Requirements to submit proposal

Hello! I’m new here and would like to submit a proposal. I’m wondering if I need to be a NOUN Token holder before I can offer one. What are some requirements?

Hi, you need noun tokens to submit a proposal onchain, but there is a new “candidate” functionality which lets you post your proposal and see if noun holders like the proposal enough to put it onchain for you :slight_smile:


How much Noun tokens should I hold to be able to submit a proposal?

@Metakhei 3 but as @maty suggested, you can absolutely use the candidate functionality which doesn’t require you to hold nouns to put a proposal forward.

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hi @maty great work in the eco-system. got a question, is the nsfw still active? where do i get current information about it, whats the application process… last i checked, seems only prop house and noun dao proposals are active.

i’m really sorry if my questions seem amatuer and dumb.