Upcoming Web3 game (Shogungames x NounsDao)

Our company is ShogunGames we are building web3 based game called

King Of The Isles - a thrilling adventure in the battle royale genre. In this multiplayer experience, each player will embark on a chase through the islands, testing their skills at avoiding obstacles and traps. In addition to obstacles, players can throw a variety of bombs and pummel their opponents in an exciting competition.

An unusual twist on gameplay - fish farming through addictive mini-games. Catch and eat fish to replenish your energy and gain an edge in the competition. Here, every moment is filled with an opportunity for strategy, sudden twists and turns. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of incredible rivalry, where victory goes to the bravest and most agile participant!

We would like to launch the game in the next 6-9 month with help of NounsDao. I have attached the pitchdeck and demo video of the mini-gameplay

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