Gatekeepers - help builders submit props for on-chain voting and accountability

I believe that it is going to become even more difficult for prop builders to get funded given the current situation with nouns discord. I would like to volunteer to help builders to submit proposals for on-chain voting, get funded and run accountability checks.

Currently, the proposals stuck in the discourse for many months making things uncertain for prop builders. The lack of comments in the discourse does not directly mean that DAO is not interested in funding the proposal. The only genuine way to find out whether DAO would support the proposal is to hold an on-chain vote.

As a Gatekeeper, I will help builders to get funded and do my best to keep builders accountable. I promise to abide to the following rules when submitting proposals for on-chain voting:


  1. Accept for review all proposals from discourse
  2. Quick screening
  • does the proposer has history of unsuccessful projects? (no)
  • does the proposer request unreasonable amount of funds for a project? (no)
  • does the proposer has a clear timeline for the project? (yes)
  • does the proposer explained clearly deliverables of the project? (yes)
  1. Curate project myself or find someone with credible history who would want to volunteer to be the project’s curator
  • curator is responsible to keep track of the projects deadlines
  • curator is responsible to determine if the project was successful

TIER1 - 1~25 eth - eligibility: nouners and builders without prior history of unsuccessful projects
TIER2 - 26~50 eth - eligibility: nouners and builders with successful completion of TIER1 project
TIER3 - 51~100 eth - eligibility: nouners and builders with successful completion of TIER1-2 projects
TIER4 - 101~200 eth - eligibility: nouners and builders with successful completion of TIER1-3 projects

TIER1 - maximum 4 proposals
TIER2 - maximum 3 proposals
TIER3 - maximum 2 proposals
TIER4 - maximum 1 proposals

2 - Noun Delegated Votes
I am looking for someone who can delegate me two nouns to start working.

Here is my agora delegate profile. Let’s keep gates open!


As a small agency we’ve been following the Nouns journey since last year and have been working on various ideas, we’ve finally put our proposal together to add to Discourse this week for feedback. We have been wondering how props will work moving forward and this seems like a great way to vet all the moving parts.

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Happy to help you as well if you need. Feel free to reach out on Discord or Twitter. @andrewladdusaw

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