices.

Unchained Elephants has successfully rescued two elephants to date as well as contribuited with food & care for 8 elephants duing the pandemic. Our first rescue, Kanoon, was recenetly featured on The Dodo.
Our second rescue, Kham Phaeng, will also be featured on The Dodo’s channels, and we are preparing for our third elephant rescue which most probably get the featured there as well.

As part of this rescue, we will bring an American film crew to continue documenting the plight of elephants in Thailand, were we will be add the logos of Nouns with the goal of developing a documentary series.

We are seeking to raise 5 ETH for Public Goods from Nouns, which is a partial amount of the total funding needed for our initiative: $42,700.

The remaining funds will be sourced from traditional crowdfunding methods, through which we have previously raised around $40,000, along with sales of NFTs on ICP & XRPL.

Thank you for your consideration.