RGB Nouns - Word Games

After jumping into the Nouns ecosystem a few weeks back I’ve been quite opinionated and I have made some observations as an outsider joining a Web3 world that is highly spoken of and invites everyone to join.

Since then I’ve been thinking about how I can contribute visually + in a fun way, use the free assets that the Dao provides without spending a lot of time on the design elements and rather focus on words that you can attach to Noun heads. Most of this has to do with all the Twitter banter surrounding the FTX collapse, I started collecting words and phrases from tweets and realised that some of them can be used with a Nouns head. I have about 1000 words and have narrowed it down to present the first 160 nfts, so I’ll keep on adding new ones.

Have a look and if you have a word idea, comment below and I’ll make one for you. I think this can be a lot of fun and the more that your mind starts to delve into these word games the crazier the combinations become.

AND, let’s see if I can make some dollar bills as I’ve never created my own collection, so let’s see how this goes.


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Some of these are really funny and clever. Well done!