Proposal: Deploy New Logic Contract

The Why

Quoting from @Noun12 on Discord:

“Just came up against the “No Proposer address can have more than 1 Live Proposal at a time” rule! Didn’t even know it was there. But got @noun22 to be my bag Noun.”

After seeing this, I started digging into the proposals and gathered all of NounsDAO’s governance-based data all in one place to see if it’s necessary to keep this restriction as the DAO grows. Here’s what @Noun12 encountered ~ if you attempt submitting a new proposal while having an active and/or a pending proposal, you’d face the following errors:

NounsDAO::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already active proposal
NounsDAO::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already pending proposal

Github link provided by @solimander

The Observations

Here are some observations I made from the data that I collected:

  1. We’ve had steady growth on all metrics, meaning that more members are getting involved in the governance side of things more especially in the creation of the proposals. As you can see both
    proposals/month and unique wallets/month have been growing, but the interesting metric to look at is the unique proposal per wallet chart.

The chart boldens the fact that certain unique wallets are more involved in the creation of the proposals more than others.


  1. As we’ve had more proposals over the months, the average proposal/day has decreased, meaning that proposals are getting submitted more often on an average basis. As shown below, during September and October the proposals were being submitted every 5 day or so, but in the current month the average has come down to 3.75 which is incredible!

NounsDAO is pushing out/voting on proposals every 3-4 days or so.


  1. As shown in the chart below and as stated before some wallets are submitting proposals more frequently than others. With 1.9 Prop/Wallet being the average you can clearly see that there’s a chance that a certain wallet would be interested in proposing more than one proposal during the month.

More-frequents submitters have been:

  • Nounders (5)
  • SharkDAO (3)
  • Noun 22 (3)
  • Noun 12 (2)
  • Noun 6/4156 (2)

The Conclusion

Putting all 3 observations together, it becomes very clear that some proposers are proposing more often ~ with an increasing amount of proposals and a decreasing amount of days/proposal to 3.75days, there might be an overlap of proposals where the respective Noun has a current active/pending proposal, but wants to propose another one. In this case the odds of seeing the mentioned errors will increase overtime.

We can’t currently get rid of this restriction as mentioned by @solimander

“there’s no function that can be called to update this restriction. it would require a new nounsdao logic contract to be deployed”

But the question is, “Would this matter in the long-run?”, “Can’t we just ask another Noun to propose it instead?
My personal opinion is that, it’s not a priority at the moment, but 100 days from now, you might wanna take credit for proposing something and that’s when this function comes to play. “Blockchain never lies” lol.

Thank you for reading through, may the Nouns be with you.


I don’t see why a Noun shouldn’t be able to have more than one active proposal going. I support this one