Small Grants: I need NounsDAO's support to make donation for Myanmar

I am a Japanese graduate student majoring in area studies of Myanmar.
I am joining various activities regarding the Myanmar problem.

In Myanmar, more than two thousand four hundred have been killed and more than sixteen thousand have been detained after the military coup. The military forced more than one million people into the forest or national border. So, humanitarian assistance from the international community is essential in Myanmar.

If I can get the monetary support from NounsDAO, I’ll make donation to charitable organizations for Myanmar.
In Myanmar, humanitarian aid workers are killed. So, I cannot disclose the name of the group I plan to donate.
But I have connections with some Myanmar support groups and I know they are really reliable.
I want to contribute to save the lives of as many Burmese people as possible, and I want to create the bright future of Myanmar.

Through my project , many people who are helping Myanmar will know about “NounsDAO” and they will come to use this system.

After I can receive the support from Nouns DAO, I’ll introduce the way to support for Myanmar by using “NounsDAO” to many pro-democracy government officials and charitable organizations around the world.

In addition, Burmese people living abroad can use English well and they have excellent IT skills.
It is said that the people of Myanmar make donation in the world. If they start to use “NounsDAO”, I believe “NounsDAO” will be famous all over the world and will be a great force to change the structure of society.

I’m going to work with more young people and try to change the situation of Myanmar , making the best use of using “NounsDAO” and the spirit of decentralization of power.
For that, as a Japanese youth involved in Myanmar, I need to take the lead and make this effort successful.

Please support for the future of Myanmar.
Best regards.